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This is a gallery of most of the images I've uploaded to Pikipedia.

New Play Control! Pikmin images

In February 2022 I got a capture card, which finally means I can take screenshots of games on my Wii U, including the first 3 Pikmin games. More images will come in the future!

Challenge Mode

Before I started uploading Challenge Mode images, there were only 6 on the entire wiki. Now there are more!

Pikmin 3 Deluxe images


My main documentation focus for Pikmin 3 Deluxe was the menus.


I took photos of every wall in Story Mode and edited together particular walls into these photo montages.

Landing sites

In the landing cutscene at the start of each day, there's a 1-frame window at the end where the "Press WiiU Plus.png / Custom-made icon for the + Button on the Nintendo Switch. to skip" box disappears and the HUD hasn't started appearing from the edges of the screen. To get these screenshots, I had to press the screenshot button at exactly the right time, and restart the day if I missed. When there were weather effects, I also had to restart the day. And in the Formidable Oak, the first day you land has is a cutscene that leaves the camera in a different place, and once the final boss has appeared, the weather is always rainy, so I had to take the screenshot on the second day of the area without having finished the puzzle. These screenshots were taken to replace an earlier set of screenshots from the original game, and those are linked on the file pages. It's fun to compare the differences. An interesting detail in these screenshots is the locations of the cursor – on the same frame as the frame without the HUD, it's in a seemingly random location, and the next frame it goes to underneath the Onion (unless motion controls are turned on, which they weren't). Some areas seem to have the same location for the cursor.

Radar maps

A few years ago, Espyo made a set of high-quality maps of Pikmin 3 areas, using the textures from the radar. Pikmin 3 Deluxe changed the radar textures, and also introduced a new mini radar which used a stylized version of the terrain. For months we had no maps with these new radar textures, but eventually Espyo was able to get the textures and I was able to combine them into these maps, arranging them to align exactly with the maps from the original game. It was a very fun project, and it's great to have these maps on the wiki.

Story Mode

Various Story Mode images.

Gameplay screenshots

Screenshots taken during gameplay or cutscenes.

KopPad photographs

Images taken with the KopPad camera.

Side Stories

Images taken during the Side Stories.

Olimar's Assignment

Olimar's Comeback



Images of HUD elements in Pikmin 3 Deluxe.


Screenshots of every page of every hint. It was a fun project to document all of these.


Images from the game's demo.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe prerelease images

August 5 announcement

Almost all of the screenshots from the initial announcement have been uploaded here.

Gameplay screenshots

Menu screenshots


August 28 Japanese website update

It's so strange that so many images were only put on the Japanese website...

Website images

Video screenshots

These images was created by taking a screenshot of either the trailer or one of the demonstration videos, and then cropping and resizing the image.

October promotional images

There aren't many images to upload from this period since the demo also came out and much better images could be taken from there. The excitement of images with tiny differences was gone.

Pikmin 4 prerelease images

September 13 announcement

I uploaded JPG versions of these images a few hours after the trailer, and much later uploaded PNG versions of the same scenes from an official website.

Prerelease artwork

I didn't upload many prerelease Pikmin 4 images compared to Pikmin 3 Deluxe, as other people did a very good job at thoroughly documenting official images. These are just the few that I uploaded.

Pikmin Bloom images


It's very difficult to get screenshots of Pikmin Bloom for the wiki, because there's information that could give away your location on almost every screen. That's why there aren't many screenshots on the wiki. These ones are all cropped as well to remove the information at the top of the screen or to focus on the subject.

Promotional images


These images were uploaded to help explain some of the game's oddly complex mechanics.

Hanafuda cards

Pikmin Bloom has a type of special Decor Pikmin that wear hanafuda cards. This meant we needed to upload half a hanafuda set to the wiki so we could show what cards each Pikmin type could wear. These are not the images from the game files, they are from an open-licensed set on Wikimedia Commons.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate images

The first is from the website; the rest were taken by me in-game.

Pikmin Puzzle Card e+ images

This is the logo for the Pikmin Puzzle Card e+ card packs, cropped from a scan that CreativeSushi took of an instruction pamphlet.

These are spritesheets for each minigame. I did not make these images, I just uploaded them.

Map scans

These are maps of Pikmin areas from the Official Nintendo Player's Guide.

Real world images

Most of these were uploaded to replace existing images on the wiki that were probably just taken from Google Images without checking the source or license. These all have open licenses.

Wiki images

In late October 2022, I noticed a problem with the Pikipedia logo: the only form it was in was a 150x150px PNG file. This meant that we couldn't scale it up to a larger size, or separate the flower and text components (a property which some MediaWiki skins prefer the logo to have). The best way to fix this was to make a new vectorized version, so that's what I did. I used Inkscape to make a vector version of the logo, using this as an opportunity to make it geometrically neater, as a slight update to the logo that Pikipedia has used since 2010. After making it the project was forgotten about for a while, but eventually on May 24th, 2023 the new logo was uploaded to the wiki.

Game icons

These were uploaded for Category:Game icons.