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Maps per page[edit]

Yay, now we have two maps per page. That's, as far as I'm concerned, 1 too many. I vote for PikPik's, although it was a hard decision. Does somebody disagree?--Prezintenden 15:48, 26 April 2008 (UTC)

I think the first thing to consider is whether we're legally allowed to use the new one. Permission wasn't given, I don't think. GP 19:20, 26 April 2008 (UTC)

Forest of Hope[edit]

It would be kind of cool to have a comparison of Awakening wood to Forest of Hope. Like, at least having the maps be facing the same way. 23:40, 2 August 2008 (UTC)

Are you suggesting they are the same? I'm ~CrystalRedpikminsprite.jpgLucario~ And I approve this message.
No, he/she looking at the differences/similarities between the two levels.--Prezintenden
And indeed there are a lot of similarities....unlike the Valley of Repose and The Forest Navel. Anyway, yeah, I don't think most of these maps were created with the direction of the compass arrow in mind. —Jimbo Jambo

There are alout of similarities between the two maps like for example... doesn't the area where you figt The armoured canone beetle in pikmin1 have a oddly similair aperance to the place where you find the blue pikmin in pikmin2? and the place where you park your ship in pikmin1 looks alout like the place where you found the the pink berries in pikmin2? but there are some minor differences in landscapeing, like the flower pots and the gardian tiles near the only bulborb abouve ground in awakening wood. correct me if I'm wrong bt those cirtainly whern't there in pikmin1.

woops, fogot to sign my post! it'sa--PK king 20:47, 16 February 2009 (UTC) ^up

I didn't think they were the same until my cousin and I played them both on two TV's next to each other. It was pretty interesting seeing how the perimeters and such were exactly the same.

here's a HUGE ONE! The Blue pikmin area used to have the Adult cannon beetle. and the berry area is where you land in pikmin 1. I'm RedpikminFire.PNGFlamethrower And I approve this message.

I was kind of let down by the fact that the Pikmin 2 areas (3/4 of 'em) were just remakes of old levels. But they were good remakes, so that's nice. And the Valley of Repose was a nice new addition. Just hoping for new level designs in Pikmin 3. I guess they could bring back some old maps again with new changes, but I hope there's more. Portal-Kombat

I don't actually think this is the Forest of Hope, it is more like a reference, because the Forest of Hope was actually a forest. This is more like a garden. Also, it has water and tiles where the Forest didn't. Artwork of an Orange Bulborb.Snakeboss14Artwork of a Hairy Bulborb.

The terrain and decoration is different, yes, but the similarity in the layout - location of water, shape of the land, etc. - are so similar, it's hard to doubt they're the same place. GP


Yellows [about 60] died when i was plucking grass, then at sunset a burrowing Snarget appeared and ate my pikmin!--Kirbysig.jpg the master --MewFan128 02:35, 24 June 2009 (UTC)pecked at my Pikmin!

LOL, guess what? I saw that in a video walkthrough in You Tube, even the Snagret appeared, but only 15 Yellow Pikmin died. Twinmold.pngSnakeboss14Twinmold.png

It's not that! It's about how far a pikmin can be from the landing site!--Kirbysig.jpg the master --MewFan128 22:13, 24 June 2009 (UTC)

Well, you didn't said that. And guess what? What I was talking about was very close to the landing site. There are some spirals in the ground and I suppose they tell you the "range".


Olimar's name change[edit]

Can anyone confirm this edit? I don't recall Olimar saying anything about the Forest of Hope.

I'm almost certain that I've read in Olimar's notes before. I searched and haven't been able to confirm it, though. Vol (Talk)
Here. Miles 23:21, 20 October 2010 (EDT)
That would explain it. —Jimbo Jambo 10:13, 21 October 2010 (EDT)


[1] But I always assumed spring because of the blossoms. GP

Saying again, I never played the game, so I'm just assuming that info is appropriate. However, comparing the Awakening Wood to the Perplexing Pool, I'm guessing the former is more Summer related than the later. At least, judging from the top-view maps. {EspyoT} 09:33, 24 October 2010 (EDT)
Well, one of the main characteristics of spring is the fact that flowers bloom. There are many flowers, flower enemies, berries and pellets in the Awakening Wook. The Perplexing Pool doesn't have many flowers if I remember correctly, but plenty of water, which is one of the things that's characteristic of summer. Twinmold.pngSnakeboss14Twinmold.png

Whoops, didn't see this talk before I undid the edit. What Snake said: Awakening Wood is covered in cherry blossoms, or some related flower, which bloom in the spring. Perplexing Pool, on the other hand, has an overabundance of dark, mid-season green, and few flowers. —Jimbo Jambo 15:52, 24 October 2010 (EDT)

Like I said, I never played the game, so I have no idea which area has what (and I don't want to read about it. I don't want spoilers. Yes, even for an area). So don't get annoyed with the edit eheh. {EspyoT} 11:40, 25 October 2010 (EDT)

I wasn't questioning you so much as the editor whose edit it was at the old wiki. GP

Im going with spring because the Perplexing Pool has a more tropical, summery feel to it, while Awakening Wood has a lot of blossom like the kind found during spring Loafy the Breadbug

Exactly. That seems to be the general opinion: PP=Summer, AW=Spring. {EspyoT} 15:58, 21 March 2011 (EDT)

Exact Enemy Positions[edit]

I notice that only this Pikmin 2 area article has a to do tag suggesting that the exact positions of all enemies be noted. Is this something that's actually required (in which case, I'm fine with doing it on all of the Pikmin 2 ones) or something that isn't required (in which case the tag ought to be removed)? Phineas81707 (talk) 07:08, 24 April 2017 (EDT)

Well, it's not required, but it's something that we should have. After all, if you're a reader who wants to know where to find Male Sheargrubs in Pikmin 2, you'd like to know more or less where they are, right? Instead of being told "They're in the Awakening Wood, good luck finding them". Currently, adding "exact" locations is only a guideline, and even then, it's for enemy articles, not area articles. Still, after we get a detailed list of locations for each enemy, I think it'd make sense to have that list accessible somewhere on the area articles too. — {EspyoT} 07:46, 25 April 2017 (EDT)
In which case, I'll work on it. Depends on how the format goes on this first one. Phineas81707 (talk) 21:07, 25 April 2017 (EDT)
Good luck. Try something out, and then other users will be able to see if it makes sense or not. — {EspyoT} 06:59, 26 April 2017 (EDT)

I'm starting to wonder if it'd be best to have a table instead of a list of bullet points. It'd probably look more organized to have the enemies on one side and the locations on the other. I think the level of detail on the locations you wrote seems fine, though I'd try to avoid referencing other objects: what if you accidentally say object X is to the south of Y, and then people have to go check where Y is, only for that description to be "to the north of X"? That won't help at all! — {EspyoT} 16:14, 27 April 2017 (EDT)

I did consider that- ultimately, it's something that'll need the 'landmark list' in the area policy too. There's also the idea that I'd have some sort of hierarchy with reference points. (Also, sorry about the messup with titles.) Phineas81707 (talk) 18:52, 27 April 2017 (EDT)
(Don't worry about it). There might be other reference points we can use, besides landmarks. I'm thinking that any object that doesn't tend to move, and can be seen from a distance, should work. Like some bridges that are visible from the landing site, maybe? But yeah, the ideal way would be with landmarks. — {EspyoT} 07:32, 28 April 2017 (EDT)

I had a list of preliminaries I was developing while considering this question. Although they'll probably have a tad more description (and probably much nicer names) in the article proper, I think listing areas like this might help:

  • Landing site- self explanatory.
  • Snagret ledge- The ledge where the Snagret Hole and Burrowing Snagret live.
  • Tile fields- The tiles opposite the landing site. Probably a tad redundant, but it can be useful.
  • Spiderwort circle- Where the ultra-spicy Spiderworts are.
  • Beast Corridors- the various paths around the Hole of Beasts.
  • Blue Onion lake- the area where the Blue Onion is first found.
  • Bulblax back-end- Behind the landing site, where the Bulblax Kingdom resides.

Hopefully I got the whole point of the landmark thing. And if I'm wrong, hopefully I'll figure out how to tweak it to make it right. Phineas81707 (talk) 10:21, 28 April 2017 (EDT)

Those sound good. But I'd seriously consider renaming them. For one thing, they sound like proper names, which seems a bit presumptuous of us. Instead of the names being descriptive, they're trying to be artistic, which doesn't suit a wiki very well... But more than that, a few of those names also reference other things, meaning that for the reader to understand where they are, they need to know where the Hole of Beasts is, or where the Blue Onion is, etc. Something like "Landing site", "Southern ledge", "Tiles", "Center circle", "Western corridors", "Northern room", "Eastern room" would sound better, I think. But there's still a lot of wiggle room for these names. — {EspyoT} 10:55, 29 April 2017 (EDT)
That makes sense. I'll probably want to wind up drawing on a map to choose the areas- I'll take a look when I have the time. Also, is the landing site an acceptable reference? Phineas81707 (talk) 21:53, 29 April 2017 (EDT)
I think 100% of the players who get to the Awakening Wood will know where the landing site is hehe. I can imagine that being a bit more problematic for players who haven't reached it yet, but those players probably don't need the information as much. Plus, the landing site can be easily discovered from any plain old YouTube video, for instance. — {EspyoT} 06:55, 30 April 2017 (EDT)

Noticed the Male Sheargrubs don't have an exact location, I know two of them spawn with some female Sheargrubs by the bridge near the Geographic Projection, but I don't remember what day they spawn on. Similarly there are two more Male Sheargrubs spawn with some Female Sheargrubs on the island between the two bridges that you have to build to get to Snagret Hole, but I also do not remember what day they actually spawn on. I'm not certain but I think the other Honeywisps (at least one of them) spawns near Snagret Hole as well. I will confirm these and get specific days for the Male Sheargrubs when I have the chance. Matto (talk)