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The Night Juicer (真夜中のジュース?, lit.: "Midnight Juice") is the first of the three Pikmin Short Movies. It is 1:55 minutes in length, intro and ending included, and it is the shortest of the movies. In it, Captain Olimar is seen taking a sip of a juicy blend with three Pikmin watching close by. Although the Pikmin are initially terrified at the sight of a chopped Pikmin-like object that was used in the juice, the short ends with the revelation that in reality, Olimar was drinking pikpik carrot juice.

YouTube uploads[edit]

Nintendo website blurb[edit]

Captain Olimar makes his favorite juice as Pikmin sneak a peek at the process.


Before the actual movie starts, Pikmin are shown interacting with nature and man-made objects on PNF-404, with a Red Pikmin appearing from behind some leaves, a Blue Pikmin inside an outdoors water tap, and a Yellow Pikmin inside a shoe.

These three leave their spots and join a scramble of hundreds of other Pikmin, including Purples and Whites, as the camera shifts to a top-down view, showing the Pikmin trying to organize themselves to form the title with their flowers, but the Pikmin forming the "M" accidentally form a "W". After a small bit, a whistle rings, and the Pikmin shuffle around to form the correct letter; two of the Pikmin become disoriented and join a different "I" each. During this introduction, a slightly remixed version of the song that plays on the Pikmin 2 title screen begins playing.

The Purple and White Pikmin in this intro erroneously have white flowers as opposed to pink ones.


Olimar drinking juice.

The movie begins in a location resembling a basement, with the camera behind a wall, slowly showing more and more of an illuminated room on the other side. A large clipboard with several images and files can be seen on the wall, which are detailed in this section. Eventually, Captain Olimar is visible from behind the wall, without his helmet, waiting for a running blender atop a table. A Red, Yellow and Blue Pikmin peer from a doorway in the room to investigate what Olimar is doing. The captain then stops the machine and pours the thick red liquid into a glass.

He then puts one hand on his waist and begins to chug down the beverage voraciously. The three Pikmin leave the doorway and enter the room, eager to discover what Olimar is drinking. At this point, a different angle of the room is shown, and a colorful machine and boxes of Pikmin-like objects can be seen, as well as Earth-like tools such as a kitchen sink. A Red Pikmin notices smears of red liquid inside the blender, and then looks to its right, where a red Pikmin-shaped vegetable can be seen sliced up, on top of a cutting board smeared in red liquid. The resemblance to a Red Pikmin scares the trio of Pikmin, who shriek and take a step back. Olimar then looks behind him, grinning at the Pikmin, with juice still smeared on his teeth and dripping from his mouth.

Olimar wipes his mouth and begins walking towards the Pikmin, who walk backwards, away from him. The Red Pikmin, the one closest to Olimar, then runs behind the other two and pushes them forward. The scene pauses momentarily, and a thought bubble appears over a preoccupied Blue Pikmin, now the one closest to the captain, imagining itself ending up as blue water ice tea. The Blue Pikmin then goes to the back of the group and pushes the other two towards Olimar. The scene once again pauses, and the Yellow Pikmin, the next one to be closest, imagines itself as a yellow pineapple drink. The Yellow then goes to the back of the line as the other two Pikmin did. Olimar stretches his hand forward, as an increasingly scared trio of Pikmin keep walking backwards.

Eventually, the Yellow Pikmin at the back trips over a cardboard box, making all three Pikmin land on a set of boxes. Pikpik carrots are seen flying into the air and landing on a pile of Pikmin and boxes. With the three Pikmin stunned, Olimar moves the Red Pikmin out of the way and grabs two carrots, taking them back to the table.


The ending consists of a cropped scene of a forest, with a Blue, a Red and a Yellow bud Pikmin buried. Each of their buds pop into flowers, and the word "Fin" appears on top of the flowers.

Bulletin board[edit]

Official artwork of the bulletin board in The Night Juicer.
Official artwork of the bulletin board.

The bulletin board at the start of the short contains several papers on it, most with something interesting on it. The following is a list of understandable items on the board:

  • What appears to be a newspaper article on Hocotate, judging from the only image on the page.
  • A map of an unrecognizable area, likely on PNF-404.
  • A photo of Olimar's daughter and son on a park, using concept art images.
  • A photo of Olimar from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, in front of the Hocotate ship.
  • A photo of Olimar in formal clothing, posing with his family. This photo uses images from Pikmin 2's mail.
  • A portion of the Pikmin boxart.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese 真夜中のジュース?
Mayonaka no jūsu
Midnight Juice
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
午夜果汁 Midnight juice
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch The Night Juicer -
Flag of France French Le jus de la peur The juice of fear
Flag of Germany German Saftiger Schreck Juicy Horror
Flag of Italy Italian Un succo di paura A juice of fear
Flag of South Korea Korean 한밤중의 주스
hanbamjungwi juseu
Midnight juice
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Sumo a meio da noite Juice in the middle of the night Only used on the official

The YouTube upload used the English name

Flag of Brazil Portuguese (NoA) Espremedor de suco noturno Night juice squeezer Only used in the official Pikmin site[2]
Flag of Spain Spanish Zumo a medianoche Juice at midnight
Flag of Russia Russian Ночная соковыжималка
Nochnaya sokovyzhimalka
Night Squeezer

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