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Hi, I'm Legendlink. I am a fan of Pikmin, LoZ, and Yu-gi-oh. You might know me from Zeldapedia or Yu-gi-oh wiki.

Pikmin are so cute!! Pikmin image links

[[:File:Redpikminlarge.gif]] File:Red.jpg File:Captain Olimar P2 clay art.png File:Pikmin drink Nectar P1.png File:Normal_redpikmins.jpg File:Normal_yellowpikmins.jpg File:Normal_bluepikmins.jpg File:Normal_purplepikmin2.jpg [[:File:Normal_whitepikmin2.jpg]] File:Bulbmin2.jpg File:Mushroom Pikmin P1.png File:Smoky Progg.png File:14.jpg File:Emperor Bulblax.png File:Titandweevil.jpg

Pikmin ratings

Red Pikmin=Great, especially the attack power and the flame-resistance thing. 5/5

Blue Pikmin=Awesome! It acts like a lifeguard and it can swim! No other Pikmin have that ability. 5/5

Yellow Pikmin=I like the flying-high thing and the ability to use bomb-rocks. But the fact they can explode from their own bomb-rocks? =( 4/5

White Pikmin=Great for finding underground treasures and poisoning Bulborbs and stuff. 5/5

Purple Pikmin=They're great attackers, but they're too slow. 4/5

Bulbmin=Great, but the fact you can only use them in caves? Bad. 4/5

Mushroom Pikmin=Bad. Very bad. Yeesh. 0/5

Pikmin 1=Great, but I hate time limits. 3/5

Pikmin 2=It's awesome!!! I mean, unlimited days you can explore? =) 5/5

Bulborbs=ARRGH!!! BULBORBS!!!!!! They're actually easy to defeat. Just aim for their legs. 0/5

Smoky Progg=Respect your enemies. When you really think about it, he's awesome (except for the pikmin killing part) 5/5

File:10fierybulblax.png File:Yellow Pikmin holds bomb rock P1 art.png File:Bulbmin_group.jpg

Clay artwork of Captain Olimar.
Appears in
Scientific name Awesomis guyis
Family Unknown
Areas Distant Spring, Impact Site, Final Trial, Perplexing Pool, Wistful Wild, Valley of Repose, Awakening Wood, Forest of Hope, Forest Navel
Underground areas Submerged Castle, Shower Room, White Flower Garden, Hole of Heroes, Dream Den, Glutton's Kitchen
Challenge Mode levels None
Carry weight 4
Max. carriers 8
Size N/A
Seed worth 100000000000000
Treasure value 1000000000 pokos
Attacks Uses Pikmin, has pet bulborb, waterwraith, fiery bulblax, emperor bulblax, ravenous whiskerpillar, puffy blowhog, withering blowhog, titan dweevil, giant breadbug, breadbug, uses bomb-rocks, And he's not afraid to use 'em!
Max deaths N/A
Hit points N/A

File:Bulbredpet.jpg <-CUUTTTE!!


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Pikmin Volume 1

Olimar, Louie, a red pikmin, a yellow pikmin, a blue pikmin, a white pikmin and a purple pikmin are walking along in the wistful wild.

Purple: IMMMM STAAAAAAAAAARVING! Can't we get somethin' at the Burger Pikmin?

Olimar: No, you shouldve eaten before we left!

Louie:(staring into space; not paying attention) Mmmmm, burgers.

Red: Ooh! Ooh! I wanna Pikkie meal! (like kiddie meal)

Olimar: I already told you, we're not going to Burger Pikmin!!!!!

Purple:(falls in water) AAAGGGGHHH! IM DROWNING SAVE ME!!!!

Yellow:(muttering to himself) No surprise, since we found him sneaking pellets from the onion last night.

Blue: Don't worry I'll save you! (goes in water and picks up purple)

Blue: AAGGH! Geez louis, man, lose some weight!!!


White: Yeah, blue's right! lose some weight dude and then you will be as fast as me!

Purple: I HATE RUNNING! IT MAKES ME LOOK...skinny...

White: So you like being slow and getting eaten all the time?

Purple: Yeah, cause no enemy can eat me because I crush them under my extreme weight!

Red: Uhhhh...Speaking of enemies....THERE'S A BULBORB BEHIND YOU OH MY GOSH!!!!!

Everyone (excpet louie, who is still staring into space): AAAAGGGGH!!!! RUUUUUUNNN!

Louie: OOOH A BULBORB (eats bulborb whole)

Purple: Hey, look at what louie just did! He ate the bulborb! (thinking to self -->) Why didn't I think of that???


(titan dweevil comes up behind louie)


Louie (notices titan dweevil): OOOH! MORE FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

Titan dweevil:EEEKK!

Louie: CHOMP

Then Louie became extremely fat.

Purple: Ooh, cool! Now Louie looks like me!

Then everyone stares at Louie.

Louie:... What? I'm hungry!

Yellow: Let's go eat at Burger Pikmin!

Purple: No thanks. Louie just made me lose my appetite.

Everyone except purple: WHAT!!!!!!?????

Olimar: Oh great. First you wanted to go and now you don't.

Louie: Hey, it looks like they're having a sale on pikburgers at Burger Pikmin!

Purple: I, uh... I CHANGED MY MIND!!!!!!

Then Purple races to the resturant.

Olimar: Ah, well...once hungry, always hungry.

Louie: Isn't that like some old saying?

Olimar: Never mind.

Later, the pikmin and their leaders are walking through the valley of repose.

Red: Brr! it's cooooold out here!

Blue: I bet it's not a problem for purple. He has so much fat he keeps himself warm anywhere.

Purple: It's to hot in here! Turn up the AC!

Blue (to Yellow):See what I mean?

Purple: Hey, I heard that!!!

Yellow: Heehee!

Then the group comes across a cave.

Olimar: Hmm, what should we call this cave?

Louie: Potato!

Olimar: What does that have to do with caves?

Louie: Nothing, but I'm hungry.

The group jumped into the cave.

Everyone except purple: Wheee!

Purple: AAAAGH!

Everyone: Oof!

Louie: It's creepy in here!!

Then Louie started getting jumpy and spraying everything that made a sudden movement with ultra bitter spray.

(Olimar trips)

Olimar: Oof!

Louie: AAGGH!

(sprays olimar)

Olimar:(petrified) MMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Purple: Don't worry! I'll save you!

(starts smashing Olimar with ground pound)


Purple: Yay, Olimar's out!

Yellow: Yeah, but you killed him!

Purple: He's not dead!

(Olimar grunts)

Purple: See?

To be continued in Pikmin Volume 2.

Pikmin Volume 2 The pikmin, Olimar and Louie are still in Potato Cave searching for tresaure.

Purple: Hey Look! It's a treasure!

Olimar: I wonder what I'll name it??

Louie: POTATO!

Olimar: Er, yeah...ok...

Red: Hey, look! A hole!

Purple: Oh, great. Do you know how much it hurts to land when your falling?


Purple: It hurts real bad!

Yellow: Yeah, it probably hurts to have such a huge bottom!

Purple: Hey!!!

Blue: Let's go down there already.

Everyone except Purple: Whee!


Everyone: Oof!

Red: Where are we?

Blue: I dunno.

Louie: It looks like...a POTATO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone except white: AAAGH!

White: What's a potato?

Everyone except White: Uh...I dunno.

White (sarcastic tone): Oh, that clears it up a lot.

Yellow: Come on! Let's keep going guys!

Olimar: Hey, look! Bulbmin!

Purple: Uhh, what's a bulbmin?

Everyone stared at Purple.

Purple: What? I dunno what Bulb-miin are!

Yellow: That's not how you pronounce it you know.

Purple: Yadda yadda yadda.

Yellow: Do you even care about grammar?

Purple: Of courses I do n't!

Olimar: Let's get out guys!

Louie: But I don't see any geysers...

Purple: Don't worry! Everybody, get on my back!

Yellow: I have a bad feelin' about this...

Red: Who do you think you are, Han Solo?

Yellow: Who's Han Solo?

Red: Never mind.

Purple: Alright, is everybody on?

Everybody except Purple: Yup!

Purple: Ok, then! 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...BLAST OFF!

Everyone except Purple: ?????!!!!!!! Purple: PPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone except Purple: AAAAAUUUGHH!

Then, purple farted and lifted the pikmin, olimar & Louie back to the surface.

Red: P.U.! That was AWFUL!!!!!!

Olimar: I can smell it through my space suit!

Purple: Sorry! Hee hee

Pikmin Volume 3

Olimar: Well I guess I gotta get home. See you guise.

Pikmin: Goodbye!

Olimar rides off in his spaceship, but falls right back down to the Pikmin Planet.


Yellow: Purple! Use cleaner language!

This is still under construction. sorry. :'(