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Valley of Repose

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Valley of Repose

The landing site of the Valley of Repose.

High Definition overhead map of the Valley of Repose.

Treasures 7
Caves 3
Pikmin discovered Red Pikmin and Purple Pikmin
Requirements None
Music Valley of Repose

The Valley of Repose (ねむりの谷?, lit.: "Valley of Sleep") is the first area in Pikmin 2, set on a snow-covered street crossing. It contains three caves and seven overground treasures worth Poko icon.png × 990 in total. Red Pikmin are discovered in this area, and Purple Pikmin are discovered in one of its caves. It is the site of the game's tutorial, which takes place over the first two days. Its terrain is original and not based on any areas from Pikmin.


The area is set in a a snowy region with little amounts of overground flora. As implied by the frigid climate in the region, this area is representative of Winter, starting the second game's trend of areas being based on seasons. The landscape shows signs of a road, with a manhole, multiple potholes housing water, white bars similar to crosswalks and curbs. A couple of large snowmen scattered throughout the area introduce a further human element. The shadows cast from above distinctively show leafless trees and a power line. The Frontier Cavern's entrance appears to be inside the rusted-away remains of a metal pole.


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Map of all treasure and caves, along with the location of the ship, in the Valley of Repose.

The ship and the Onions land in the southwestern portion of the map. This area is home to a sparse number of Pellet Posies of varying color. Behind the ship is a small incline that leads to a circular area with three eggs. To the landing site's right is a ledge that grows a single Pellet Posy with a ten-pellet that alternates between the three primary Pikmin types. After a bag is flattened, heading north of the landing site directs the player to a fork that leads to the rest of the map. Following the fork left leads to the western portion of the map. This portion is used as a tutorial for the first day. Here Louie reestablishes contact with the ship and then discovers the Red Onion. The Courage Reactor is found on the path connecting the fork to the area with the Onion and is collected on the first day.

The fork's right leads to a wide circular area with a Red Bulborb and two (one after the first day) Dwarf Red Bulborbs on top of a massive manhole. At the outer edge of the manhole is the Utter Scrap treasure nestled in a snow-covered corner. A white bramble gate leads to the game's first cave, the Emergence Cave. Past the cave is a lake which can be drained after a clog is destroyed. Directly across the lake is a small snowy ledge that houses a buried treasure. Taking a right when crossing the lake leads to a steep incline that holds another buried treasure guarded by a Burrowing Snagret. Following this incline returns the player to the manhole.

Another gate bars entrance to the eastern portion of the map. The ground increases in elevation here and returns to the pavement terrain. A small creek inhabited by Water Dumples is required to be crossed to further access the eastern portion. A bridge can be built over the creek to allow all the types of Pikmin into this portion. After the bridge the area splits into a northeast area and a far-east area. The northeast area consists of a small pond where more Water Dumples make their home as well as a Fiery Bulblax that has ingested the Temporal Mechanism. Prior to the pond is a small area that leads back to the manhole. In center of this small area is a large snowy cliff that has the Fossilized Ursidae on top of it. The far-east area is accessed by heading straight after crossing the bridge and is native to many enemies. A pair of Decorated Cannon Beetles meet the player after crossing the bridge. Past them is the a single Cloaking Burrow-nit and a pair of Fiery Blowhogs. Taking a detour to the right when advancing forward leads to the Subterranean Complex which is protected by a Watery Blowhog and a poisonous white bramble gate. Continuing forward leads to the end of the pavement and a more compact area. A single Withering Blowhog floats about this region that guards a bridge. This bridge, after being built, leads up a plateau with the Frontier Cavern. Also present here is a large snowman capped with the Unspeakable Wonder. The slope leading the top of the snowman contains an Armored Cannon Beetle Larva that burrows up from the ground.

The Valley of Repose contains numerous invisible walls. These walls exist over the first two bags and the hills that initially separate Olimar and Louie on day 1. The walls prevent any Pikmin from being thrown over those obstacles. They were most likely implemented in order to stop the player from soft-locking the game while trying to explore on the first day or skipping the tutorial. These barriers do not disappear after the first day, nor do they disappear once the bags are deflated.









Points of interest[edit]

On the northern part of the map is a large manhole that is unique to this area. It serves as a junction between the western and eastern portions of the map. The western portion of the map where the Red Onion is found grows additional Pellet Posies after the first day has been completed. Behind the landing site is a small collection of nectar eggs. The lake shortly after the Emergence Cave can be drained after a clog located behind a submerged white bramble gate is destroyed.

Piklopedia and Treasure Hoard[edit]

Overview of the Piklopedia version of the Valley of Repose.
Map of the area when seen on the Piklopedia.

When the ship's icon is on top of the Valley of Repose on the area selection menu, and the Piklopedia or the Treasure Hoard are entered, they will display enemies and treasures on an area themed like the Valley of Repose. The area is quite large, almost the size of the actual Valley of Repose, and is also quite similar, but differs notable from the in-game version.

The landing site is the same, although the twig on top of the bag is now a thick branch. The entire path to the south, where the Red Onion and the Courage Reactor are found, and where Louie crash lands, is completely missing. The alcove where the Emergence Cave is does not exist, and there is a crack on the floor further down the path, indicating that a clog used to be there. The bit after the Emergence Cave, but before entering the open plain with the crosswalk is considerably simpler, and has a circular structure similar to the one the Frontier Cavern's entrance is on. To the north of this is a large ramp to the rest of the map, which in turn, is very empty. A lot more of the sidewalk's markings can be seen compared to the in-game area, as most of the terrain is not covered in snow, walls, or potholes. Midway through the crosswalk plain is a small pond with two islets, similar to the location where the Temporal Mechanism is located in the final game, but without walls. On the northernmost part of the map is the sidewalk, with a displaced hexagon tile sitting to the left, and a spot where, instead of a hexagon tile, is just dirt. Notably, the ground under the first bag resembles an early seesaw block design seen in prerelease material.

It is worth noting that the cliff connecting the northern part of the map and the manhole has a (probably accidental) path to an out of bounds area to the west. Also to note is that the terrain surrounding the bounds of the area is a lot more populated with pine trees.



Pellet Posies[edit]

Other images[edit]

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  • The Valley of Repose is the only area in Pikmin 2 to not have an electric gate or a Burgeoning Spiderwort.
  • The Valley of Repose is the only area that is not based on any area from Pikmin. Because both this one and The Forest Navel don't have a "counterpart" between the two first games, some fans believe the Valley of Repose to be an altered version of The Forest Navel, despite the lack of similarities.
  • The concrete walls next to the bag that requires thirty-five Pikmin actually wobble back and forth slightly, in sync with the tree shadows.
  • There is a shadow of a power line covering the area. This can be best seen when looking directly at the texture for the shadows.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ねむりの谷?
Nemuri no Tani
Valley of Sleep
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Flag of Québec French (NoA) Vallée du repos Valley of repose
Flag of France French (NoE) Vallée du Repos Valley of Repose
Flag of Germany German Friedvolles Tal Peaceful Valley
Flag of Italy Italian Val quiete Quiet valley
Flag of Spain Spanish Valle del Reposo Valley of Repose

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Icon of a white flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents a course that is beaten, but with Pikmin who were lost.

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Icon of a white flower in the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2. It represents a course that is beaten, but with Pikmin who were lost.