The Forest Navel

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The Forest Navel

The landing site of The Forest Navel.

High definition map of The Forest Navel. This was made by taking screenshots using Dolphin's free camera mode, stitching them together with Hugin, and readjusting any details with GIMP. In addition, the game files for this area were edited in order to brighten it up.

Ship parts 9 (list)
Obstacles White bramble gate icon.png Black bramble gate icon.png Gray reinforced wall P1 icon.png Black reinforced wall P1 icon.png Geyser icon.png Climbing stick icon.png Bodies of water Bridge P1 icon.png Fire geyser icon.png
Pikmin discovered Blue Pikmin
Requirements Collect 5 ship parts
Music The Forest Navel

The Forest Navel (樹海のヘソ?, lit.: "Forest Navel") is the third area in Pikmin. It is set in a cave inside a forest with sandy terrain, winding paths, and rock structures called rimstone dams, and it gets its name because the entrance to the cave looks like a belly button from high altitude.[1] It contains 9 ship parts, and is unlocked by collecting 5 ship parts in the previous areas. Blue Pikmin are discovered in this area. The enemies in this area reflect its dark underground nature, with Fiery Blowhogs, Wollywogs, and a unique boss, the Puffstool. This area was not reused in Pikmin 2, though it was remade in Pikmin 3 as a Mission Mode stage, the Forgotten Cove.

General layout[edit]

In the center lies the landing site, which is surrounded by Pellet Posies and several places to obtain nectar. To the west is where Blue Pikmin are originally found. This part consists of several small pools of water at different altitudes, all the way to the north of the map, which are based on real-world structures called rimstone dams. To the west of that is a narrow path covered with fire geysers. To the south is a sandy beach where Fiery Blowhogs can be found. There are also some bridges that should be constructed so that Pikmin can get back to the S.S. Dolphin. To the southwest lies a big lake with Wollywogs. To the southeast is a dark area with fire geysers and Common Glowcaps where the Puffstool can be found. And finally, to the east is the arena where Beady Long Legs is fought.

Bomb-rocks in this area are found in pipes, for a total of 25. There is one near the pool where the #1 Ionium Jet is found. There's another one next to the place the Gravity Jumper lies.


Ship parts[edit]

  • Ionium Jet icon.png Number 1 Ionium Jet: This part is located at the bottom of many pools of water.
  • Gravity Jumper icon.png Gravity Jumper: At the far end of the beach filled with Fiery Blowhogs is a cliff with two bridges on either side. This part is in the middle of the two bridges.
  • Automatic Gear icon.png Automatic Gear: This part is atop a high ledge near where Blue Pikmin are discovered. This cliff is too high for even Yellow Pikmin to be thrown, so they must climb over a climbing stick on an opposite cliff.
  • Space Float icon.png Space Float: This part is inside of a Breadbug that prowls the area. The nest of the Breadbug is located near the Gravity Jumper.
  • Anti-Dioxin Filter icon.png Anti-Dioxin Filter: This part is located deep into the water beside the Fiery Blowhog beach. It is guarded by two Wollywogs.
  • Sagittarius icon.png Libra: In one corner of the Fiery Blowhog beach is a gate. Past the gate and the fire geysers is a bridge, which can be built over the abyss to reach the ledge with the part atop it.
  • Analog Computer icon.png Analog Computer: Beyond the Libra, past more fire geysers, is a pool of water containing this part.
  • Omega Stabilizer icon.png Omega Stabilizer: Near the cliff with the Gravity Jumper is a path leading to an arena guarded by mandiblards, a Wollywog and fire geysers. This part is inside of a Puffstool in the arena.
  • Guard Satellite icon.png Guard Satellite: Near the Omega Stabilizer, going up pathways, are several gates: two reinforced, and one regular. Inside one reinforced gate is an arena, inside which is the Beady Long Legs. The Beady Long Legs has the part.



In Challenge Mode[edit]

A lake with some pellets in Challenge Mode.

In Challenge Mode, The Forest Navel may not have many enemies or obstacles, but it does have many pellets spread around a huge area. Exploring the area to visit all the locations in time is the main challenge of the stage. There is a time limit of 16 minutes and 12 seconds to grow a maximum of 482 Pikmin here.

Object breakdown[edit]

Pikmin source Seeds Amount Total
Starting Reds 5 5
Starting Yellows 5 5
Starting Blues 5 5
Red 1 pellets 2 5 10
Red 5 pellets 5 4 20
Red 10 pellets 10 3 30
Red 20 pellets 20 3 60
Yellow 1 pellets 2 5 10
Yellow 5 pellets 5 6 30
Yellow 10 pellets 10 5 50
Yellow 20 pellets 20 2 40
Blue 1 pellets 2 8 16
Blue 5 pellets 5 6 30
Blue 10 pellets 10 4 40
Blue 20 pellets 20 2 40
Pellet Posy 2 2 4
Pellet Posy 2 2 4
Pellet Posy 2 2 4
Pellet Posy 2 8 16
Breadbug 13 1 13
Pearly Clamclamp 50 1 50
Total 482


The following article or section is in need of assistance from someone who plays Pikmin.
Particularly: Clean, and move to Glitches in Pikmin.

There is a rare glitch that can happen in in this level. When the player defeats an enemy (usually the Wollywog), one or more Pikmin will vanish with no soul shown. When this happens, sometimes the first Pikmin-counter gauge (on the bottom of the screen) will show more than the total number of Pikmin in the area. For example: 98/97/305. The Pikmin gauge should stay like that until sunset. This happens in other areas, but in The Forest Navel it is more common. This glitch can also occur when battling other enemies, and apparently even when there are no enemies around. This glitch can also happen in the Awakening Wood in Pikmin 2.

There is also a glitch that will cause Olimar to fall into the abyss by where the Libra is. In Challenge Mode, there are 3 large pellets in the very back area where the Analog Computer is in story mode. However, the path back to the Onions is too narrow for all 3 pellets to be carried back at once. If Olimar is standing between the pellets while they are being carried, he may get pushed off the edge, along with the pellet and possibly the Pikmin carrying it. Olimar will not die or respawn when he falls into the pit; in fact, he will not even fall at all. Instead, he will "float" over the pit as if there was invisible ground. Olimar can walk very far into the darkness, but it may be hard to tell where he is going, because the screen will not follow him. It's also possible to do it in Story Mode, by attracting shearwigs to the bridge and having them eat it.

To see a video of this glitch, click here.

If Olimar falls into the pit by any other means, he will simply respawn after a few seconds back in the same spot he was before he fell. The only other known way to fall into the abyss is to lure the Shearwigs by the Automatic Gear all the way to the island where the Libra is, which will cause them to start chewing the bridge.

There is a supposed glitch that can cause the Beady Long Legs to escape its arena.

Finally, the Libra glitch can also happen with the namesake ship part.




  • There is a seemingly useless geyser near the bomb-rock location by the Gravity Jumper. If the player makes the Pikmin activate it and have Olimar use it, it will launch him up far into the air and make him land on the water. This has no relevance to getting any parts, nor does it aid Olimar in any way, meaning it could be an erroneous leftover from an older version of the map.
  • The map of The Forest Navel very vaguely resembles a Bulborb or Bulbear. It is unknown whether or not this is intentional.
  • All ship parts whose names begin with "A" are in The Forest Navel.
  • There is a Ramune bottle on the lake in this area. Ramune bottles also appear in shapetst, and one bottle is the main focus of the second Pikmin Short Movie, Treasure in a Bottle.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 樹海のヘソ?
Jukai no heso
Forest Navel
Flag of Québec French (NoA) Le Nombril de la forêt (area selection screen)
Le Nombril de la Forêt (loading screen)
The Forest navel
The Forest Navel
Flag of France French (NoE) Le Nombril de la Forêt The Navel of the Forest
Flag of Germany German Zentrum des Waldes Center of the Forest
Flag of Italy Italian Ombelico della Foresta Navel of the Forest
Flag of South Korea Korean 삼림의 배꼽 Navel of the Forest
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) El Ombligo del Bosque The Navel of the Forest
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) El Ombligo del Bosque The Navel of the Forest

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  1. ^ With its newly increased functions, the Dolphin now lifts higher into this planet's atmosphere. I see a great depression in the woods beneath me-it looks like a belly button in the vast forest. Now that my ship is more stable, I should be able to set it down from there. – Olimar in his voyage log when unlocking The Forest Navel