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7 day run

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The final report of the 7 day run.
A completed 7 day run.

The 7 day run is a challenge run of Pikmin 3 that involves progressing through the game's major objectives as quickly as possible to reach the end of the game in just 7 in-game days. Collecting all 66 fruits is not possible in this time, as at least 3 more days are required to 100% the game (see 10 day run). Fruit is only necessary to collect for survival purposes and it's possible to finish the game having only collected a single fruit (the Crimson Banquet). However, any combination of fruits is allowed and up to the player. This run can be done in conjunction with a zero death run, 42 Pikmin run, or both.


Day 1: Distant Tundra/Tropical Wilds

  • Complete Charlie's section in the Distant Tundra.
  • Discover and grow Red Pikmin with Alph.
  • Reach the end of the cave to automatically end the day.

Day 2: Garden of Hope

Day 3: Distant Tundra

Day 4: Tropical Wilds

Day 5: Twilight River

Day 6: Garden of Hope

Day 7: Formidable Oak


While this run can be completed using intended strategies, doing so is very difficult. Sequence breaks can make certain parts of this challenge much faster. Examples include:

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