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7 day run

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A completed 7 day run.

The 7 day run is a challenge run of Pikmin 3 that involves only defeating the bosses to unlock each area and progress to the end of the game. Collecting all fruit is not possible as at least 3 more days are required to 100% the game (see 10 day run). Fruit is only necessary to collect for survival purposes and it's possible to finish the game having only collected a single fruit (the Crimson Banquet). However, any combination of fruits is allowed and up to the player. This run can be done in conjunction with a zero death run, 42 Pikmin run, or both. It's important to note that some days of the run require glitches that may be patched or have been patched to make it more difficult.


Day 1: Distant Tundra/Tropical Wilds

  • Complete Charlie's portion in Distant Tundra.
  • Discover and grow Red Pikmin with Alph.
  • Reach end of cave to automatically end the day.

Day 2: Garden of Hope

Day 3: Distant Tundra

Day 4: Tropical Wilds

Day 5: Twilight River

Day 6: Garden of Hope

Day 7: Formidable Oak

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