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Dirt block

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Dirt blocks are obstacles found in Hey! Pikmin, and are rectangular blocks of sand or dirt. They can be destroyed by throwing a single Pikmin at it. All Pikmin bounce back after hitting one but Rock Pikmin, who continue to fly and can smash multiple blocks this way. Their main purpose is to block the way, and they come in several sizes, even with different widths and heights. They can also be crushed by iron blocks that land on top of them.

Solid dirt block[edit]

An odd dirt block in Burning Bog.
A solid dirt block in the Burning Bog.

Solid dirt blocks are a variant of dirt blocks. They several hits in order to be destroyed and they are rarer than their normal counterpart. Their main purpose is to block paths until destroyed by Pikmin, although they can also act as a clog.


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This obstacle is quite common in Hey! Pikmin, and appears in most of the areas of the game.


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