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So after discussing a bit with User:1337Walrus, we noticed that in this day and age, having user-made guides in their own namespace doesn't make a lot of sense, for several reasons. For one thing, guides don't adhere to most of our policies and guidelines by design. This makes them stick out like a sore thumb in the middle of all the other wiki articles. Then, because it's usually maintained by one person, and is subjective, it's bound to become deteriorated with age, without anybody being willing to fix it up. As such, it makes sense to put them in a sub-page of each author's user page. This more closely ties in the guide to its creator, which is good not just for the wiki's organization, but also to further give credit to the users who spend their time coming up with guides. After this change, it should be harder to find these guides by searching, since user pages are not included in the default search filter. It should have no impact for search engine searches, though. In addition, this also makes it so only the original user can edit them, but this is a non-issue since people are rarely interested in editing them as it is. Opinions? Ideas? I might go ahead with this if there is no opposition within a few weeks. — {EspyoT} 16:08, 2 January 2019 (EST)

Done. The "Propagating Pikmin quickly" guide was community-maintained and bundled in that namespace, so I couldn't place it in any user page. In order to not lose it, I'll move it here. — {EspyoT} 16:37, 24 January 2019 (EST)

Propagating Pikmin quickly[edit]

If you need a large army to complete a big task, just go to a region and stay for several days, as defeated enemies will come back, and try your best to clear the area thoroughly of enemies and pellets.


The Impact Site[edit]

Take a day to return to the The Impact Site for the sole purpose of propagating Pikmin. It works well, as there are many pellets to collect in the area, while there are few enemies to deplete your ranks' numbers. If you have Yellow and Blue Pikmin, use the Yellow Pikmin's bomb-rocks (obtainable in the box you moved in Day 1) to destroy the rock wall up the slope. Now get your Blue Pikmin and bring them into the water. (If you didn't get the second part in the area, you can get it now. ) The Pearly Clamclamps, large clam-like enemies, contain pearls surrounded by protective blue membranes which are worth 50 seeds each. Wait until they open, then throw Pikmin in. When their mouths pull back, call your Pikmin or the clam will eat them. The Pikmin should be able to destroy the membrane after several attempts, revealing the pearl. You can also use two bomb-rocks on the Pearly Clamclamp on land for a quick and easy kill. Note: Try to have 100 Pikmin out because it's a drag to pull every single Pikmin out of the ground after the Onion spits all 50 out.

This strategy can produce about 290 Pikmin (if the pellets are taken to the respective colored Onion) excluding the pellets given by the Iridescent Flint Beetles. If you went in a odd-numbered day (after day 9) and fight Goolix, the number rises to about 310. If you can complete the "pellet cycle" of the 3 Iridescent Flint Beetles, the number rises to more than 350 Pikmin seeds.


The Smoky Progg will drop a golden pearl which produces 100 Pikmin when killed, but will not regenerate once it is dead.

Pikmin 2[edit]

Awakening Wood[edit]

This area is home to the only 20-pellet of the game, as well as 3 10-pellets. There are 2 Iridescent Glint Beetles here, which spit out three randomly colored 5-pellets. Also, there are many enemies here, which results in a large amount of Pikmin. If you clear the entire area of pellets (which are brought to the same color of Onion as the pellet) and enemies, you will gain about 250 Pikmin.

Perplexing Pool[edit]

The enemy that gives you the most Pikmin of all in the game that regenerates most often is the Toady Bloyster (found in Story Mode at the Perplexing Pool). This creature, when defeated, drops its bulb-like tail (which produces 25 Pikmin when returned) and up to 2 '10' pellets, which can result in 25-45 Pikmin. What's more, the creature reappears after entering and leaving a cave. Knowing this, one could repeat this for a long time and gain approximately 350 Pikmin, if not more. The Toady Bloyster is only rivaled by Beady Long Legs (Perplexing Pool) and its hoard of 20 '1' pellets (up to 40 Pikmin sprouts), which appears about every 3 days after day 30.


In any region of the planet, you may use ultra-spicy sprays to quickly defeat hordes of enemies. You can then carry the corpses back to the Onion of your choice to propagate Pikmin. This is very efficient when taking on Spotty Bulbears, Red Bulborbs, and other large enemies. Bigger enemies tend to create more seeds when returned to an Onion. However, bigger enemies can cause a greater loss to your army.

Propagating Pikmin quickly talk page[edit]

Pikmin produced sub-section[edit]

If you want to know where I get that numbers, the explanation is here: Taking into account that the 5,10 and 20 pellets produce the same number of their weight if taken into a Onion of the same color:


3x10 size pellets = 30 seeds

3x20 size pellets = 60 seeds

26x1 size pellets x2= 52 seeds

3x50 (Pearly Clamclamp pearls) = 150 seeds

=292 seeds


4x5 pellets = 20 seeds

Base + 20 = 312 seeds

Iridescent Flint Beetle

1(x2)+5 = 7

7x2 = 14

14x3 (number of creatures in The Impact Site) = 42

Base + Goolix + Iridescent Flint Beetle = 352 seeds

If I missed 1 pellet or my calculations are wrong, please comment here.

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