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Serene Stream

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Serene Stream
Sector 2 – Area B
The Mockiwi chase in Serene Stream.
Treasures 3
Pikmin available Blue Pikmin
Requirements Complete Foaming Lake
Next area Glowing Bloom Pond
Music Underground area
Underground area - back side

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Serene Stream (ながれおちる わきみず?, lit.: "Cascading spring water") is the second main area in the Verdant Waterfront. It takes place inside a cave with several shallow streams of water that can carry Captain Olimar, his Blue Pikmin, or even enemies into different places.


The area takes place in a big cave, and is mainly made of waterfalls. The player starts right next to a waterfall, foreshadowing the theme of the area. Some steps further, Olimar meets some Blue Pikmin, and a Shearblug. After defeating this creature, the player will go down a waterfall, leading the protagonist deeper in the cavern. At the end of the stream, the player can use his jetpack to enter a small hole, which contains a Mockiwi and a vine leading to the Attitude Adjuster. After going down some waterfalls, a Mockiwi will exit an hole, and going down the same waterfall as Olimar. However, at the end of the waterfall stands a big stretch of water, causing the Mockiwi to drown. This underground lake is infested with Puckering Blinnows and Shearblugs. When heading to the left, the player can get access to a Sparklium flower, along with some Blue Pikmin. At the bottom to the stretch of water, there are dirt blocks, and one of them hiding an entrance to a doorway. On the other side, there are some Puckering Blinnows and a Crested Mockiwi. Olimar has to kill it in order to get the second treasure, the Unstrung Racket. When the player gets back in the main area, and takes the doorway to keep going in the area, they must head to the left (thus going against the tide) and go through a small hole in order to retrieve the last treasure, the Work-Life Imbalancer. Some time after this, the player will be, once again, chased by a Mockiwi in a stream. It doesn't last long, but right after this, there is a second waterfall with another Mockiwi to escape from. There are also some Sparrowheads on the way, making the trip harder. The waterfall ends in a lake, with the exit next to it.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Shearblug attack The Shearblug cutscene in Serene Stream. The player moves beyond the start point. Four Blue Pikmin are idling. Suddenly, from a nearby rock comes a Shearblug. It notices the Pikmin, and rolls into a spiked ball to prepare to attack. At this point the Pikmin notice what's going on, and after some squeals, run in the opposite direction and jump behind a rock for safety. The creature rolls around to try to catch them, but just zooms by the rock.
Pikmin in a water slide The slide cutscene in Serene Stream. The player goes a bit left after being carried and falling out of the first stream. Four Blue Pikmin come sliding down from one of the streams. In mid-air, they all pose differently, and land on the ground below with a gymnast salutation pose.
Scared Crumbug The Crumbug cutscene in Serene Stream. The player enters the final doorway in the area. A Pikmin's eyes can be seen inside the doorway and nothing else. A Crumbug gets closer, notices the eyes, and becomes curious. Eventually, three other Pikmin open their eyes, which also become visible. Scared with the amount of eyes staring back, the Crumbug turns back and runs away.

Pikmin locations[edit]

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Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes







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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ながれおちる わきみず?
Nagareochiru wakimizu
Cascading spring water
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Klatervallen Gurglefalls
Flag of France French De cascade en cascade From waterfall to waterfall
Flag of Germany German Sprudelnde Ströme Bubbling Stream
Flag of Italy Italian Ruscello rasserenato Brightning stream
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Cascadas serenas Serene waterfall
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Cascadas Serenas Serene Waterfall