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Glowing Bloom Pond

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Glowing Bloom Pond
Sector 2 – Area C
Glowing Bloom Pond 2.jpg
Treasures 3 (list)
Obstacles Fragment icon.png Bouncy Mushroom icon.png Bloominous Stemple icon.png Dirt block icon.png
Pikmin available Yellow Pikmin
Requirements Complete Serene Stream
Next area The Shallow End (normal exit)
Treacherous Currents (secret exit)
Music Underground area
Underground area - back side

Glowing Bloom Pond (やみに ひかる はな?) is the third main area in the Verdant Waterfront. It introduces Bloominous Stemples and their ability to bloom with light, meaning the area also focuses electrodes and Widemouthed Anode Beetles. While the standard exit in this area leads to The Shallow End, the secret exit unlocks Treacherous Currents.


At the start, the player can encounter some Yellow Pikmin, using their own bodies to conduct electricity between two wires. In doing this, they allow some Bloominous Stemples to bloom. After this, Olimar has to defeat a Widemouthed Anode Beetle to progress in the area. After some walking, the player has to use the Yellow Pikmin's ability to conduct electricity in order to make the Bloominous Stemple bloom, thus moving forward in the area. Next to this, the player will encounter two Widemouthed Anode Beetles, which will help Olimar and the Pikmin to access a doorway leading to the first treasure, the Evidence Pulveriser. Later in the area, the player will have to use a Widemouthed Anode Beetle once again, in order to retrieve the Handy Hand. After going through corridors filled with Male Sheargrubs and Widemouthed Anode Beetle, the player can get access to a doorway, kept behind a dirt block and a Widemouthed Anode Beetle. In the other side, Olimar has to use those creatures again to reach the last treasure, the Hairy Serpent Fossil. To reach the end of the area, the player has to build a bridge and use Bloominous Stemples at the same time. However, if the player wants to reach the secret exit, the protagonist has to fall under the last Bloominous Stemples at the very end of the area to gain access of an hidden doorway under the flowers.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Widemouthed Anode Beetle Glowing Bloom Pond Beetle cutscene.jpg The player moves a bit beyond the first vine. Two Yellow Pikmin walk up to something bright just off-camera. They happily rub against it, until they realize it's a Widemouthed Anode Beetle. Once they do, the creature turns to them as they run back to the group.
Seeding Dandelion parachutes Glowing Bloom Pond seeds cutscene.jpg The player goes beyond the room with the Handy Hand and Widemouthed Anode Beetles. Three Yellow Pikmin fall from the ceiling hole, grabbing on to Seeding Dandelion seeds. This makes them fall down slowly and calmly. Eventually, a fourth one shows up, but its seed is spinning out of control, making it fall a bit faster than the others. The first three land smoothly, but the fourth lands back-first. However, it gets up, shakes its head, and the group of four make their way to Olimar's side unharmed.
Late Pikmin Glowing Bloom Pond doorway cutscene.jpg After going down a vine, the player enters a doorway to the left. Olimar comes out of the doorway, alone. He looks around, in search of his Pikmin, and when he looks back into the hole, four of the Pikmin come running out of it, one at a time, and they bump into Olimar, each smack making him spin around. Dizzy, he walks into the doorway, and after a second, walks back out with the rest of the Pikmin squad.

Pikmin locations[edit]

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Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes







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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese やみに ひかる はな?
Yami ni Hikaru Hana
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Elektroflora Electroflower
Flag of France.svg French Flore survoltée Overcharged flora
Flag of Germany.svg German Die Leuchtblumenhöhle The Lightflower Cave
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Stagno brillaflora Lightflower pond
Flag of Mexico.svg Spanish (NoA) Gruta eléctrica Electric grotto
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish (NoE) Gruta Eléctrica Electric Grotto