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Shearblug In-game icon.
A Shearblug.
Appears in Hey! Pikmin
Scientific name Rotundus himeagea
Family Mandiblard
Areas Serene Stream
Attacks Stab and roll over Pikmin

The Shearblug (マルデムシ?, lit.: "Circle Bug") is an enemy found in Hey! Pikmin. It is an aquatic mandiblard that can inflate to protrude spikes from its body.


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Weight Max.
Seeds Value Health Regen.
N/A N/A N/A A yellow Sparklium Seed icon, used to represent the object found in the games. × 0 Unknown Unknown


Shearblugs patrol a set area until they see Pikmin. When they spot them, they inflate their bodies to protrude spikes, and then roll after them.


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  • Verdant Waterfront


A Shearblug can only be defeated when its spikes are retracted. Otherwise, thrown Pikmin will perish. It is best to attack it right after it brings its spikes in, since if you wait too long it will poke them out again.


Hey! Pikmin logs

What an odd creature! It lives on both land and water, and seems puffy, but shows spikes when threats approach. I find myself curling up when scolded as well, but alas, I have no spikes to present. What can I say? I'm a pacifist.


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See more: Mandiblard family#Naming.
  • Common name: Shearblug. From "Sheargrub", a word present in the names of various members of the mandiblard family.
  • Japanese nickname: マルデムシ?, lit.: "Circle Bug".
  • Japanese name: マルヒメアギト?, lit.: "Circle Small Jaw". From ヒメアギト科?, the mandiblard family's Japanese name.
  • Scientific name: Rotundus himeagea. Rotundus is Latin for "round", referring to the Shearblug's ability to curl into a ball.
  • Internal names: Unknown.
  • Prerelease: None.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese マルデムシ?
Maru De Mushi
Circle Bug
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Prikkebed
Flag of France French Boufpon bouleur Boufpon is the french equivalent to Sheargrub, and bouleur is a reference to the inflating tendancy of the creature; it could be translated as "bloating", giving "Bloating Sheargrub"
Flag of Germany German Kullerkäfer From kullern (to roll around) and Käfer (bug)
Flag of Italy Italian Tarlo aguzzo
Flag of South Korea Korean 둥글벌레
Flag of Spain Spanish Larvola From larva (larva) and bola (ball)

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