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Treacherous Currents

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Treacherous Currents
Sector 2 – Area X
An obstacle the player needs a high water current for in Treacherous Currents.
Treasures 2
Pikmin available Blue Pikmin
Requirements Complete Glowing Bloom Pond via secret exit
Next area The Keeper of the Lake
Music Verdant Waterfront area
Verdant Waterfront area - back side

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Treacherous Currents (うごく すいめん?, lit.: "Moving water surface") is the secret area in the Verdant Waterfront. At the start, nothing in the area is submerged. When the player progresses a bit past the start, the main gameplay mechanic starts: the level of water goes up rapidly, and submerges most of the stage. After 10 seconds have passed, it slowly dips back down, stopping a bit before going off-camera. After 2 seconds, it speeds back up again, repeating the cycle. This creates scenarios where the player has to wait and time their actions to make the most out of both dry land and underwater movement.


The area is submerged in water, whose level goes up and down very regularly. The player must let the water rise in order to be able to swim up and down to avoid obstacles, such as brambles and Hydroe brambles, and keep going in the level. After some walking in the area, Olimar can enter a doorway. On the other side stands a Young Yellow Wollywog and the Everyday Cell. The second treasure, the Giant Rodent Skull can be found later in the area, before a wall of dirt blocks. The player has to be careful of the Large Splurchin near the treasure. The exit isn't too far away; the player just has to go through a horizontal corridor filled with Puckering Blinnows.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Lazy Pikmin The lazy Pikmin cutscene in Treacherous Currents. The player whistles near the rock above the first dirt block. Three Blue Pikmin come out of the rock and then run to Olimar. A fourth Pikmin eventually pokes its stem out, and lazily walks in Olimar's direction, with its body slumped. After a bit of this, one of the first three Pikmin comes back and starts pushing the lazy Pikmin.
Small hole The gap cutscene in Treacherous Currents. The player enters the first doorway, not counting the one that leads to the Everyday Cell. Olimar and four of his Blue Pikmin are going inside a tunnel that has a short gap on the floor. Olimar goes first, and when he notices this, he stops at the edge. The Blue Pikmin racing behind doesn't break in time and skids into him, causing him to teeter. He eventually falls in it, feet first, and ends up filling the hole. The Pikmin take this opportunity to, one by one, jump on his helmet and bounce to the other side of the gap. Following this, Olimar tries to jump to the ledge himself, but can't make it. After a bit, he manages to grab on to the Pikmin waiting for him, who fling him to safety out of the hole. The group then makes its way forward.
Baseball The baseball cutscene in Treacherous Currents. After the four red Sparklium Seeds and large heart, the player climbs to dry land and moves forward a bit. Two Blue Pikmin are pushing a baseball on top of a branch. Their goal is to drop the ball down, where two other Blue Pikmin are ready to catch it. When the ball hits the ground below, however, it bounces away, making the lower Pikmin jump back, and they all end up losing the object. All four become upset, but quickly snap out of it and run to Olimar, when they realize he is nearby.

Pikmin locations[edit]

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Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes





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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese うごく すいめん?
Ugoku suimen
Moving water surface
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Eb en vloed Ebb and flood
Flag of France French Grande marée Great tide
Flag of Germany German Ebbe und Flut Ebb and Flood
Flag of Italy Italian Marea insidiosa Insidious tide
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Rápidos traicioneros Treacherous rapids
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Marea Insidiosa Insidious Tide