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Wooden stake

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Since this subject has no official name, the name "Wooden stake" is conjectural.

The first wooden stake in Cavern of Confusion.
The first wooden stake in the game.

Wooden stakes are obstacles in Hey! Pikmin. These objects are partially driven into the ground, with mostly the flat side up, blocking the way. Pikmin can stand on top of the flat side, and each Pikmin that does adds weight onto it. When enough weight has been applied, the Pikmin on top crush the stake down to ground level, removing the obstacle out of the way. Whenever there is any weight applied on one, dots appears on the stake itself. These dots become filled one by one as Pikmin are added, and the larger the stake is, the more dots need to be filled. When they are all filled, that's when the obstacle gets stamped down.

Some wooden stakes stick through both the top and the bottom, although they are rare. When the player throws Pikmin at the bottom, it will push up slightly, a little bit for each Pikmin thrown. If a Pikmin happens to be above the stake, then it'll be launched straight upward. After about two seconds it will start to slowly come down until it's back to its original position.

Wooden stakes that only stick out from the top have the same function as bags.


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