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The Burning Sky

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The Burning Sky
Sector 3 – Area D
A trowel right next to Fireflinger Groink in The Burning Sky.
Treasures 2
Pikmin available Red Pikmin, Rock Pikmin
Requirements Complete Springpetal Cave
Next area Subterranean Tyrant
Music Sparkling Labyrinth area
Sparkling Labyrinth area - back side

The Burning Sky (あかく もえる そら?, lit.: "Red burning sky") is the last main area in the Sparkling Labyrinth. This area introduces Fireflinger Groinks, and focuses around them. There are several of them in the background, and the player will be constantly encountering their fireballs, making patience and timing important skills. To increase the difficulty even more, some sections have both Groink fireballs and enemies attacking, so the player has to organize their group and actions to not get caught by a fireball while fighting enemies, or to not get bit while trying to dodge a Groink strike.


The area mainly focuses on Fireflinger Groinks, that are a real threat throughout the level. At the beginning of the area, the player is introduced to one of those creatures, through a cutscene. After a long walk in the level, the player can retrieve a buried treasure, the Inevitable Tragedy. This treasure is located next to a nest of Crystalline Crushblats. Some time after this, Olimar has to take a bomb rock, while being careful to not be harmed by Fireflinger Groinks. He has to bring it on a cobblestone block in order to get access to a doorway. In the other side, a Mockiwi waits for him, with the Value Band inside of it. After that, the player has to reach the end of the area, while avoiding the fireballs shot by the Fireflinger Groinks.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Fireflinger Groink introduction The Fireflinger Groink cutscene in The Burning Sky. The player advances a bit forward after bouncing on the first Bouncy Mushroom. Four Red Pikmin show up, and notice three Sparklium Seeds floating in the air. They start jumping a bit in place trying to reach them, and in the meantime, a Fireflinger Groink pops up from behind a crystal in the background. It notices the Pikmin, and shoots a fireball. Before long, the fireball marker column shows up right on the Pikmin. They notice this, stop jumping, and step out of the way. The thud sends them jumping back a bit, and after the fireball bounces off, the Pikmin run in a panic in Olimar's direction.
Spectralids The Spectralids visible in a cutscene in The Burning Sky. The player advances into a covered room, after the section with two small Bouncy Mushrooms. Two Red Pikmin notice something up ahead. They move forward, and realize it's some type of Spectralids. The Pikmin stay behind, as to not startle it, and the creature eventually lands on a nearby stone. The two Pikmin eventually try to jump at it, but miss, and end up landing on the stone face-first. The Spectralids flies off as the Pikmin look at it, until they eventually decide to return to Olimar.
Gashapon Crumbug The Crumbug cutscene in The Burning Sky. The player moves beyond the section with the Inevitable Tragedy, past the two Fireflinger Groinks. Four Red Pikmin are looking at the opaque half of a gashapon capsule, turned with the opening down. Suddenly, it begins to rattle, scaring the Pikmin. They don't leave, and continue to look at the object, that has since stopped. Suddenly, a Crumbug springs out from under it, throwing the capsule away. The Pikmin get scared, and run to Olimar's side. The Crumbug tries to chase them for a bit, but quickly turns around and walks the other way.

Pikmin locations[edit]

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Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes





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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese あかく もえる そら?
Akaku moeru sora
Red burning sky
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch De vuurbalregen The fireball rain
Flag of France French Le feu du ciel The fire of the sky
Flag of Germany German Der Feuerballregen The Fireball Rain
Flag of Italy Italian Volta cocente Burning dome
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Cielo abrasador Scorching sky
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Cielo Abrasador Scorching Sky