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Pyroclasmic Slooch

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Pyroclasmic Slooch Icon used to represent the enemy on the wiki.
A render of a Pyroclasmic Slooch from Pikmin 4.
Appears in Pikmin 3Pikmin 4
Scientific name Sulucina vulcanis
Family Slooch
Areas Tropical Wilds, Distant Tundra, Blossoming Arcadia (Olimar's Shipwreck Tale), Giant's Hearth (night)
Caves Sightless Passage, Below-Grade Discotheque, Engulfed Castle, Frozen Inferno
Mission Mode Collect Treasure! stages Tropical Forest, Thirsty Desert, Tropical Forest Remix
Mission Mode Battle Enemies! stages Twilight Hollow, Shaded Garden, Tropical Wilds Remix, Distant Tundra Remix
Side Story days Land, Sea, and Sky, The Ship Restored
Dandori Challenge stages Hotshock Canyon, Rockaway Cellars
Dandori Battle stages None
Bingo Battle stages Rusted Labyrinth, Corroded Maze
Attacks Eats Pikmin

The Pyroclasmic Slooch (カジオコシ?, lit.: "Fire Hazard Starter") is an enemy in Pikmin 3 and Pikmin 4. It is a slug-like creature that leaves behind a dangerous trail of fire. They are black in appearance, with stripes of yellow-reddish gradient looping around their body in a pattern resembling that of flowing lava. They have two antennae near the top of their cone-shaped bodies. The Pyroclasmic Slooch is also covered in a combustible slime which it leaves behind as it moves. When killed, the Slooch shrinks considerably and loses its bright red stripes. It will also cease to burn, allowing all types of Pikmin to carry it.


Game Weight Max.
Seeds Value Health
Pikmin 3 (?) 3 6 (normally) 4 Texture used for the Poko in Pikmin 3. × 20
Icon for the soul in Battle Enemies!, taken from the game's textures. × 20
Pikmin 4 3 6 4 (0 glow pellets) Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Pikmin 4. × 3 300


Alph's comments

US version icon.png US version

Structural flaw: low speed
Weight: 3

A coating of pure fire? Now THAT'S armor! Which it needs, because it's very slow to both move and attack. And even the fire armor does nothing against Red Pikmin. Back to the drawing board...
European version icon.png European version

Structural flaw: low speed
Weight: 3

A coating of pure fire? Now THAT'S armour! Which it needs, because it's very slow to both move and attack. And even the fire armour does nothing against Red Pikmin. Back to the drawing board with this one...

Brittany's comments

Tons of style points for the cloak of pure fire. I couldn't pull off a look like that. I don't even like to leave the S.S. Drake when it's humid out.

Charlie's comments

US version icon.png US version
It's tough to beat a defense made entirely out of scorching flames. If you don't take it seriously, it'll be way too hot to handle. Fortunately, I'm just hot-blooded enough to take it, so long as Brittany doesn't give me that icy stare!
European version icon.png European version
It's tough to beat a defence made entirely out of scorching flames. If you don't take it seriously, it'll be way too hot to handle. Fortunately, I'm just hot-blooded enough to take it, so long as Brittany doesn't give me that icy stare!

Louie's comments

Remove tongue and discard the rest. Cook over a charcoal grill until medium rare.

Olimar's comments

Pyroclasmic Slooch
Sulucina vulcanis
Slooch family

A species of terrestrial snail coated in flammable mucus instead of the traditional shell. The creature stays lubricated through constant secretion of mucus so that the fires never reach its skin. The most fascinating aspect of these creatures is their instinctive ability to avoid causing widespread fires by carelessly brushing plants.

Pikmin 3 website[edit]

These slow-moving creatures use fire to keep away potential predators. They also use their tongues to reel in prey.

Pikmin 3 Prima Guide[edit]

Pyroclasmic Slooches are flame-covered creatures that produce trails of fire as they move around an area, In addition to these very effective defense qualities, these creatures are able to devour any Pikmin standing directly in front of them. When battling a Pyroclasmic Slooch, use a squad of Red Pikmin to charge the creature from the rear, or throw Red Pikmin onto its back.

Dalmo's Notes[edit]

The mucus of the Pyroclasmic slooch acts as a natural fire starter, but it also seems to serve as an insulation from heat. Gazing into those flickering flames at night would be a great way to relax! And the ripple pattern going from top to bottom is so mesmerizing!

Pikmin Garden[edit]



特徴 その1 炎で身を守る

(Image text: 通った跡は、しばらく燃え続ける)

特徴 その2 長い舌

(Image text: 舌の色は青い)


A terrestrial snail that defends itself with flames. It has no shell, but instead ignites by covering the surface of its body with a flammable mucus. Once the fire is completely extinguished, it takes more than half a day to reignite.

Feature #1: Protecting itself with flames

It protects itself from enemies with flames. The mucus that is constantly secreted acts as a heat insulator, and heat is not transmitted inside the body.
(Image text: "The trail it passed through continues to burn for some time")

Feature #2: Long tongue

It uses its long tongue to catch prey.
(Image text: "The color of the tongue is blue")


The Pyroclasmic Slooch's only threatening quality is its fire. It has very few hit points, moves at a sluggish pace, and its tongue attack is relatively slow, predictable, and can get only a few Pikmin at a time. Red Pikmin are the only type of Pikmin that can be used to consistently damage it when it sports its coat of fire. If a Slooch is lead into water, however, it can easily be attacked by any type, as its flame goes out. Though it is not too threatening when it is confronted directly, the Slooch's trail of fire can became a dangerous hazard for any non-Red Pikmin carrying items anywhere, as they will not attempt to avoid it. After being defeated, the creature's body will shrink and the trail of fire will linger behind it for a few seconds before fading.


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The strategies shown are just suggestions.

The Slooch is easy prey for Red Pikmin. Due to the creature's low speed and incredibly weak defense, you can take it out with ease with only a few Red Pikmin. It may try to shake them off, but it will likely not succeed in this provided you have at least five Pikmin on the creature, and if you swarm it with a group of 10 or more, it will likely not even be able to begin this animation. Provided you have Red Pikmin with you, its best to defeat any Pyroclasmic Slooch the first time you see it, as overlooking it may result in it catching a few Pikmin as you pass by or its fire trail later harming Pikmin on their way back to the Onion.

Other types of Pikmin can attack the creature if they latch on to some points of its body. Rock Pikmin will also cause impact damage if thrown at it, however they must be called back before burning to death.

The leaders can damage the Slooch, however, you must position yourself just right; the punch range is short, but getting too close will result in a damaging burn, unless you have the Scorch Guard. If done correctly, you can defeat a Pyroclasmic Slooch relatively quickly with only leaders, due to its few hit points.

Also, if a Slooch goes in some water (for example, the puddles near the bamboo gate in the Distant Tundra), its fire will go out, allowing all Pikmin types to attack it more easily. In Pikmin 3 only, they will not regain their flame without touching another fire hazard (which includes other on-fire Pyroclasmic Slooches); this is not true in Pikmin 4, where the creature will reignite itself after a few seconds of extinguishment. Touching a fire geyser will restore its fire.

Technical information[edit]

Pikmin 3 technical information (?)
Internal name kajiokoshi
HP 300
Rock Pikmin throw hits to kill 10
White Pikmin ingestions to kill 1
Bomb rock explosions to kill 1
Bomb rock ingestions to kill 1
Number of direct hits on top to kill 0
Damage to leaders 10
Territory radius 300
Mission Mode value 20


A Pyroclasmic Slooch's early name from a PAX 2012 demo of Pikmin 3.
A Pyroclasmic Slooch in the demo, showing the early name, "Pyroplasmic Slooch".
  • Common name: Pyroclasmic Slooch. "Pyroclasmic" is a play on pyroclastic flow, a fast moving current of hot gas or rock commonly found in volcanoes. "Slooch" is similar to slug.
  • Japanese nickname: カジオコシ?, lit.: "Fire Hazard Starter".
  • Japanese name: アオジタカジオコシ?, lit.: "Blue Tongue Fire Hazard Starter".
  • Scientific name: Sulucina vulcanis. Vulcanis is derived from Vulcan (or Vulcānus in Latin), the Roman god of fire, in reference to the Pyroclasmic Slooch's own fire.
  • Internal names: Internally, its name is kajiokoshi, which matches the Japanese nickname.
  • Prerelease: In prerelease footage, the Pyroclasmic Slooch's name was written as "Pyroplasmic Slooch", which could either be alluding to either plasma, a state of matter defined as a gas of ions, or plasm, a word roughly meaning "living substance".

Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese カジオコシ?
Kaji Okoshi
Fire Rouser
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Róngróng Kuòyú
Flag of China Chinese
Róngróng Kuòyú
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Vulkaansteelslak Volcano stemslug
Flag of France French Pyroplasmic (Pikmin 3)
Pyroplasmik (Pikmin 4)
From "pyro" (greek for fire) and plasma, with the added suffix -ic/-ik
Flag of Germany German Pyrokriecher Pyro-creeper
Flag of Italy Italian Lumaca incendiaria Incendiary slug
Flag of South Korea Korean 방화벌레
Arson Bug
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Pirobabosa Pyroaloe The name is a portmanteau of "piro" (pyro) and "babosa" (aloe vera)
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Pirobabosa Pyroslug The name is a portmanteau of "piro" (pyro) and "babosa" (slug)



Blue and Yellow Pikmin on a Pyroclasmic Slooch.

If they are correctly launched on the Pyroclasmic Slooch, Blue, Yellow Pikmin and Winged Pikmin will be able to attack it without burning up.[1]


  • The Pyroclasmic Slooch was one of the first new enemies in Pikmin 3 revealed, in Nintendo's E3 2012 presentation.
  • In the Distant Tundra, there's a group of Pyroclasmic Slooches in the cave where the Bulbear and fire geysers are found. If the protagonists have discovered the ultra-spicy spray, the middle Pyroclasmic Slooch will sometimes drop a dose of it.


  1. ^ YouTube video demonstrating how other Pikmin types can attack the creature