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Bearded Amprat

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Bearded Amprat Icon used to represent the enemy on the wiki.
A render of a Bearded Amprat from Pikmin 4.
Appears in Pikmin 3Pikmin 4
Scientific name Porcellus barbavolta
Family Numbouse
Areas Distant Tundra, Formidable Oak, Blossoming Arcadia, Hero's Hideaway
Caves Below-Grade Discotheque, Plunder Palace
Mission Mode Collect Treasure! stages Shaded Garden Remix, The Rustyard, Forgotten Cove
Mission Mode Battle Enemies! stages Silver Lake, Distant Tundra Remix, Clockwork Chasm
Side Story days River, Tundra, Creature Hunting, First Part Found, Team Monster Hunt, Looking for Louie, Another Part Found, The Ship Restored
Dandori Challenge stages None
Dandori Battle stages Dandori Castle
Bingo Battle stages Rusted Labyrinth, Jigsaw Fortress, Blooming Terrace, Parched Brook, Corroded Maze, Jigsaw Colosseum
Attacks Eat Pikmin, electrocute Pikmin

The Bearded Amprat (ビリー?, lit.: "Billy") is a rodent-like enemy in Pikmin 3 and Pikmin 4. It attacks Pikmin by generating electricity, stunning all Pikmin attacking it (except Yellow Pikmin), and then eating them. It resembles a small white guinea pig with large brown spots on its face and back. Its head is rounded with small eyes in the front and no apparent ears. As its name implies, its face is draped in large amounts of long, straight hair which gives their face a slight resemblance to a skull. It has four small, mouse-like feet which it uses to move around and to grab prey. Unlike the rest of its body, the feet are green with brown tips on the toes, which lack claws. Its body ends in a few small brown spots and a skinny, mouse-like tail.


Game Weight Max.
Seeds Value Health
Pikmin 3 (?) 7 15 (normally) 8 Texture used for the Poko in Pikmin 3. × 50
Icon for the soul in Battle Enemies!, taken from the game's textures. × 50
Pikmin 4 7 14 6 Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Pikmin 4. × 7 750


Alph's comments

Structural flaw: soft hide
Weight: 7

Electricity generation is a useful trait in an animal! I'm not sure if this one can be domesticated, but think of all the useful applications if it could. At the very least, we could study it to see if we could reproduce the trick.

Brittany's comments

With a few tweaks to its output, I bet its electricity-generating properties could really open up my pores. I'll run the idea by Alph and see what he thinks.

Charlie's comments

It looks cute and fuzzy, and that's how it springs its trap. Throw a few Pikmin on thinking it's easy prey, and it'll zap the life out of them. The best strategy is to take a squad of Yellow Pikmin. Then it's you who'll get the last laugh.

Louie's comments

Pan roast the thighs with sprigs of rosemary and whole garlic cloves. Finish with a squeeze of fruit juice to highlight the subtle notes of the lingering electricity.

Olimar's comments

US version icon.png US version

Bearded Amprat
Porcellus barbavolta
Numbouse family

The hair covering its face works as a capacitor. It charges electricity by rubbing the hair to build static, then discharges it at enemies intruding on its territory. It's more territorial than aggressive, attacking only when threatened rather than to hunt prey. It has several qualities unique to this ecosystem, such as breastfeeding its young, which may someday give rise to a whole new taxonomy of fauna here.
European version icon.png European version

Bearded Amprat
Porcellus barbavolta
Numbouse family

The hair covering its face works as a capacitor. It charges electricity by rubbing the hair to build static, then discharges it at enemies intruding on its territory. It's more territorial than aggressive, attacking only when threatened rather than to hunt prey. It has several qualities unique to this ecosystem, such as producing milk for its young, which may someday give rise to a whole new taxonomy of fauna.

Dalmo's Notes[edit]

This little cutie has a long beard that makes it look a bit curmudgeonly. But if you were to try brushing it, do so with caution! This dear one will... Well, see for yourself. Move in close to get a good look. A truly shocking experience awaits you.

Pikmin 3 website[edit]

A fearsome creature capable of sending out electric shocks to fend off any Pikmin brave enough to come into contact with it.

Pikmin 3 Prima Guide[edit]

When a Bearded Amprat feels threatened, it rubs its face to build up a static charge. When the Bearded Amprat releases the charge, its whiskers lift up, exposing its sharp teeth. While its teeth are exposed, this enemy uses its front paws to feed nearby Pikmin into its mouth.

When you attack a Bearded Amprat, use Yellow Pikmin to overcome the electrical charge. If you're not able to defeat the creature before it releases the charge, call your Pikmin away before they're eaten. Whenever possible, flank the creature to attack from the rear.

Pikmin Garden[edit]



特徴 その1 電気を発生させる

(Image text:
  • 繰り返しこする
  • 上下のアゴに伸び続ける2つの門歯があり、犬歯はない)

特徴 その2 体温を一定に保つ



A kind of rodent that generates static electricity by rubbing its whiskers. It is a very unusual mammal and is expected to be studied in the future as a singularity in evolutionary taxonomy.

Feature #1: Generating electricity

It rubs its long whiskers, which have high electrical storage capacity, to collect and discharge static electricity.
(Image text:
  • "It rubs repeatedly"
  • "It has two incisors that continuously grow in the upper and lower jaws, and no canines")

Feature #2: Maintaining a constant body temperature

Its entire body is covered with fur, maintaining a constant body temperature, and it uses its abdomen and tail, which are thinly furred, to regulate its body temperature. It produces milk for its young, an unusual trait.


Normally, the creature passively walks around its territory. When Pikmin or a leader come close, however, it will begin to rapidly rub its beard, generating electricity, which causes its hair to flare up and reveal its true face as it charges to try and grab Pikmin and eat them. This hair spikes up when they are attacked and electricity will begin to pulse through their entire body to harm all non-Yellow Pikmin. After a short period of being on the attack, or after the player leaves the creature alone, the Amprat will return to its neutral, harmless state of wandering around.


The following article or section contains guides.
The strategies shown are just suggestions.

Due to their electricity, in any case, the Bearded Amprat is best fought with Yellow Pikmin. Whether electricity is flowing through one's body or not, Yellows can be thrown onto the body to deal safe damage. However, the creature, when flared up, can still shake the Pikmin off and eat a few at a time, so you must stay alert and whistle them back before this happens. The leaders should keep a good distance from the Amprat while fighting because if a leader is struck, if you have not acquired the space suit upgrades, they will be forced back and immobilized briefly. This leaves the Pikmin vulnerable to any enemies in the area.

Red Pikmin and Rock Pikmin may also be used to defeat the Amprat efficiently, but with a greater risk. While the creature is roaming about, swarm it with at least 12 Red and Rock Pikmin to defeat it before it can react. If the creature does manage to charge up its electrical attack, then you should immediately call back all Pikmin, and move a considerable distance from it, or use nearby plants to hide in. The Amprat should calm down quickly, providing a second chance to attack and defeat it.

Technical information[edit]

Pikmin 3 technical information (?)
Internal name billy
HP 750
Rock Pikmin throw hits to kill 15
White Pikmin ingestions to kill 3
Bomb rock explosions to kill 1
Bomb rock ingestions to kill 1
Number of direct hits on top to kill 0
Damage to leaders 10
Territory radius 300
Mission Mode value 50


  • Common name: Bearded Amprat. The word "Bearded" refers to its long beard-like hairs on its face, and "Amprat" is a portmanteau of "Amp", a measurement unit of electricity, and "rat", a type of real-life rodent which it resembles.
  • Japanese nickname: ビリー?, lit.: "Billy". It may be derived from ビリビリ?, an onomatopoeia often used in Japanese to describe the sound of electricity.
  • Japanese name: テンジクシビレネズミ?. シビレ? means "numbness", referring to its ability to paralyze Pikmin, while テンジクネズミ? means "guinea pig".
  • Scientific name: Porcellus barbavolta. Porcellus is the second word in the species name for guinea pigs, which the Bearded Amprat is similar to. Barba is Latin for "beard", while volta is derived from "Volt", a unit of electric potential.
  • Internal names: Its internal name, billy, matches its Japanese name.
  • Prerelease: None.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese ビリー?
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Diàn Xū Shǔ
Electric Beard Rat
Flag of China Chinese
Diàn Xū Shǔ
Electric Beard Rat
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Zapibara The name is a portmanteau of "zap" and "capibara" (capybara)
Flag of France French Bzit The french onomatopoeia for an electric shock
Flag of Germany German Voltster The name is a portmanteau of "Volt" and "Hamster"
Flag of Italy Italian Barbostatico
Flag of South Korea Korean 수염쥐
Beard Rat
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Capivolt Cabyvolt The name is a portmanteau of "capivara" (capybara) and "volt" (volt)
Flag of Spain Spanish Estaticán lanudo "Estaticán" is a portmanteau of "estática" (static) and "can"
"lanudo" means wooly


Pikmin 3[edit]

Pikmin 4[edit]


  • The Bearded Amprat is one of the few creatures in the Pikmin universe that seems to retain some traits from modern-day mammals, which is noted by Olimar's log entry as being unusual.
  • The Bearded Amprat is the only enemy that displays a visible anus, though the mouth of the Sandbelching Meerslug technically serves the same purpose.

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