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Pikmin games are developed by Nintendo EAD in Japan, and the process of translating the script and adjusting the game for a new region is known as localization. During localization, information about the game, possibly relevant to its canon, may be changed through adjustments for a foreign audience, mistranslations, or other reasons.

On Pikipedia, we aim to document the most accurate Pikmin information possible. This means that we must understand the differences between versions of each game and decide how to best present this to readers.

Pikipedia is written in English

As most of our readers and contributors live in the United States, we primarily document the English localization of the game produced by Nintendo of America (NoA). This means that articles are titled based on the American English name of the subject, and in cases where there are differences between localizations, American English is listed first. The British English localisation produced by Nintendo of Europe (NoE) is listed second, followed by the Japanese original version, then all other language versions, in cases where this is necessary.


There come times when the NoA English versions have incorrect translations from the Japanese source, or otherwise present different information. Each of these situations should be considered on a case-by-case basis on each article's talk page, but here are some basic guidelines to get started.

English is... Japanese is... And they... Do this
Explicit Explicit Match Document it as-is
Ambiguous Explicit Match Document the Japanese information with an explanation
Explicit Ambiguous Match Document the English information with an explanation
Explicit Explicit Don't match Document the English information first, then the Japanese information, and add an explanation
Ambiguous Explicit Don't match Document the Japanese information first, then the English information, and add an explanation
Explicit Ambiguous Don't match Document the English information first, then the Japanese information, and add an explanation

Other language versions should be considered when NoA English is ambiguous sometimes. For instance, the Centipare in Hey! Pikmin is said to belong to the centipare family, but its adult form the Adult Centipare belongs to the centifly family. This is a mistake unique to the NoA English version, as the Japanese, Dutch, German, Korean, and Spanish translations put both in the same family, making it clear that it really is an error. In cases like this, it may be worth altering the presentation of information to be different from the NoA English version, but changes like these should be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Before taking action

As many of the conflicting cases are unclear, it's best to seek opinions of other editors before making any changes, by starting a discussion on the talk page or the Discord chat. Consider what would be clear for a reader who doesn't know much about the series, and try to reach a consensus before making any major changes like moving pages.

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