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Centifly family

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The centifly family is a family of species that appears in Hey! Pikmin only. So far, this family is made of only one species, the Adult Centipare. Members belong to the prunus genus.

Interestingly, this creature, which is the adult version of the Centipare, is classified in different family from its younger version. This is likely to be a mistake.


Adult Centipare[edit]

An Adult Centipare in the Creature Log. Enhanced with Citra.
Main article: Adult Centipare.

Scientific name: Prunus serrulatapoda

Adult Centipares are creatures that appear in Hey! Pikmin only. They are long, thin and harmless creatures, which can be mounted by Olimar and Pikmin in order to travel long distances.


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Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ムカデトンボ科?
Mukade tonbo ka
Centipede dragonfly family
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Duizendjuffers Wordplay of Duizendpotigen (Thousandpots; myriapoda) and juffers (damselfly)
Flag of France French scolonailles Portmanteau of the world Scolo, which stands for scolopendre (centipede), and -ailles (pejorative suffix), referencing the word canailles (rascal).
Flag of Germany German Tausendflügler Wordplay of Tausendfüßler (myriapoda) and Flügel (wing)
Flag of Italy Italian Libellidi
Flag of South Korea Korean 지네잠자리 과
Flag of Spain Spanish Centiélulas


  • The centifly and centipare families are considered the same in the Japanese, Dutch, German, Korean and Spanish versions.

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