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Challenge Mode menu

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The Challenge Mode menu allows access to the Challenge Mode in Pikmin and Pikmin 2. It is accessed from the title screen.


Challenge Mode menu
Pikmin Challenge Mode screen.jpg
Accessed from Title screen
Provides access to Challenge Mode gameplay
Music Challenge Mode

When the menu is entered, some stars can be seen in the background, and the message "It's the single day challenge mode!" zooms by the screen, right-to-left. All menu items gradually enter the screen, and the player can then make their selection of level.

The top of the screen contains the aforementioned message, followed by "How many Pikmin can you grow in a day?". To the right side of the screen, there is a list of the top 5 scores for the currently highlighted level. These are defaulted to "000" until filled.

In New Play Control! Pikmin, the message at the top is in a single line, instead of being split in two. The "several bubbles" motif has also been changed to a "single large bubble" one, as is the case with some other menus in the game.

Pikmin 2[edit]

Challenge Mode menu
Pikmin 2 Challenge Mode.jpg
Accessed from Title screen
Provides access to Challenge Mode gameplay
Music Challenge Mode menu

At the left side of the screen is a grid with 5 by 6 bubbles, each one representing a Challenge Mode level. Inside each bubble is an icon that indicates the completion state of the level: a yellow dot means the level is still locked, and other levels need to be completed first, a leaf indicates the level is available, but has yet to be completed, a white flower means the level has been completed, albeit with Pikmin deaths, and a pink flower indicates a completion with no deaths.

On the right half of the screen, there is some information about the currently highlighted level. The top section indicates the starting number of Pikmin for each type (excluding Bulbmin), as well as the starting number of ultra-bitter and ultra-spicy sprays. It also indicates the number of sublevels in the cave. The bottom-right section of this area shows the high score for that level, for both single player and two-player runs. If the level has yet to be completed in a specific player run, the respective score appears as "-----".

The bottom of the screen details some controls for this screen. GCN B.png / Wiimote B.png opens a prompt that asks the player if they want to return to the title screen. GCN A.png / Wiimote A.png opens a sub-menu, asking the player if they want to play a single-player or two-player challenge. Picking one of these makes several Pikmin pop out from the Pikmin icons on the right side of the screen, into the icon of the selected level; the number of Pikmin that pop out reflects the number of starting Pikmin in the level, for each type. Finally, pressing GCN Z.png / Nunchuk Z.png opens a page detailing the game mode's rules: it indicates that The Key must be delivered in order to advance each sublevel, and that there is a time limit. It also explains what the flower icons for the grid mean.

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