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Bonuses menu

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Bonuses menu
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Accessed from Title screen
Provides access to Cutscenes
Music Bonuses

The bonuses menu appears in Pikmin 2 and New Play Control! Pikmin 2, and it contains the game's pre-rendered cutscenes. These only appear in the list after they play in-game for the first time, excluding the first and last ones.

  • Opening Cinema: The opening video, explaining the plot of Pikmin 2.
  • Debt Repayment Cinema: The cutscene for when the debt is repaid, showing the leaders heading back home and Louie staying behind.
  • Credits: The game's credits, that appear after the debt is paid off. It shows Louie roaming around in real world environments as the credits scroll by.
  • Goal Completion Cinema: The cutscene after the credits, and before the Wistful Wild is unlocked. It shows The President joining Captain Olimar.
  • Treasure Completion Cinema: The cutscene used when all treasures have been collected. It shows the ship lifting off while the Pikmin give the final goodbye.
  • Louie's Dark Secret: Unlocked after obtaining a pink flower in all Challenge Mode levels. It shows what really happened to the golden pikpik carrot cargo.

In addition, in the Japanese version of Pikmin 2, for the GameCube, one more option exists, which gives access to the e-Reader's games.