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Bingo Battle menu

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Bingo Battle menu
Accessed from Title screen
Provides access to Bingo Battle gameplay, Options menu (Pikmin 3 Deluxe only)
Music Bingo Battle menu

The Bingo Battle menu is the menu in Pikmin 3 which serves as the connection between the main menu and the Bingo Battle game mode. This menu lets players pick a stage to play on and the rules for the match, and counts the number of times each player has won.

Information screen[edit]

The objective provided for a round of Bingo Battle.
The Bingo Battle information screen.

The first screen shown when the player selects Bingo Battle from the title screen is this screen, which explains the rules of the game. There is a paragraph at the top, which reads:

Find the enemies and fruit shown on the bingo card, and carry them back to your Onion. Complete one line in any direction to win!

Besides this paragraph are 2 images showing examples of completed bingo cards. Beneath it is a button labeled "VS" (short for "versus") with a fire symbol in the middle and reflections of the leaders running on either side, representing the battle between player 1 and player 2. (The leaders also have controller icons next to them if the players have selected controllers.) In the lower left is a button to return to the title screen, and in the lower right is the controller selection button. Selecting the "VS" button brings the players to the next menu screen. If the players have not selected controllers yet, this button will prompt them to do so first.

Controller selection[edit]

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In the lower right corner of every screen in the Bingo Battle menu is a button with icons of various controllers fading in and out. In the original Pikmin 3, selecting this brings up a popup saying "P1, then P2: press WiiU A.png." This allows the 2 players to select which controllers they each will use. When a player presses the WiiU A.png button, an icon of their controller and the text "OK" will appear in a box labeled "P1" or "P2" depending on the order the players select the button in. About one second after both players have selected, there will be a sound effect and the popup will disappear. In Pikmin 3 Deluxe, a popup appears using the standard Nintendo Switch interface for selecting controllers. Note that if 2 players select a control scheme in another menu or game mode, the control scheme will carry over to Bingo Battle and does not need to be set up again.

Stage selection screen[edit]

The stage select of Bingo Battle.
The Bingo Battle stage selection screen.

After the information screen, this screen lets the players select a map to play on. This menu is also opened at the end of every match. There are 13 squares shown in the middle of the screen, representing the 12 stages and also a random stage option. The squares are distorted slightly to make them appear as if they are in an arc formation. Below and in front of the 13 squares is the score of the 2 players, with the leaders they last were playing as on either side. A button to return to the previous menu is in the lower left corner, and the controller selection button is in the lower right corner. While this menu is viewed, the GamePad screen will show the name and map of the stage the cursor is currently over.

Rule selection screen[edit]

The Bingo Battle menu in Pikmin 3 Deluxe, on the rule selection page of the Rusted Labyrinth. The default settings give each player 5 Pikmin and a single leader, but the settings are altered here to show more of the menu. Note that the buttons in the lower corners are significantly different between the original and Deluxe versions of this game, but the rest of the menu is identical.
The rule selection screen for the Rusted Labyrinth.

After the stage selection screen, this screen lets the players select the rules for the match. On the left side of the screen is the stage name and a slow video montage of shots from the selected stage. (If the Random option was selected on the previous menu, the shots will be from all the stages in numerical order.) On the right side are the match options. They are:

  • Victory Macaroon - Turns the presence of the Victory Macaroon on or off (off by default)
  • Battle Type - Changes the number of leaders each player has, with the options being 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 (1 vs 1 by default)
  • Number of Pikmin - Changes the starting amount of Pikmin each player gets. Each player's amount can be set individually, to allow for handicaps. The options range from in increments of 5, from 5 to 50, with the additional option of 1, represented by Red Pikmin filling up a bar (the default value is 5 for each player).

In the center of the screen below these options is a button to start the battle. The score display from the previous menu is still present, as are the buttons in the lower corners.


  • Judging by the items shown in the example bingo cards on the information screen, the bingo cards were likely taken from layout A of Blooming Terrace.
  • It is not possible to exit to the Home Menu on the Wii U when the controller selection popup is shown.

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