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Cherrystone Pass

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Cherrystone Pass
Sector 1 – Area X
The large pulley rock in Cherrystone Pass.
Treasures 3
Pikmin available Red Pikmin
Requirements Complete Cavern of Confusion via secret exit
Next area Back-and-Forth Road
Music Brilliant Garden area
Brilliant Garden area - back side

Cherrystone Pass (さくらと いわの とうげみち?, lit.: "Mountain pass of cherry blossoms and rocks") is the first secret area in Hey! Pikmin. The environment is themed around cherry blossoms, and the puzzles mostly revolve around vines and pulley rocks.


Right at the beginning, the player has to advance a little in the area to trigger a cutscene, that shows some Red Pikmin trying to reach a flying Coppeller. After this event, the player has to launch their Pikmin onto a vine in order to lower it, and allow Olimar to progress in the level. The protagonist travels through a long corridor filled with Male Sheargrubs, and at the end of it, the player needs to raise a pulley rock in order to clear the path. Some time after this, Olimar needs to kill or avoid a Mockiwi to gain access of the first treasure of the area, the Preservation Door. To recover it, the player has to use a pulley rock. After going through a second corridor filled with Sheargrubs, the player has to, once again, kill a sleeping Mockiwi in order to access the doorway leading to the Despair-o-Sphere. To reach it, Olimar has to climb up vines. After another corridor, the player must have at least 16 Pikmin to raise and lock a big pulley rock, which is blocking the path to the last treasure, the Revenge Fantasy, that is kept inside a Mockiwi. The exit is right above it, but the player needs to turn a little back to reach it.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Coppeller swarm Coppeller swarm cutscene in Cherrystone Pass. The player moves forward after the starting point. A Coppeller flies by carrying a Sparklium Seed. Four Red Pikmin pop out of a bush, and chase after it till they're all off-camera. Eventually, the Pikmin return in a panic and dive into the bush. Behind them come four Coppellers, all carrying Sparklium Seeds.
Sparklium Seed stack Sparklium Seed stack cutscene in Cherrystone Pass. The player moves a bit forward after the first Mockiwi. Some of the Pikmin in Olimar's group notice something – four Sparklium Seeds lying on the ground. Two of the Pikmin move up, and while the first grabs one seed and brings it back, the second grabs one, then stacks another below, and then the final one below that stack. This Pikmin struggles to balance the three seeds, until it eventually trips and loses all of them. It sighs in disappointment, and slowly makes its way back to the group, with its head held low. Another Pikmin eventually peeks from the corner of the screen, beckons the disappointed Pikmin to hurry, and the two quickly dash off to regroup. When the cutscene ends, one of the Pikmin is carrying a seed.
Dusty Pikmin Dusty Pikmin cutscene in Cherrystone Pass. When there is a path split going down and to the right, the player goes right, climbs the vine, and moves forward. A Red Pikmin shows up and looks inside a rumbling tube. It quickly becomes startled as some shadowy creatures show up from the inside. The Pikmin runs off and the three creatures come outside. They get up and shake themselves, revealing that they were actually Red Pikmin, just covered in dust. The Pikmin from before eventually realizes this and stands from a far with a relieved expression. The four then rush off to meet up with Olimar.

Pikmin locations[edit]

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese さくらと いわの とうげみち?
Sakura to iwa no tōge michi
Mountain pass of cherry blossoms and rocks
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Bloesempassage Blossom passage
Flag of France French Montagne Millepétales Thousand petals moutain
Flag of Germany German Der Kirschblütenpass The Cherry blossom pass
Flag of Italy Italian Varco dei ciliegi Cherry tree passage
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Pasaje cerezo Cherry tree passage
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Brisa del Cerezo Cherry tree Breeze

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