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Mushroom Valley

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Mushroom Valley
Sector 1 – Area C
Starting location of Mushroom Valley.
Treasures 3
Pikmin available Red Pikmin
Requirements Complete Cavern of Confusion via normal exit
Next area Back-and-Forth Road
Music Brilliant Garden area
Brilliant Garden area - back side

Mushroom Valley (キノコの たに?) is the third main area in Hey! Pikmin. As the name implies, this area is themed around mushrooms – particularly, Bouncy Mushrooms. A lot of the stage's navigations and challenges involve throwing Pikmin at them, or having Captain Olimar land on them.


The player starts on a wood platform, placed above some Bouncy Mushrooms, that are first introduced in this area. If Olimar steps on one, he will bounce quite high. After jumping on some mushrooms, Olimar finds some Red Pikmin, and has to use them in order to kill the sleeping Crested Mockiwi that is blocking the path. Some time after this, the player can retrieve the Unassuming Lighthouse. In order to do that, some Pikmin have to be thrown on the Bouncy Mushroom, located right under the treasure. After going through some Male Sheargrubs and Sparrowheads, Olimar can get access to the second treasure of the area, the Quantum Traveler. He, however, needs to reach it by himself, because the Pikmin cannot follow him in the treasure's location. Not too long after this, the player can reach a small location where a Puffstalk lives. Killing it will free the Constitution Gate, that can be recovered by Olimar. The area in his entirety is mainly linear, with some small dead-ends, and is mostly made of Bouncy Mushrooms.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Newton's cradle The "Newton's cradle" cutscene in Mushroom Valley. The player heads a bit forward after the first Crested Mockiwi. The rightmost Pikmin, out of the bush, jumps in, taps against the third, who taps against the second, who taps the first out of the bush, like Newton's cradle. After this Pikmin gets up, it jumps in, the process goes in reverse, and knocks the rightmost one out again. It jumps in one final time, and the four Pikmin manage to cramp inside.
Stuck seed The seed cutscene in Mushroom Valley. The player approaches the tube on the bottom route, before the second Crested Mockiwi. One Pikmin is bent inside a tube, trying to pull something out. Three other Pikmin look in curiosity, until they decide to help their friend out. Eventually, the Pikmin and the yellow Sparklium Seed that was stuck inside pop out. The seed gets tossed away in the process and is lost. After a brief nod, the four Pikmin go to Olimar.
Sparrowhead attack The Sparrowhead cutscene in Mushroom Valley. The player explores the cave whose doorway is to the left of the second Crested Mockiwi. Four Pikmin are idling around. The rightmost one eventually notices something and runs to the left. The other three quickly realize that it's a Sparrowhead, and they all rush to jump inside a nearby bush. The enemy swoops by, but doesn't catch them. With a loop, it eventually flies off.

Pikmin locations[edit]

Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes
In a bush At the start of the area, after some Bouncy Mushrooms 4 Red Pikmin Have less than 4 Red Pikmin Mandatory to kill the Crested Mockiwi
Hiding in a bush After the Crested Mockiwi, during a cutscene 4 Red Pikmin Have less than 4 Red Pikmin
In a twig Under a Heart 4 Red Pikmin Have less than 4 Red Pikmin
In a tube After a Male Sheargrub 4 Red Pikmin First time only
In a twig After a doorway, with the entrance right next to the previous tube 4 Red Pikmin Have less than 8 Red Pikmin
Chased by a Sparrowhead After a doorway, when heading to the left after defeating a Crested Mockiwi 4 Red Pikmin Have less than 8 Red Pikmin
In a bush After some Bouncy Mushrooms 4 Red Pikmin Have less than 8 Red Pikmin






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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese キノコの たに?
Kinoko no Tani
Mushroom Valley
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Paddenstoelenvallei Mushroom valley
Flag of France French Vallon des champignons Dale of Mushrooms
Flag of Germany German Das Tal der Pilze The Valley of Mushrooms
Flag of Italy Italian Valle fungosa Mushroomy valley
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Valle champiñón Mushroom valley
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Valle Champiñón Mushroom Valley