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The Shadow in the Brush

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The Shadow in the Brush
Sector 1 – Area E
Walking under the Bulborb in Hey! Pikmin.
Treasures 1
Pikmin available Red Pikmin
Requirements Complete Back-and-Forth Road
Next area Foaming Lake
Music Before a boss battle
The Shadow in the Brush

The Shadow in the Brush (くさむらに ひそむ かげ?, lit.: "The shadow lurking in the grass") is the first boss battle area in Hey! Pikmin, where the player fights against a Bulborb.


When the player completes Back-and-Forth Road, a cutscene plays with Captain Olimar inside the S.S. Dolphin. The ship tells him that it detected a massive indigenous creature in the next area, and suggests he be careful. After the treasure is collected and the area is completed, the ship announces it detected a new sector, the Verdant Waterfront, and exclaims how it has a lot of water.


The starting point of the area only goes a small path ahead until it dips into a room with tall grass in the background. This room is too tall to be escaped, and spans around two and a half screen-widths long.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Bulborb introduction The Bulborb cutscene in The Shadow in the Brush. The player moves a bit forward after entering the arena. Several Pikmin are seen running away in fear towards Olimar. The camera then focuses on the tall grass, as it rustles with movement, to the sound of large footsteps. Before long, the eyes of a Red Bulborb can be seen above the grass. The creature eventually leaves the grass, comes face-to-face with the Pikmin and Olimar, and growls at them, terrifying the group.

Pikmin locations[edit]

Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes
Arena Middle of the arena 10 Red Pikmin First time only
Outside the arena Left of the arena 10 Red Pikmin First time only These Pikmin automatically run to Olimar's side at the start of the battle.





See: Bulborb#Strategy


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese くさむらに ひそむ かげ?
Kusamura ni hisomu kage
The shadow lurking in the grass
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch De gruwel in het gras The horror in the grass
Flag of France French Soucis dans les taillis Worries in coppices
Flag of Germany German Ein Schatten im Dickicht A Shadow in the Thicket
Flag of Italy Italian Ombre selvatiche Wild shadows
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Peligro entre la maleza Danger in the underbrush
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Peligro entre la Maleza Danger in the Underbrush