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Minor obstacles

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There are many obstacles in the Pikmin series. This page lists the ones that are rarer and less notable. Because they are rarely acknowledged by the games, their names are usually conjectural.

Pikmin 2[edit]

Sand sink-pit[edit]

A sand sink-pit in Pikmin 2, in the Hole of Heroes.
A sand sink-pit in the Hole of Heroes.

The sand sink-pit is an obstacle in Pikmin 2. It is only found in two sublevels, each of different caves, making it one of the rarest obstacles in the game. It is a constantly moving sandy pit that will slowly drag the player, their Pikmin, and even enemies closer to its center. It is always found in the same type of sublevel, which is highly similar to the Pileated Snagret arena.


Hey! Pikmin[edit]

Dew droplet[edit]

Tall clovers in Downpour Thicket.
Dew droplets falling on clovers in Downpour Thicket.

Dew droplets are drops of water that can stun Captain Olimar. They only appear in one area, Downpour Thicket.


  • Leafswirl Lagoon
    • Downpour Thicket: This is the only area they are found in. They are found throughout the area, although they are abscent in underwater sections. There are also many Clovers in the level, which allows the player to shield from the dew.

Electric mushroom[edit]

Several electric mushrooms in the Space of Silence.
A row of electric mushrooms in the Space of Silence.

The electric mushroom is a small obstacle that hurts Olimar when he touches it. This mushroom constantly emits electricity, but can be deactivated by simply throwing a Yellow Pikmin at it. When it happens, the Pikmin bounces off a bit, the mushroom retracts, and Olimar can pass by. However, it only stays this way for a few seconds, before it returns to its original state.


Large snowball[edit]

A snowball chasing from behind in Over Wintry Mountains.
A large snowball rolling towards Olimar in Over Wintry Mountains.

Large snowballs are rare objects found in only one area, Over Wintry Mountains. They are huge snowballs that will roll forward, and can trample Captain Olimar. Hitting them with Pikmin can cause the snowball to be knocked back and become smaller, until it gets destroyed. It is unknown if it can crush Pikmin, since the only Pikmin type that is found in its level are Winged Pikmin.


Poison geyser[edit]

A poison geyser in Burning Bog.
A large poison geyser shooting out toxic gas.

Poison geysers are hazardous obstacles. They emanate from lakes of poison, and appear at regular intervals. Olimar will take damage if he goes through the obstacle, and any Pikmin that touches it will be killed.


Solid dirt block[edit]

An odd dirt block in Burning Bog.
A solid dirt block in the Burning Bog.

The solid dirt block is a variant of the dirt block. This obstacle is very rare and needs several hits in order to be destroyed. There is also one found acting as a clog in Below the Ice.


Spiked pine cone[edit]

The first trench in the Terror Trench.
A spiked pine cone right next to Olimar, rolling in a hallway.

Spiked pine cones are the main obstacles of Terror Trench. They are pine cones that resemble huge boulders covered with spikes. They roll around in the hallways that contain them, crushing anything in their way. They can kill any Pikmin they touch and harm Olimar. Because there's no way to destroy them, the player has to be wary of them and try not to get caught by surprise. Some appear continuously from one point, fall down through the whole path, and disappear when they reach the bottom, while others roll back and forth in a confined space, never losing their momentum.

The name comes from the game files: the model for these objects is inside togebokkuri.bch.z, which is short for とげ 松ぼっくり? (lit.: "spiked pine cone"). That said, the generator for these objects is internally called gimmick_spike_boulder_generator (as per /stage/map_0033.csv, which is the area's object generator file).


  • Sweltering Parchlands
    • Terror Trench: Spiked pine cones are found in this area only. They very common here, acting as the "gimmick" of the level. There are many narrow pathways that the obstacles move through, not giving the player much space to avoid them. However, there are still some small sections where the player is protected.

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