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High Definition map of newtest.
Map of the area.

newtest is an unused area in Pikmin 2 that was left on the disc. It was most likely used for testing purposes, given the name and appearance. If the radar is opened, "Test Area (ID 8394_03)" will appear as the area name.

It is found under /user/Kando/map/newtest, and can be played on by using the following Action Replay code, for the European version:

0421C188 3FA08094
0421C18C 63BD2218
04942340 666F7265
04942344 73740000

There is also a slightly simpler version of this map, found in /user/Kando/zukan. It is identical to the "full" version, except it's missing the floor used to test footstep sounds.


The area slightly resembles the Perplexing Pool. newtest has no boundaries, so it is easy for a leader to fall into the abyss. To the right of the landing site, there is a wall of blocks with a texture that resembles a tree stump on top. It can be walked on through the use of a slope found at the eastern end. On the other side of the wall, there is a large patch of white ground that has numbers written on it. West of the white area, there is a small group of tiles with words written on them. South of that, there are slopes that go into a very deep pool of water. To the south of the landing site, there is a wall of slopes with the angle of their slope written on them. Southeast of the landing site, there is an area with three Crimson Candypop Buds, ten wogpoles, five Watery Blowhogs, two Swooping Snitchbugs, and many, many electrical wires, poison emitters, and fire geysers. There are also Pellet Posies, Shearwigs, falling boulders, Iridescent Flint Beetles, and Iridescent Glint Beetles. To the east of the landing site, there is a bridge that can be built completely over land.



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