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Pikmin 2 has quite a vast amount of unused content inside the disc. There is unused content about all sorts of aspects in the game, like enemies, areas, textures, text, and more.

Unused graphics[edit]

The dummy texture.

A dummy Piklopedia icon can be found amidst the regular Piklopedia icon textures, in the game's files. Presumably, it was used during development to identify enemies with no icon at the time.

Unused scenes[edit]

Much like in the first game, each Onion was to be found dormant, and had their own "boot up" cutscene.

Unused treasures[edit]

Some unused treasures exist inside Pikmin 2's game data. These treasures are actually disks of older GameCube games: Pikmin, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Luigi's Mansion, and Super Mario Sunshine.

Pikmin 2-e[edit]

The Japanese version of Pikmin 2 has e-Reader compatibility. Although this was removed for the overseas versions of the game, the menus are still present in the game's files.


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