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The Last Lair

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The Last Lair
Sector 8 – Area E
The Emperor Bulblax growling and preparing to chomp.
Treasures 1
Pikmin available Red Pikmin
Requirements Complete Olimar's Madcap Ride or Burning Bog
Next area Fragment of Hope

The Last Lair (さいはての だいちに すむ モノ?, lit.: "The one that lives in the farthest land") is the boss battle area in the Lushlife Murk. It takes place in a circular arena aboveground where the player battles off against an Emperor Bulblax. This battle is unique in that moving left or right circles around the edge of the arena, with the boss always at the center of the screen.

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When either Olimar's Madcap Ride or Burning Bog are completed, a cutscene will play. It takes place inside the S.S. Dolphin II's cockpit, and the ship announces that it found a large treasure. Just as it is getting ready to announce the bad news, it realizes that it cannot find any accompanying large creature, unlike all the previous boss area discovery cutscenes. This means it has failed to detect the hiding Emperor Bulblax in the area.

After the battle is won and the area is finished, one of two cutscenes will play, depending on the amount of Sparklium collected. These cutscenes are similar to the previously described one. If the player has gathered or more, the ship will announce that they couldn't find the missing ship piece before, but can now due to the amount of Sparklium, and after scanning for the piece, and learning that it is in the next sector, The Final Stretch, it will warn Olimar that there is also a massive creature nearby. If the player hasn't met the Sparklium goal yet, the ship will instead announce that they have explored every sector, but don't have enough Sparklium to make it back, and will then suggest that Captain Olimar go back to previous areas and try to collect more treasure.


The battle takes place in a circular arena. One quarter of the circle is not flat ground, but two tall rocks that cannot be crossed, and to either side of the wall of rocks is a small step with a bomb rock generator. The walkable area is around 2 screen widths long.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Emperor Bulblax introduction The Emperor Bulblax introduction cutscene. The player advances a bit to the right of the starting location. Captain Olimar moves a bit to the right, and stops when he notices the ground shaking, looking up in the process. The earth settles down, he looks forward again, takes a few more steps, and the rumbling repeats. This time, not only does he look up, but also around him, until a third quake happens. When it does, several Red Pikmin jump out from behind the grass, and the Emperor Bulblax in the background begins to rise from its burrow. Olimar tries to keep his focus on the massive beast while also looking at the Pikmin that are joining him, and eventually, with a large jump, the boss turns around and faces the group.

Pikmin locations[edit]

Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes
Start At Olimar's side 20 Red Pikmin First time only





  • A bomb rock icon, used to represent the object found in the games. Bomb rock × 2 (2 generators of infinite bomb rocks)


See: Emperor Bulblax#Strategy



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese さいはての だいちに すむ モノ?
Saihate no daichi ni sumu mono
The one that lives in the farthest land
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch De laatste leider The last leader
Flag of France French Le souverain vorace The ravenous sovereign
Flag of Germany German Die Kreatur am Ende der Welt The Creature at the End of the World
Flag of Italy Italian Covo remoto Remote lair
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) La última guarida The final den
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Cubil Remoto Remote Lair