Berserk Leech Hydroe

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Berserk Leech Hydroe In-game icon.
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Appears in Hey! Pikmin
Scientific name Unknown
Family Unknown
Areas Fragment of Hope
Attacks Chomp Pikmin, stomp on Pikmin, spit poison balls, fire poison beams

The Berserk Leech Hydroe (凶暴クサヤドリアメヒドラ?, lit.: "Ferocious Grass Parasite Rain Hydra") is the final boss of Hey! Pikmin. It is a gigantic plant creature, it has a purple and white body with grass and some sprouts growing on its back. It has three stalks with very few and small spines and Venus flytrap-like mouths on the ends, the central one being larger and acting like the main head while the smaller ones are used as its primary method of attack. In its second phase it can come out from the ground revealing that it has 4 brown legs with clawed feet. After defeating the second phase the creature's body withers and the central head detaches from the dead body retaining a small portion of it. This new body sprouts wings and has smaller feet lighter in coloration than the ones from the main body.

Upon defeating, it's revealed that the creature was actually a normal plant transformed into a much larger creature than normal after being parasitized by a Leech Hydroe whose parasitic urges had been altered by the Sparklium Converter that was lodged into the creature.


Game Weight Max.
Seeds Health

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Buried form[edit]

When the battle starts, the creature launches three balls of poison from one of its side claws, one at a time. The claw that fires is the one closest to Olimar. The first ball will land on the far left or right side of the arena, the second will land a bit closer to the center, and the third will land roughly at the center; the balls go left-to-right when fired by the left claw, and right-to-left from the right claw. The attack will then be repeated, but mirrored by the opposite claw. After this, the main claw will follow Olimar left and right in the air for some seconds, then stop, and will strike directly down. After staying stuck on the floor for some seconds, it will get back up, and the cycle will repeat.

While the main claw is stuck to the ground, Pikmin can be thrown at it to attack it. If the creature receives any damage in this manner, then when the main claw gets up, the boss will follow with an attack where both side claws fire one of ball of poison each, at the same time, and after a pause, fire another ball each. The places these balls land on depend on where Olimar was when the attack started: if he was on the left side of the arena, they will land on the first and third quarters of the arena, and then on the second and fourth. If Olimar was on the right side, the order is reversed. After this, the cycle restarts. This process gets repeated until the boss's health reaches the second half, where it changes to the quadruped form.

Quadruped form[edit]

The creature's front paws will be on the same plane as Olimar and the Pikmin. They take up one fourth of the arena, and can only be on one of the four quarters. When this form begins the creature will raise one of its paws, move it one "slot" closer in Olimar's direction, wait for some seconds, and then stomp it down. After every stomp, it may quickly move one paw to a different "slot" to readjust. This table describes what happens based on where the paws are. "First paw" refers to the creature's right front paw (left from the viewer), and "first slot" is the leftmost one on the screen.

If its paws are on these slots... will make this adjustment
First paw Second paw Paw New slot
2 3 First 1
2 4 Second 3
1 3 Second 4

Every time a paw is raised, its weak spot, the palm, is exposed. After a palm has been hit enough times, that paw will move to the background for a second. Then, it will come to the foreground, and if the other paw is on a "slot" on the far end, this paw will go on the "slot" on the opposite end, but if not, it will go on the opposite "slot" near the center. This foreground step can push Olimar away, but other than, it is completely harmless. The boss will then rise up both paws together in the second and third "slots", and slowly lower them down on the ground with a stomp. The cycle will restart after this. This attack will not trigger a re-adjustment of the paws, so the previous table does not apply.

When both of its paws are up together, the palms of either can be hit. As they are hit, this forces the paws to retreat, and after being thrown back enough, the creature will topple to the ground, and the main stalk will land on the background, but in reach of a Pikmin throw. After some seconds, it will get back up, place its paws on the first and last "slots", and the cycle will restart. Once again, these steps can push Olimar away, and do not cause any sort of damage.

If it loses any health during this vulnerable state, the Berserk Leech Hydroe will retaliate with a different attack when it gets up. Its side claws will launch six balls of poison, one at a time, starting with the claw closest to Olimar, and each shot alternating between the claws. The first two will land at the edges of the screen, the second two will land near the center, and the third two will land in midway points. After this attack, its front paws will move to the foreground (once more, harmless except for pushing Olimar away), and the cycle will restart. When its health drops to zero, the boss will advance to the final form.

Winged form[edit]

As soon as this part of the battle begins, the creature will fly in from the right to the left, creating a burst of wind that launches Olimar and the Pikmin to the left side of the arena. It will then launch three balls of poison that land roughly below it, one by one. It will then follow up with three balls thrown at the edge of the arena, and finally, three balls that once again land roughly below it. It will then fly off in the same direction it is facing, eventually fly in from the opposite side, once again cause a burst of wind, and the cycle will begin anew.

Throughout this, it is possible to get under it, since its body is flying slightly above ground. Pikmin can be thrown at its body, and if any cause damage, the creature will stop what it is doing, flinch for a bit, and will then retaliate with a new attack. It will cause a gust of wind that shoots Olimar and the Pikmin away from the body, and will raise its body to be out of the arena, and out of reach. The main claw will then hover above Olimar for some seconds, then stop, shriek, and clamp down at the floor. The claw will then stand dangling in reach for some seconds, before the entire creature flies away off-screen. After this, it will fly in from the same direction it went off to, and spit three volleys of poison balls, with each volley shooting two balls that spread at an angle. The angle and location of the spit balls makes it so that the place where the first volley's front ball and second volley's back ball are the same. Same goes for the second volley's front ball and third's back ball. This leaves some safe gaps in the attack.

When the claw is dangling, Pikmin can be thrown at it to cause damage. If it takes any damage this way, then when it is done with the poison balls attack where two are launched at a time, it will follow up with a new attack. The creature will fly to the background and face the group in the foreground. It will fire one beam of poison at the floor below it and aim it towards the foreground. It will aim in the direction Olimar is, but won't change direction once the beam has started. After this, it will fly away and the cycle will restart.

When its health is on the last half, there will be some changes to its attacks. When it shoots balls of poison when its body is in reach, it will actually fire five of them, one by one. The first ball will land directly below the claw, the second will land just after the edge of the arena, the third will land midway between the edge of the arena and the point below the claw, the fourth will land far away off the arena, and the fifth will land midway between the first and the third. When it goes to the background to fire beams, it will fire a second one after the first, and they will also be faster than the one it shoots when over half health. When it chomps down at the floor, it will do so three times in a row, slightly deviating the position each time. When it shoots beams while on the background, it will shoot two now instead of one. They also approach the foreground faster.


This boss can only be found in Fragment of Hope, which is the last area in the game, and also the only area of the sector it is on, The Final Stretch.


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Buried form[edit]

When the battle starts, one of the claws will start spitting balls of poison. Quickly run to the opposite side of the screen as that claw, where it's safe. When the third ball lands, quickly run to the opposite side, since the opposite claw will do the same. Wait for the main claw to get above you while still in one of the corners of the arena, and gently inch away. Keep an eye on the claw's shadow, because when it stops moving, that's when the creature will slam it down, and that's when you should start running away. The reason you should inch forward instead of dashing outright is because if you're too fast, you will reach the other end of the arena just as the claw is about to go down, and then won't have enough room to escape to. Once you're safe, quickly throw Pikmin at the claw.

When the claw gets up, if you're in the left half of the arena, run to the second quarter of the arena, where it's safe from the next balls of poison, and when those land, go to the third quarter. If you were in the right half, then run to the third quarter first and then the second. Then, the cycle will restart. Repeat until the boss's health reaches the halfway point.

Quadruped form[edit]

At the start of this part of the battle, wait for the first paw to rise, and throw Pikmin at its exposed palm. You should knock it back successfully. The paw may land on top of you after this is done, but won't cause damage, so don't worry. When both front paws are in the air, simply throw Pikmin up at either of them until the boss topples. Then, throw Pikmin at the claw. When it gets up, go to the second or third quarters of the arena, and wait for the ball of poison closest to you to land; it will land on the edge of the arena. Then, go to where that ball landed, and wait there. The boss will then move its paws to the foreground, but like before, they don't cause damage, so don't worry about them. Repeat this process until this form's health is fully depleted.

Winged form[edit]

As soon as it starts, run under the creature. Only do this if your Pikmin are flowered, otherwise they will be too slow to catch up and will likely get hit by some poison balls. If they are bud or leaf, then wait until the first three balls of poison are fired before running under the boss's body. The first three balls it fires will land roughly below it, moving slightly forward, so keep this in mind when waiting for the first set of balls to finish. Once under the creature, throw Pikmin at its body. You can throw just one, or as many as you like, since it won't make a difference. After the gust of wind, its claw will hover above you. Wait one full second, and then start moving in the direction its body used to be in. This should give you enough space to run and avoid the claw when it strikes down. Then, when it's dangling, throw Pikmin at it. As soon as the boss shakes the Pikmin off, quickly run to the end of the arena in the same side the boss is facing, i.e. the side opposite from the one its body used to be in. As long as you hug the boundary, and force your Pikmin to hug it with you (keep holding the direction and use the whistle), you will avoid the poison balls. If you can't make it to the edge in time, then pay attention to the boss as it spits balls, and stand directly under the position where it spit a couple of balls. Any of these positions will be safe for the duration of the attack. When the Berserk Leech Hydroe goes to the background, for the beam attack to start, and simply dodge to the side once it begins.

After its health reaches the second half, some of its attacks will change. When it shoots balls of poison with its body in reach, it will actually shoot five, one at a time. Hugging the edge of the arena is safe, as is simply being under the creature. But to get under it may be difficult. The best way is to wait for the first poison ball to land, which will land directly below the claw, and then run under the boss. If you're having trouble with that, then hug the edge of the arena to avoid all attacks, and then continue to walk in the direction of the edge even after the creature flies off. When it flies in from the same side you're holding in, you will be fighting against the gust of wind and will easily get under the boss before it even shoots the first ball. When it clamps its claw at the floor, it will do it three times in a row slightly deviating the position each time. So keep a bit more distance than normal, and wait for the third chomp before throwing Pikmin. When it goes to the background to shot beams, start by giving yourself room to run, and look at the floor below the boss. As soon as you see the beam on the floor in the background, run in the direction you chose. Remember to repeat for the second beam. It's best to use this strategy instead of looking at the boss's claw, because it won't start sending the laser until after some seconds of charging up, and the time it takes to charge up between the two shots is not the same.


Hey! Pikmin logs

Normally, this is a harmless species of plant life. We only found out later that it grew vicious because the Sparklium Converter fell from the ship during our crash landing, falling onto the Leech Hydroe as it slumbered. The influx of energy sent its parasitic urges out of control. I know I'm to blame, ultimately, but I'm glad I could put a stop to it—with the help of the Pikmin and the S.S. Dolphin II. Let this final entry end with my thanks to them.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese 凶暴クサヤドリアメヒドラ?
Kyoubou Kusa Yadori Ame Hidora
Ferocious Grass Parasite Rain Hydra
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Geflipte hydraparasiet Berserk hydraparasite
Flag of France.svg French Parasydre enragé Mad parasidre
Flag of Germany.svg German Wilde Parasitenhydra Wild Parasite Hydra
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Idroparassita mutente Mutated hydroparasite
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Plantídarada agresiva Agressive shootplant


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