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Secret Spots (よりみちポイント?) are special areas in Hey! Pikmin. They present the player with a simple puzzle or challenge, and the reward is the collection of a pellet or an amiibo treasure. Once the object is collected, the area ends immediately, and if it was a pellet, 8 Pikmin of the same type as the pellet are added to the Pikmin Park, whereas an amiibo statue will unlock its log entry and give the player whatever Sparklium the treasure is worth.

Most of the time, the player has Red Pikmin at their disposal, but certain challenges make use of other Pikmin types's strengths and weaknesses. The radar does not work in Secret Spots, and Pikmin found in Secret Spots are not returned to the Pikmin Park. If Captain Olimar is killed, or the pellet or treasure is lost, the challenge will be failed, and a screen asking the player if they wish to retry will appear.

On the area selection screen, there are two types of Secret Spots. The standard type does not appear on the menu until the area that comes before it is completed, much like regular areas. amiibo Secret Spots are always present on the map, initially with an amiibo icon, and the player must scan amiibo to unlock them and turn them into regular Secret Spots, as detailed here. Unlike Sparklium Springs, the player can re-enter an unlocked Secret Spot at any time, making them a good way of raising the number of Pikmin for the Pikmin Park.


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General functionality[edit]

Normally, each sector only has two accessible Secret Spots, but amiibo can be used to open up two more per sector. This feature and the amiibo Secret Spots only become available after Cavern of Confusion is completed. Once an amiibo Secret Spot is unlocked, it permanently becomes a regular, unlocked Secret Spot in that save file, including a path connecting it to an area (although this is just aesthetic). The icons of amiibo Secret Spots that are still locked will be visible on the area selection screen at any time, but are smaller, have no path connecting to them, and use an amiibo symbol.

To scan an amiibo, the player must press the amiibo button on the top-left corner of the area selection menu. The game will then prompt the player to scan an amiibo, and after the player does so, the following happens:

  • If there is any locked amiibo Secret Spot in the sector:
    1. It becomes an unlocked normal Secret Spot.
    2. An icon for the amiibo's treasure is placed on that Secret Spot.
  • Otherwise:
    1. An unlocked Secret Spot is picked, and an icon for the amiibo's treasure is placed there.

If a Secret Spot has an amiibo's treasure icon on top of it, that means that the reward inside will be that amiibo as a treasure, as opposed to the usual pellet. The same amiibo treasure can be collected multiple times, and when a Secret Spot with an amiibo treasure is finished, the Secret Spot loses the amiibo's icon and returns to normal.

Whenever a compatible amiibo's treasure is collected, it becomes impossible to scan that amiibo again until a few hours have passed. If a Secret Spot has a pending amiibo treasure icon, that icon will be removed if the player shuts the console off, returns to the main menu, or enters that same Secret Spot (even if the area is quit using the pause menu). If the player scans the amiibo of a treasure whose icon is already on top of a Secret Spot (even if it's on a different sector), that Spot's icon will be removed, and the icon will be moved elsewhere, and it is even able to open up the next amiibo Secret Spot in the process. To note is that if there was already another treasure in the new spot, that one will be removed. This means one can open multiple Secret Spots in one go using a single amiibo, so long as they don't collect the treasure.

Overflow algorithm[edit]

To decide what Secret Spot to place an amiibo icon in, the game attempts to pick a vacant unlocked Secret Spot, but if too many are scanned, it will start replacing old icons with new ones. But the logic used is more complicated than that. The game keeps an internal checklist of all Secret Spots that have received an amiibo treasure icon so far, ignoring locked Secret Spots, and also keeps track of the last Secret Spot to receive an icon. When it's time to decide, it randomly picks a Spot that is not on the list, gives it a new icon, and adds it to the list. Once the list is full, it gets cleaned out, even though the Secret Spots continue to keep their icons. The next time an amiibo is scanned after this, the game can once again pick any spot (since its internal list is empty), replacing an existing treasure, and the cycle restarts. Finally, there is one other rule: when applying an icon, the game cannot pick the same Secret Spot twice in a row. This only applies to scanning new amiibo constantly, since scanning an amiibo whose treasure icon is already on a Secret Spot will use the rules explained above instead.

Pikmin amiibo[edit]

The Pikmin amiibo is a bit different. The first time it is scanned, it behaves just like a standard compatible amiibo, giving the player access to the Spellbound Friends treasure. After that, on that save file, the amiibo acts as a wildcard. The first time in a day that it is scanned, it will generate a set of amiibo treasures. This set can contain amiibo treasures that have already been collected. It will then pick a random uncollected treasure from the set, and act entirely as if that amiibo got scanned instead. Before the game decides which amiibo to simulate, the set appears on the top screen for a moment, featuring icons of the five chosen treasures. Uncollected ones will only appear as a silhouette. After a set is decided, it becomes locked to that sector for a certain amount of real world time, and scanning the amiibo again will make it follow the same steps, but skip the set generation. Using the amiibo in a sector different from the one it is locked to will not work. In addition, while the lock is in effect, the set will not be generated again. This means the player can only obtain up to 5 new amiibo treasures a day using the Pikmin amiibo.

If the player collects all of the uncollected amiibo in a set and tries to scan again, a message will appear saying "Why don't you try scanning one in a different sector tomorrow? You might open up something new!" and nothing will happen. The "different sector" part is important: if after the lock period ends the player scans the Pikmin amiibo in a sector they already got the full set on, the only thing that will happen is that the game will place a Pikmin amiibo treasure icon on a Secret Spot, just like if the Pikmin amiibo had been scanned for the first time. Collecting this amiibo and attempting to scan it again will show exactly the same message.

Incompatible amiibo[edit]

If an incompatible amiibo is scanned, the player merely receives Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Hey! Pikmin. × 10, and is locked out from using any incompatible amiibo for a while. Incompatible amiibo do not unlock Secret Spots.

List of Secret Spots[edit]

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There are 4 Secret Spots per sector, except the final sector, which has none. The following is a list of spots per sector, as well as what their type is:

Sector Standard amiibo
Brilliant Garden 1, 4 2, 3
Verdant Waterfront 6, 8 5, 7
Sparkling Labyrinth 10, 11 9, 12
Ravaged Rustworks 14, 16 13, 15
Leafswirl Lagoon 18, 19 17, 20
Sweltering Parchlands 21, 23 22, 24
Snowfall Field 26, 27 25, 28
Lushlife Murk 30, 32 29, 31

Yellow pellets are the rarest for players that don't use amiibo, since they only appear on Secret Spot 26. Rock pellets are the most common pellet type overall. The following table lists secret spots by their pellet type.

Pellet Standard amiibo
Red 1, 4, 21, 23, 32 3, 13
Yellow 26 2, 7, 15, 22
Blue 6, 8, 16, 18 5, 25
Rock 10, 11, 14 9, 12, 20, 24, 28, 31
Winged 19, 27, 30 17, 29

The following sub-sections go into detail about each Secret Spot. Note that when a text refers to "pellet", it can be replaced with "amiibo treasure", if that is what the current reward is.

Secret Spot 1[edit]

Secret Spot 1.

The first Secret Spot has a simple puzzle. The pellet lies on a high platform. You're given 4 Red Pikmin at the start. Olimar and the Pikmin can climb up a vine to reach a platform that's closer to the pellet. This platform is also on the same level as a ledge where a bush with 4 other Red Pikmin is. You should start by whistling the Pikmin from the bush, then climb the vine, throw the starting Pikmin at the pellet, use the jetpack to get to the ledge with the other 4 Pikmin, and throw those as well. Then, it's just a matter of waiting at the ledge.

Secret Spot 2[edit]

Secret Spot 2.

There are 6 Red Pikmin and 1 Yellow Pikmin next to Captain Olimar at the start, on the bottom screen. Above them is a platform with the pellet, that only thrown Pikmin can reach. You only have these starting 7 Pikmin, but there is another Yellow Pikmin on the top screen, wandering left and right. This Pikmin can be brought down by destroying one of the two dirt blocks that make part of the pathway the Pikmin is walking on. Since the pathway is so high up, you have to use the only Yellow Pikmin with you to break either one. Once you've got 8 Pikmin, throw them at the pellet to have them bring it down to you.

Secret Spot 3[edit]

Secret Spot 3.

This area is decorated with several Bouncy Mushrooms, which just lead to other Bouncy Mushrooms, or to one of the two branches on the top screen. The topmost branch has the pellet, but the bottom one has a stationary Mockiwi. The following is what happens to the Pikmin thrown at different parts of the mushrooms that can be reached:

  • Central mushroom:
    • Left edge: in front of the Mockiwi, close enough to be eaten.
    • Middle: the edge of the bottom branch, not close enough to be eaten.
    • Right edge: same as the left edge of the mushroom, but bounces through more mushrooms.
  • Bottom-left mushroom:
    • Any part: lands on the pellet.
  • Bottom-right mushroom:
    • Left edge or middle: straight in to the Mockiwi's mouth.
    • Right edge: into the Mockiwi's mouth, but there is a chance that a glitch can happen.
  • Top-left mushroom:
    • Any part: straight into the Mockiwi's mouth, even if hitting some parts of the mushroom lead through different paths.

As such, to get the Pikmin onto the pellet, you must throw them at the small mushroom on the bottom-left. Some throws can actually hit the Mockiwi, although the most likely scenario is that it will instead bite down on the Pikmin. You can always throw several Pikmin in a row, so that the later ones damage the enemy while it is busy eating the first Pikmin you threw. Killing the Mockiwi does not wield 2 Sparklium Seeds as usual.

Secret Spot 4[edit]

Secret Spot 4.

You start off with 8 Red Pikmin. The pellet is on a branch high up; a fair bit below this branch is another one. While you can throw the Pikmin at the first branch, you have to take a different path to reunite with them. By climbing some ledges to the right using the jetpack, it's possible to reach the platform with the first branch, step by step. Since Pikmin are dismissed when the jetpack is used, the Pikmin must first be thrown at the branch before you head off. After reuniting, it's simply a matter of throwing the Pikmin from the first branch to the second. You will need to climb to the platform connected to the branch in order to catch the pellet.

Secret Spot 5[edit]

Secret Spot 5.

This stage has no Pikmin. There are two long vertical shafts, with Eye-Stalker Bulbeels at the bottom of each. Olimar's starting position, as well as the pellet's spot, are both in alcoves, so they are safe from the Bulbeels. The small connecting gap between the two shafts is also safe. Olimar and the pellet are at the bottom, and the gap is at the top, meaning you must swim up the first shaft, and then down the second, taking care not to touch the Bulbeels. For each shaft, wait for the enemy to go up, and then make your way through the path, stopping at the gap if you're just crossing the first shaft.

Thankfully, you can afford to not care about the Bulbeels and simply swim your way through the path. Even if you get hurt, it will only happen twice at most, if you hurry. You can also start holding up and right through the entire first part of the area – Olimar will be able to swim past the first Bulbeel just in time.

Secret Spot 6[edit]

Secret Spot 6.

You start with 12 Red Pikmin. The level is simple: the pellet is on a high ledge, and the only way for Olimar and the Pikmin to get within throwing distance is by being lifted by the pulley system. You must get everyone on top of the pulley system's rock (using the whistle will bundle everyone together), and then throw four Pikmin at the pulley. This will be enough to lift Olimar and the other Pikmin. From there, it's a simple matter of throwing the remaining Pikmin at the pellet, and catching it after it falls down.

Secret Spot 7[edit]

Secret Spot 7.

The pellet is on top of a long walkway. Under this walkway is a Widemouthed Anode Beetle, trapped in a room by a sand block. The only way up this walkway is by using a small ledge and a Bloominous Stemple on the right side of the area. As such, use one of your four Red Pikmin to burst open the sand block, and go to the edge on the right. The beetle will eventually make its way to the right, and its light will activate the Bloominous Stemple. Take this opportunity to climb from the ledge to the plant using your jetpack, and from there, to the walkway. If your Pikmin die, there are no replacements, but you won't need them for anything other than freeing the enemy in the first place.

Secret Spot 8[edit]

Secret Spot 8.

The pellet is on top of a platform on the top screen. On the bottom screen, there is a square rock that can be pushed left and right across the area, with two small ledges on each end. These ledges both stop the rock from being completely flush against a wall (and as such, allow Pikmin to get on top of the ledge to push in the opposite direction), but also allow Captain Olimar to climb on top of the rock using his jetpack. Climbing is necessary, since the only way to reach the top platform is by climbing onto a vine only accessible at the rock's height. Olimar, his eight Red Pikmin, and the rock all start on the left side, while the vine is near the right side. As such, you must order the Pikmin to push the rock to the right and then quickly get on top of it to ride it along. Once you get near the vine, simply use the jetpack to reach it, climb up, and head for the pellet. If you can't get on the rock since it is too far away, you will have to whistle the Pikmin to you, and throw them over the rock so they can push in the opposite direction.

Alternatively, you can start the level, climb on the rock right away, start the jetpack whilst on the right edge of the rock, and head for the vine.

Secret Spot 9[edit]

Secret Spot 9.

There are three rooms in the top part of the area. The first has the pellet, the second has a Rock Pikmin, and the third has a Yellow Pikmin. The Pikmin rooms use sand blocks as the floor. Under the pellet is a vine that leads to it, and under the Yellow Pikmin's room is a Bouncy Mushroom and a twig platform with a Red Pikmin. This twig is roughly on-level with the vine. The vine is on a high ledge. The rest of the room has Captain Olimar, a Bouncy Mushroom, and a crystal separating the two. This puzzle must be done in parts. First, throw the Red Pikmin over the crystal and onto the Bouncy Mushroom. This will free the Yellow Pikmin. Then, throw that Pikmin up to where the Rock Pikmin is to free that one. Use the Rock Pikmin to break the crystal so you yourself can get access to the Bouncy Mushroom. It will spring you up to the twig, and from there, you can use the jetpack to reach the vine, and then the pellet.

If Pikmin are thrown at the very edge of the platform the pellet is on, they can jump higher than normal on the Bouncy Mushroom during the collection cutscene.

Secret Spot 10[edit]

Secret Spot 10.

The pellet is behind a wall made of stones. There is a bomb rock that can be used to take down the stones, but unfortunately, the floor Olimar and the Pikmin have to move around is also made of stones. So the demolition needs to be controlled as to only take out the wall, not the floor. There is a small lip made of stone connected to the wall – this is where the bomb rock must be thrown to in order to grant access to the pellet. Before that, however, you have to whistle the 4 Yellow Pikmin hiding in a bush on the top screen. The bomb rock is also on the top screen, and Olimar is on the bottom, so you must use the Yellow Pikmin's high throw arc to get the bomb rock. Blowing up the stone floor will make Olimar fall into the pit, and will result in a failure.

Secret Spot 11[edit]

Secret Spot 11.

Captain Olimar and his 8 Yellow Pikmin start in a small room on the bottom-left of the area. There is another room on the bottom-right, with a wall separating the two that only goes a bit high. Finally, on the far top-left, there is a platform where the pellet is. To start, throw the Pikmin from the first room to the second. Then fly to the wall using your jetpack – it reaches just high enough to get on top of the wall. Once in the second room, throw the Pikmin at the pellet's platform, keeping in mind their throw arc. Then, simply wait for them to deliver it to you.

Secret Spot 12[edit]

Secret Spot 12.

The layout of this sublevel is simple. There are two go-through platforms on the top screen, one above the other, and with the pellet on the bottom one. On the lower screen is Olimar, his 8 Red Pikmin, and a Springpetal. The trick is to throw enough Pikmin at a time to the flower that they actually jump high, but not so many that they overshoot and land on the top platform instead. The solution is simple: throw four Pikmin, wait for them to jump and grab the pellet, and then throw the remaining four.

Secret Spot 13[edit]

Secret Spot 13.

The pellet is on a high ledge on the top screen. The only way to reach the ledge is by standing on top of a platform higher than the starting point at the lowest level. Both Olimar and his 8 Yellow Pikmin start at the bottom. Olimar can just use the jetpack on a nearby ledge to climb on top of this platform, but the Pikmin need to take a different route – if the Pikmin are thrown up there, they will just walk back to Olimar, and by the time he makes it up there, the Pikmin will have fallen back down to the starting point already. However, there is a small tunnel under the platform that leads to a tiny room on the bottom-left, with a small Bouncy Mushroom. The only way for the Pikmin to go through that path is to first have Olimar go up the main platform alone. Once he's up there, simply use the whistle. The Pikmin will start running left or right, until they eventually run under the tunnel and into the Bouncy Mushroom, where they then land on the platform with Olimar. From there, it's just a matter of throwing them at the pellet.

Secret Spot 14[edit]

Secret Spot 14.

The pellet is on a platform that can be passed through from below. This platform is too high to reach from the starting point, but there is a platform above the starting point that gives Olimar the ability to throw his starting 8 Yellow Pikmin up there. You must climb to that platform using some small platforms on the sides and the jetpack, but before you do so, you must throw the Yellow Pikmin at the dandelions on platforms above the small side platforms mentioned before. This will keep them busy while you take your time climbing. Once you do, whistle the Pikmin back down, and throw them at the pellet. Then, simply wait for them to return.

Secret Spot 15[edit]

Secret Spot 15.

This area has three platforms on the top screen. The two flush to the edges of the area are go-through, and the rightmost one has the pellet. On the bottom, there is a Bouncy Mushroom that tilts left and right. Pikmin that jump on it when it's facing upright will hit the solid platform, and those that jump when it's tilted to the left will end up in a pointless platform. The idea is to throw the Pikmin when the Mushroom is tilted to the right, so that the Pikmin jump to the platform with the pellet. It's best to throw the Pikmin at the center of the fungus, and time it so that they do not hit it when it's at the rightmost position, because that will just make them jump into the wall instead.

Secret Spot 16[edit]

Secret Spot 16.

In this stage, there are two branches on the top screen, with the topmost one containing the pellet. On the bottom screen, there is a compartment on the bottom-left where Olimar and 8 Blue Pikmin start, a compartment on the bottom-right with a Bouncy Mushroom pointing up, and a peak in the middle with a geyser. The geyser leads to the bottom branch, whereas the Bouncy Mushroom leads to the top one. If thrown Pikmin are caught in the geyser's jet, they will be taken to the bottom branch, where they won't be able to do anything except walk back to Olimar's side, since the branches end off above Olimar's starting location, from which he cannot leave. The idea is to throw Pikmin to the Bouncy Mushroom when the geyser is at a lower position. Once a Pikmin hits the Mushroom, it is taken to the pellet to start holding on to it. When all eight are there, simply wait for them to deliver the pellet. Although hard, it is possible to throw all eight in one go, if you're quick enough.

Secret Spot 17[edit]

Secret Spot 17.

The area is divided into two parts. First, there is a chasm inside a small cave that must be traversed. On the other side is a ledge with Yellow Pikmin hiding behind leafs, as well as the pellet, on a high ledge. In the middle of the chasm is a very thin pillar that can be landed on. To cross the chasm, you must use the jetpack, but there is no way to reach the second part of the area if you just glide from the starting point, since there is an overhang stopping you. You must land on the thin pillar, which is at a lower altitude, and from there make the final flight to the ledge with the Pikmin. It is recommended that you stand still and align yourself to be on top of the pillar before you shut off the jetpack, because if you're moving when you do, a bit of your momentum will carry over and you can overshoot your landing. Once you reach the second part, whistle the Pikmin from the leafs, and throw them at the pellet.

Secret Spot 18[edit]

Secret Spot 18.

The bottom-left of the stage is solid ground, and it is also where Olimar and the 8 Blue Pikmin start, but the rest of the bottom of the stage is a stream of water going right. The pellet is on a platform high above, in the center of the area. Below it is a Bouncy Mushroom, and to the bottom-right of the area, at the end of the water stream, is another Bouncy Mushroom. You must try to throw Pikmin at the central Bouncy Mushroom while fighting the current. Once they're all thrown, you must then fight the current to wait for the Pikmin to bring the pellet down, and finally, to touch it. If you hit the Bouncy Mushroom on the far right, it will send you back to dry land on the starting spot; the same happens to the Pikmin, even if they are carrying.

Secret Spot 19[edit]

Secret Spot 19.

You start on the bottom screen, where there are two Bouncy Mushrooms, and the top screen has two platforms with a tiny gap in the middle. The gap must be crossed to reach the pellet as Olimar, but you cannot use the jetpack, because an overhang blocks your way. As such, the built must be constructed using the two fragments right next to it. Simply throw your 2 Red Pikmin to the larger Bouncy Mushroom so they can start working on the bridge, and then jump on the smaller mushroom with the jetpack, to get yourself access to the larger one, where you can join the Pikmin. Once they're done, simply make your way to the pellet.

Secret Spot 20[edit]

Secret Spot 20.

The central puzzle piece in this area is the liftable rock in the middle. When it is on the floor, it blocks the room that has Rock Pikmin inside, and when it's lifted, it mostly blocks access to the ledge with a crystal and the pellet. Olimar starts with 4 Winged Pikmin, just enough to lift the rock. You need to open the room with the Rock Pikmin hiding behind a stone, and whistle them, but if you do it in that order, the Winged Pikmin lifting the rock will just drop it and come to you. So whistle the Rock Pikmin out of hiding first and only then raise the rock. As the Rock Pikmin pace left and right, they will eventually get out of the room from the tunnel and join Olimar's side. Now, since the lifting rock is in the way, whistle the Winged Pikmin to you. With the path to the ledge now clear, throw the Rock Pikmin at the crystal to shatter it, and use your jetpack to get on the rock yourself. From this point, the ledge is too high to reach with the jetpack again, so have your Winged Pikmin lift up the rock with you on it. Now, you finally have clear access to the pellet.

Secret Spot 21[edit]

Secret Spot 21.

The action takes place on the top screen, where 7 of your Red Pikmin are trapped in a room with a Fiery Blowlet. You start on the bottom screen with one Red Pikmin and a vine to reach the top screen. Make your way up the vine, and open up the room by using your single Pikmin to destroy the sand block blocking the entrance. Now, you can use the 8 Red Pikmin with you to take down the enemy, or leave it alone altogether, and toss your Pikmin to the pellet hanging on the nearby platform.

Secret Spot 22[edit]

Secret Spot 22.

There are two platforms in this cave, and the topmost one has the pellet. There are also five single-spot electrodes, and each one activates one Bloominous Stemple. Olimar only has 3 Yellow Pikmin, meaning the trick is to find the right electrodes to throw Pikmin into such that the Bloominous Stemples create a path for Olimar to climb up to the pellet's platform using the jetpack. Since the Pikmin are dismissed when the jetpack is used, and the jetpack is the only way to climb up, the three Pikmin need to be thrown at the electrodes before you decide to go up. The solution is to activate the bottommost electrode, and the two closest to the bottom platform. The bottommost electrode needs to be activated because it is the only one that grants access to the bottom platform, which is necessary. The two electrodes that aren't meant to be activated are not at any useful height. Once the three Pikmin are in place, climb to the first Bloominous Stemple, and then to the platform. Go to the center of the platform, because if you use the jetpack whilst on one of the ramps of the platform, you will not be able to make it to the second Stemple. From the second, head to the third, and from there, to the pellet.

Secret Spot 23[edit]

Secret Spot 23.

The pellet is on a platform on the top screen that can be accessed from below. A similar platform to its right leads to the pellet from above, but has a constant fire geyser on it. The player starts with 4 Red Pikmin, and can whistle 4 Yellow Pikmin from the nearby rock. The Yellow Pikmin are the only ones that can reach the pellet's platform, and the Red Pikmin are the only ones that can cross the fire geyser's platform, with the aid of a Bouncy Mushroom placed under it. Start by whistling the Yellow Pikmin out, and then throw the Pikmin to the correct platforms. Then, just wait for the pellet to drop to Olimar. Although the pellet gets close to the fire geyser as it's being carried, it will never touch it or harm the Pikmin.

Secret Spot 24[edit]

Secret Spot 24.

On the ground, there are three cliffs, separated by two pits with brambles. There are two large pushable rocks in this area, on top of ledges at the center of the area, and each one fills one of the pits. The pellet is on a high ledge that can only be accessed from the second cliff, the rightmost one. The Pikmin in this area are hiding behind leafs, with one group on top of each cliff. Start by whistling the 4 Red Pikmin on the cliff you're on, the central one. Throw them at the bottommost platform so they can push the first rock to the right and fill the pit. Cross the now-closed gap to reach the second cliff, and whistle the 4 hiding Yellow Pikmin there. Since these four Pikmin are not enough to carry the treasure above you, you will need to continue the challenge. Go back to the central cliff and throw the Yellow Pikmin at the topmost platform. They will push the final rock to the left and grant access to the third cliff on the left. Go there, whistle the 4 hiding Yellow Pikmin, and now that you have 8 Yellow Pikmin, go to the right, and throw them all at the pellet.

Secret Spot 25[edit]

Secret Spot 25.

You and your 8 Red Pikmin start at the bottom of a large pit. In it, there is the starting spot of a bridge, and two dirt mounds with bridge fragments inside. Throw four Pikmin at each to have them build up most of the bridge. This won't be enough to complete it, but it will be enough for you to throw Pikmin at the pit's ledge, where there's another dirt mound with the remaining pieces. To reach this, you must get to the edge of the unfinished bridge. The Pikmin will then build the rest from their side, and from the edge of the pit, you can throw the Pikmin at the pellet that's on a higher platform.

Secret Spot 26[edit]

Secret Spot 26.

This area has two shores and a lake in the middle. To cross from the left shore, the starting one, to the right shore, the one with the pellet, a trowel on the right side needs to be tipped down to the left. To reach the trowel, an underwater passage needs to be taken. The pellet cannot be accessed right away, since there is a crystal in the way, and the 4 Rock Pikmin that hide behind a stone at the start cannot reach the crystal unless the trowel is tipped. As such, grab your starting 4 Blue Pikmin, and go underwater with them to the right shore. You can gain access to ground level by using a vine underwater. Tip the trowel to the left using the Blue Pikmin, and then go to the starting point to whistle out the Rock Pikmin. Finally, take them to the crystal, break it, and claim the pellet.

Secret Spot 27[edit]

Secret Spot 27.

The main focus of this area is the two elevator platforms on the left and right sides. Between them, up above, is the pellet. At ground level, there is a dip in the center of the level, but there is also a platform connected to a vine that goes a bit higher. Since 8 Pikmin and Olimar need to be raised to reach the pellet to bring it down, and as such, at least 10 Pikmin must be on the opposite end, the stage has a total of 18 Red Pikmin. Simply throw all Pikmin at one of the platforms and then use the jetpack to get there yourself. Then, throw 10 Pikmin at the opposite platform to raise the one you're on. At the top, throw the eight Pikmin with you at the pellet. Then, wait at the platform you're on for the pellet to be brought to you.

Secret Spot 28[edit]

Secret Spot 28.

There are two pulley rocks in this area. The left pulley raises the rightmost stone, and the right pulley raises the left stone. Both of these stones must be raised to grant access to the room with the pellet. This challenge can be completed by simply throwing four of your 8 Red Pikmin at each pulley, which is the minimum necessary for each. When they're both raised, use your jetpack to climb from the ground level to the left stone, then to the right, and then to the other side. From there, simply walk back under the stones, and inside the room with the pellet.

Secret Spot 29[edit]

Secret Spot 29.

The Pikmin in this area are trapped inside a room, and the only way out is by destroying a sand block. Olimar must enter the room with the Pikmin to free them, since he doesn't have any Pikmin of his own when the area starts. To do this, first climb on the small ledge, then on top of a twig. Climb the vine there, and use the jetpack to climb over the wall and land on the room with the 8 Red Pikmin. Now, break open the way, throw the Pikmin at the twig, make your way through the same path, and once you climb the vine, throw the Pikmin at the pellet.

Secret Spot 30[edit]

Secret Spot 30.

The bottom-left of the area is the starting point, on safe ground. It also has a Bouncy Mushroom that leads to the top central platform, where the pellet is. This platform goes a long way to the right, and since Olimar cannot reach this platform, he has to take the bottom route. In this path, there are only a few small platforms of safe ground, since the rest is covered in poison liquid. There is also safe ground on the bottom-right corner of the area. Start by whistling the 8 Red Pikmin hiding behind the two sets of twigs, and throw them at the Bouncy Mushroom. They will begin carrying the pellet and head to the right, so hurry on using the bottom route to meet up with them on the bottom-right of the area. You will have to jump from platform to platform using the jetpack until you reach your goal. The more upgraded your jetpack is, the fewer breaks you need to take. If you take too long, the Pikmin will reach the bottom-right platform, and continue moving forward, until they eventually fall into the poison. This makes you lose the pellet, and more importantly, the challenge.

Secret Spot 31[edit]

Secret Spot 31.

Olimar starts trapped in a room with a branch, behind which are hiding 8 Yellow Pikmin, four at a time. The room can be opened by pushing the large pushable rock into the pit filled with brambles below. This rock needs 8 Pikmin to push, and only fills half of the pit. After you push it, walk on top of it, and the camera will pan to show the other side of the pit, where a lone Yellow Pikmin is trying to push another rock into the pit. Throw at least 7 of your Yellow Pikmin over the rock so that they land in the same room as the lone Pikmin, and help it push the rock. When it falls in, the pit becomes fully filled and safe to cross. At the end, simply throw the Yellow Pikmin at a twig high up so they can grab the pellet and bring it down.

Secret Spot 32[edit]

Secret Spot 32.

The level is shaped like a stairway with three steps. The bottom one, the starting point, has a Bouncy Mushroom that springs Olimar or the Pikmin directly up. The second step is empty, but has a protrusion to stop Pikmin from falling off. Finally, the top step has the pellet, and can be reached by Pikmin thrown from the second. Throwing the Pikmin at the Bouncy Mushroom in hopes that they will reach the second step will achieve nothing. So start by throwing all your 8 Red Pikmin at the Bouncy Mushroom so they stay there, and then join them. Move to the right so you can actually land on the second step, and once there, simply whistle once. The Pikmin will eventually start moving to the right as they bounce, even if it takes them more than one bounce to do so. When everyone is gathered, simply throw the Pikmin at the pellet and wait for it to be delivered to you.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese よりみちポイント [number]?
Yori michi pointo
Detour point
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Geheime plek [number] Secret spot
Flag of France French Zone secrète [number] Secret zone
Flag of Germany German Geheimlevel [number] Secret level
Flag of Italy Italian Oasi segreta [number] Secret oasis
Flag of Spain Spanish Escondite [number] Hiding place

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