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Fragment of Hope

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Fragment of Hope
Sector 9 – Area A
The Berserk Leech Hydroe, in its buried form, stuck.
Pikmin available Red Pikmin
Requirements Obtain and complete The Last Lair
Music Before a boss battle
Fragment of Hope - buried form
Fragment of Hope - quadruped form
Fragment of Hope

Fragment of Hope (きぼうの かけら?, lit.: "Fragment of Hope") is the final area in Hey! Pikmin, and the only area in the final sector, The Final Stretch. In order to access this area, the player must have gathered at least and have completed The Last Lair. Captain Olimar's purpose in this area is to find the missing ship piece, since without it, he cannot escape the planet. In his search, he finds a massive creature, the Berserk Leech Hydroe. This is the final boss of the game, and its defeat makes it drop the piece Olimar was after, and triggers the game's ending cutscenes.


Olimar's plan is to gather at least to power up the S.S. Dolphin II completely and lift off. If The Last Lair is completed before this goal is met, the ship will tell Olimar to return to previous areas and collect more treasure. If the milestone is reached before The Last Lair is completed, the ship will try to scan its own, status, realize that an important component is missing – the Sparklium Converter – and suggests that Olimar explore more. If it happens after the area's completion, the ship will scan around and realize that the important piece is held by a massive beast in the new sector, The Final Stretch.

Once he enters this area, after exploring a bit, he comes face to face with the Berserk Leech Hydroe. The changes forms two times before it is eventually defeated. When that happens, it withers away and dies, and from inside pops out the Leech Hydroe with the ship part lodged in its head. It tries to attack Olimar and the Pikmin, but ends up falling and losing the ship part. This makes it revert back to its normal, cowardly self. After it runs away from Olimar, the captain retrieves the missing piece and is beamed up by the S.S. Dolphin II's pod. The ending cutscenes then start.


As soon as Olimar lands, Hydroe bramble will spring out from a wall and try to attack the fleeing S.S. Dolphin II pod. As Olimar makes his way deeper in the area, more bramble closes in on him, blocking his chances of retreating. After a small tunnel, Olimar finds himself in a large open arena. The arena itself, for the first and second forms of the boss, is not much larger than one screen width, but the arena for the final form is larger, taking up two screen widths.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Berserk Leech Hydroe introduction The Berserk Leech Hydroe introduction cutscene in Fragment of Hope. The player leaves the tunnel at the start and advances forward a bit. Several Red Pikmin appear running away from something, and running in Olimar's direction. One of them realizes something lunging at it, jumps in surprise, and speeds away, just barely avoiding the Berserk Leech Hydroe's claw. Elsewhere, more Pikmin are running away, one of them trips, and two others nearby go to help it out, with all three just barely managing to jump out of the way of another claw chomp. The camera then changes to a slow pan of the creature's body and its flailing stalks, as all three open their claws and scream.
Berserk Leech Hydroe unearths The Berserk Leech Hydroe quadruped form cutscene in Fragment of Hope. The health of the boss's first form reaches the second half. The creature stops battling and starts trembling. One of its front feet pops out of the ground and lands on the floor, then the other front foot, and then the two back ones in turn, completely unearthing the creature. After it is ready, the Berserk Leech Hydroe screams.
Berserk Leech Hydroe sprouts wings The Berserk Leech Hydroe winged form cutscene in Fragment of Hope. The health of the boss's first form reaches zero. With a screech, the Berserk Leech Hydroe topples down, and its two side stalks wither away and die, followed quickly by the lower body of the creature. Shortly after, the main stalk gets back up, the "neck" of the creature detaches from the rest of the dead body, and sprouts wings. The Berserk Leech Hydroe flaps its new wings a few times, goes airborne, and flies off-frame.
Berserk Leech Hydroe's defeat The Berserk Leech Hydroe defeat cutscene in Fragment of Hope. The health of the boss's second form reaches zero. The creature falls down from the sky and starts glowing. After some seconds, the main stalk gets back up, and some of its paws also try to raise the body, and the creature lets out a growl before the stalk starts to wither and die, followed by the beast's entire body. The carcass starts to shrink and melt, and some bumps start to protrude from inside. Eventually, one of the bumps breaks open, and the Leech Hydroe pokes out, colored pink. Four Red Pikmin are celebrating the battle's victory, with Olimar looking at them and facing away from the Leech Hydroe. The creature notices the Pikmin at the same time they notice it, and their reaction causes Olimar to turn around and notice the being himself. The Leech Hydroe jumps from its mound onto the floor, and as the group notices the jump, they start running in the opposite direction. The creature lands with a thud and a roll, and drops the important ship part it was holding in the process, which lands in front of Olimar. Him and the Pikmin stop, and Olimar slowly approaches the piece. He leaves the Pikmin to look after the object, and turns around to face the toppled Leech Hydroe. Just as he does, the creature shrinks around to Olimar's size and turns to its normal green color. It gets up, notices Olimar, jumps a bit away, and slowly starts walking away from the captain. Curious, Olimar starts walking in its direction, which startles it and causes it to run off in a panic. Confused, Olimar returns to the Pikmin and notices that they are just resting in place. He sighs, and with a final "Hey!", he blows his whistle and calls the Pikmin's attention for his victory dance, right before the S.S. Dolphin II's pod beams them all up.

Pikmin locations[edit]

Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes
Start Next to Olimar 20 Red Pikmin First time only
Start of the second form Next to Olimar Up to 20 Red Pikmin First time only The player will get a restock of Pikmin, up to 20.
Start of the third form Next to Olimar Up to 20 Red Pikmin First time only The player will get a restock of Pikmin, up to 20.





See: Berserk Leech Hydroe#Strategy



  • The name "Fragment of Hope" is named similar to areas in previous games, namely the Forest of Hope and the Garden of Hope. Although, these are both early areas in their respective games, while here it is the final one.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese きぼうの かけら?
Kibō no Kakera
Fragment of Hope
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch De laatste hoop The last hope
Flag of France French Pistils hostiles Hostile pistils
Flag of Germany German Die letzte Hoffnung The last Hope
Flag of Italy Italian Speranza recondita Hidden hope
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Esperanza remota Remote hope
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Esperanza Remota Remote Hope