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Fragrant Forest

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Fragrant Forest
Sector 5 – Area A
The first liftable rock in Fragrant Forest.
Treasures 3
Pikmin available Winged Pikmin
Pikmin discovered Winged Pikmin
Requirements Complete Flashes of Fear
Next area Valley of the Breeze
Music Leafswirl Lagoon area
Leafswirl Lagoon area - back side

Fragrant Forest (あきかおる もり?, lit.: "Autumn fragrant forest") is the first main area in the Leafswirl Lagoon, and it's the first area Captain Olimar finds Winged Pikmin in. As such, this area has obstacles and layouts that teach the player about some of the Winged Pikmin's strengths: it has some liftable rock puzzles that make use of their flying ability, all treasures require the jetpack to reach, highlighting how Pikmin follow the captain when he's flying, and has falls filled with Sparklium Seeds or dangers, for the player to glide through carefully with the Winged Pikmin grabbing on to Olimar.

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This area serves as an introduction for Winged Pikmin, and is mostly made of obstacles and challenges that show the player how to use Winged Pikmin, as well as their strengths. Right at the start, Olimar can call some of them and use them to lift up a liftable rock. Some time after this, the player can get the Zappy Safe. Further in the level, after a doorway, the player can get the Sloshy Nostalgia. Next to it, there are some liftable rocks that need to be lifted up in order to make progress in the area. Right after this, the player can retrieve the last treasure, the Ominous Vault. After that, Olimar will go down in a hole filled with hydroe brambles, with the end of the area after it.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Spornet surprise The Spornet cutscene in the Fragrant Forest. The player climbs up the first liftable rock and moves forward a bit. Two Winged Pikmin notice two Seeding Dandelion seeds, and fly after them. They're interrupted by a Spornet that shows up, and as soon as they see it, they quickly fly in the opposite direction, retreating back to Olimar.
Distracted Pikmin The distracted Pikmin cutscene in the Fragrant Forest. The player enters the first doorway. Olimar and four Winged Pikmin go through a tunnel. Midway through, the ceiling closes down, and the opening requires Olimar to crouch a little, and the Winged Pikmin to fly a bit lower. The fourth Winged Pikmin is flying backwards, looking away from the low ceiling, so it doesn't notice the obstacle, until it flies right into it. With a squeal, it falls to floor, dizzy. After some seconds, it gets up, shakes its head, and joins the group.
Leaf in the wind The leaf cutscene in the Fragrant Forest. Two Winged Pikmin notice a dried leaf on the floor, and one of them picks it up. They both start celebrating, and the wind picks up. The two Pikmin and the leaf get blown with the wind, and the leaf lands on a Mockiwi's eye. The creature moves a bit forward as the Winged Pikmin fly away, but after some steps it stops to shake its head and shake the leaf off. After this, it realizes the Pikmin are no longer nearby, so it turns around and walks away.

Pikmin locations[edit]

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Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes







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When you arrive, move right, whistle the Winged Pikmin, and bring them to the liftable rock. Get onto it, and throw four at the vine attached to it. Move right, then whistle the Pikmin and you will set off a cutscene. Kill the Spornet and whistle more Winged Pikmin. Then, jump off the ledge and fly down to the right using the Winged Pikmin. Kill the Grabbit and move right. You will see the first treasure, which is the Zappy Safe. To get it, throw Winged Pikmin at the liftable rock's vine and move right, then grab the vine and climb it. Whistle the Winged Pikmin and get on the liftable rock, then throw Winged Pikmin at its vine. Afterwards, use the jetpack to fly to the second vine and climb it. Grab the Zappy Safe, get down and whistle the Pikmin.

Move right, kill the Grabbit, and go in the tunnel. The tunnel will set off a cutscene and then you will see a Mockiwi. Kill it then climb the vine behind it. Whistle the Winged Pikmin above and go left through the tunnel, kill the Mockiwi afterwards. Whistle the Winged Pikmin, then go to the middle and climb the vine. Move right and get on the hill. This time you will see the Sloshy Nostalgia. To get it, get on the highest part of the hill and use the jetpack to get on top of the platform. From there, get on the second platform and then get the treasure.

Get off the platform, move right, and throw Winged Pikmin at the liftable rock to get past it. Whistle the Pikmin, get on the second liftable rock, and throw more Winged Pikmin at it. Get off of it and whistle them. After that, get on the first liftable rock and throw Winged Pikmin at it, get off it and move right, climb the vine, and kill the nearby Spornet. Move left, get on top of the first of two liftable rocks, and throw Pikmin at its vine. Get on the second liftable rock and throw more Pikmin at the vine attached to it. Go to the top platform and whistle the Pikmin. Go through the tunnel, whistle the extra Pikmin and go left. Now, you will see the last treasure: the Ominous Vault. Throw Pikmin at the dirt block, and then get on the platform using the jetpack. Kill the Spornet, and climb the vine on the left. Jump off it at the top and grab the second vine while in the air. Then, do it again for the third. At the end of the third, you will access the Ominous Vault. Get down at the left side.

Walk back to the tunnel, but this time, go right and you will set off a cutscene. Kill the Mockiwi and move right. Jump off the ledge and fly down. While flying down, move out of the way of the hydroe bramble and collect some of the Sparklium Seeds. When on the ground, kill the Grabbit and move right to the exit.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese あきかおる もり?
Aki kaoru mori
Autumn fragrant forest
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Welriekend woud Fragrant forest
Flag of France French Parfums d'automne Scent of autumn
Flag of Germany German Herbsduft Scent of autumn
Flag of Italy Italian Selva fragrante Fragrant forest
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Floresta fragante Fragrant forest
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Floresta Fragante Fragrant Forest