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codetest is an unused area in Pikmin. It was apparently created to test walking sounds.


codetest is a small, rectangular, relatively featureless area surrounded by ledges to prevent escaping its boundaries. A black void serves as the area's background. On most surfaces is Japanese writing indicating what surfaces create what sounds when walked on by Captain Olimar. The only surfaces not featuring Japanese writing are the ones composing the raised ground serving as the level boundary. As for the sounds the color-coded ground creates when walked on, white is dirt, brown is dirt, gray is stone, green is stone, beige is wood, pink is sand, light blue is water, and black is dirt. Interestingly, a bridge is present and centered on top of the area's northern ledge.

The landing site of codetest is on the right-hand side of the area. The red Onion lands just in front of the last three colored squares, with two of its three legs touching the pink and black squares.


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  • Pikmin may begin drowning when they are near the light blue square on the ground, which creates the sound of water when stepped on.