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route is a prototype area in Pikmin that was left in the disc. This map bears many similarities to The Impact Site.

Gameplay footage[edit]

This area seems to be an early version of The Impact Site. There are only some differences; the textures are a little broken on the walls and slopes. Seeing as how the final Impact Site is identified in the game as "practice," there are some theories that it was used as a tutorial level, and that this "route" map was going to be the final Impact Site, as a regular area. It's so similar, in fact, that by replacing The Impact Site's files with route's, as shown in the video, the Pikmin carry objects following the correct paths.


This map has some slopes with no other ways to go. There are also other impossible places to go to (many geysers and bridges for the Pikmin are still coded, but it is not possible to see them).


  • route is the only unused area which isn't located in the "test" folder.

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