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Clay is a material in Pikmin 4 that can be used to build structures in areas and caves. To build with clay, Pikmin must be sent to the base of a structure, from which they will walk to the S.S. Beagle and take out a single piece of clay each, with each piece of clay converted from 1 raw material. Then they will carry the clay to the site of the structure, smack it with their stem to mold it, and throw the piece towards the structure.

If the player does not have enough raw materials, any Pikmin that goes to the S.S. Beagle to receive clay will stand under the ship, waiting for the clay to be available. Calling a Pikmin carrying a piece of clay will have it drop it, which makes it disappear, and be refunded as raw material instantly.

If Pikmin deliver part of the clay needed for a structure, and there are other Pikmin with the remaining clay on the way, they will wait on or by the structure; these Pikmin can be whistled back into the squad freely. If a structure doesn't end up being completed immediately by the group of Pikmin assigned to the task, the necessary amount of those Pikmin will return to the ship to get more clay until the required amount is met. Once all necessary pieces have been delivered, the structure will glow and then harden, becoming usable by the player.

Clay bridge[edit]

A clay bridge is a bridge made of clay. These allow gaps to be crossed. Clay pieces in bridges are laid in a grid, each row being made of 6 pieces, 4 as the floor and 2 as walls. Some clay bridges sit at an angle while unbuilt, and cannot be walked off the unfinished end until the bridge is finished.

Clay mound[edit]

A clay mound is a ramp made of clay. These allow high ledges to be ascended. Clay pieces are thrown on from the base, gradually forming a pile.

Climbing wall[edit]

A climbing wall is a vertical wall made of clay. These can be climbed by the leader and by Pikmin, but cannot be climbed by Oatchi. Clay pieces are thrown on from the base in a grid pattern, but the squares in the grid pattern do not correspond with individual pieces of raw material.

Clay valve[edit]

A clay valve is a hexagonal valve handle made from clay, starting out as a misshapen pile of clay pieces while unbuilt. Once completed, 12 Pikmin can work together to rotate it anti-clockwise to turn off a sprinkler.


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