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Minor tools

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There are many tools in the Pikmin series. This page lists the ones that are rarer and less notable. Because they are rarely acknowledged by the games, their names are usually conjectural.

Hey! Pikmin[edit]

Floating bottle[edit]

A bridge with alternating bottle depths in the Septic Swamp.
Some floating bottles, with one dripping with poison water.

Floating bottles are the main objects of Septic Swamp. They are found in the poison lakes of the area, where they bob up and down and act as platforms the player can move across on. At certain intervals, some will sink into the poison lake, and then come back up again. How far down each goes depends on the bottle, and some even get completely submerged. The player can tell the lowest point it can get by looking at what part of it has poison water dripping off.


  • Lushlife Murk
    • Septic Swamp: This is the only area they can be found in, where they act as the "gimmick" of the level. The abundance of moving floating bottles consists of nearly all the terrain, creating more difficulty. The player can easily get separated from their Pikmin if a bottle starts sinking, and their Pikmin can easily get lost and even die.

Leaf platform[edit]

Horizontal leafs in Gale-Force Glen.
Two leaf platforms being blown forward.

Leaf platforms are the main tool of Leafswirl Lagoon. At first they hang down, but when wind blows they become parallel to the ground, and act like a platform that Olimar can walk on.


Metal pipe[edit]

Digging up the pipe in Below the Ice.
Blue Pikmin digging out a metal pipe.

The metal pipe is a rusty pipe with a curve at the end found in one area in the game. It serves as a ramp that allows the player to reach higher places. It originally is trapped deep in the ground, and Pikmin are required to dig it out, in a way similar to climbing sticks. Once it is completely dug, the player and their Pikmin can then walk up it. If the player or a Pikmin is under it after the Pikmin complete it, then they can walk past it. After they walk past, doing so in the other direction will automatically make them walk up the pipe.


  • Snowfall Field
    • Below the Ice: The only one in the game appears here, and is found in the bottom of a pool of water near the beginning. At first it can't be dug out, so the player must drain the water by breaking a clog. The player's Pikmin can then dig the pipe out, and it will lead to the ground above.

Rusted rod[edit]

The metal bar in the Sizzling Precipice.
The only rusted rod, buried in the floor.

The rusted rod is a tool found only once in one area of the game. This object can be dug up by Pikmin (like the metal pipe), and it can be climbed up by Olimar and his Pikmin, just like vines.


Water sac[edit]

One of the water sacs in the Barriers of Flame.
A water sac above some fire.

The water sac is a rare tool found a few times in Barriers of Flame. It is a see-through green sack full of water. When destroyed with Pikmin, the water will drop out and extinguish any fire beneath it.


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