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Electrodes are a type of obstacle in Pikmin 3 and Hey! Pikmin. The general concept of the electrode is that it is an object in the that transmits electric current, but is initially found opened.

Most electrodes take the form of a simple electric circuit, consisting of a battery and a light bulb, connected by two pieces of wire. One of the wires is cut, leaving a gap in the circuit. In the Vehemoth Phosbat's arena, a large battery connected to a light bulb can also be found, and acts the same as the usual electrode, with the difference being that the circuit is opened between the two battery posts.

Because Yellow Pikmin can conduct electricity in the games electrodes appear in, leaders are meant to throw Yellows at the gap in the electrode. The first Pikmin thrown will grab one of the wire ends and stretch its other arm out. Any Pikmin that come next will join hands with the Pikmin next to them, or grab the other end of the electrode, and when the final Pikmin is added, it will close the gap and the electrical current, starting the circuit and turning on the light bulb in the process. At this point, the Pikmin no longer need to feed the circuit with their bodies, as the gap between the two ends gets filled with an arc of electricity flowing through the air. This arc causes electrical damage, although the wire ends prior to the connection do not. The Pikmin that jump-started the circuit will also be flowered up when the current passes through them.

In Pikmin 3 the purpose of electrodes is to light up the area, which can, in turn, cause different things to happen: light activates the Yellow Onion, makes Bloominous Stemples bloom, and stuns the Vehemoth Phosbat.

In Hey! Pikmin, electrodes are actually parts of Bloominous Stemple, and only need about 4 Pikmin to complete the connection. The flowers will automatically bloom if the Pikmin are conducting, but as soon as they detach, the flower will shrink again.


Distant Tundra
  • An electrode requiring 5 Pikmin is found near the Yellow Onion. It is required to awaken it.
  • An electrode requiring 10 Pikmin is found in the Spotty Bulbear cave. It expands the Bloominous Stemples such that the Citrus Lump in the room is able to be collected.
  • An electrode requiring 10 Pikmin is found in the room where Charlie is initially attacked by the Vehemoth Phosbat. It expands the Bloominous Stemples such that Alph and Brittany are able to give chase, and confront the Vehemoth Phosbat.
  • Four electrodes requiring 10 Pikmin are found in the Vehemoth Phosbat arena. Each is able to stun the Vehemoth Phosbat, allowing the player to attack it. They continue to work when the room is light.
  • An electrode requiring 20 Pikmin is also found in the Vehemoth Phosbat arena. When connected, the entire Phosbat arena is lit up, making it impossible for Phosbats to spawn, and making the Vehemoth Phosbat nigh helpless. Instead of two loose wire ends, these are actually two posts of a battery.
Twilight River
  • An electrode requiring 20 Pikmin is found in the cave with the Juicy Gaggles. It expands the Bloominous Stemples such that the pile of 30 light blue fragments can be reached, allowing the bridge leading to the Winged Onion to be accessed.
Formidable Oak
  • Three electrodes requiring 10 Pikmin are found in the second room. Each expand the Bloominous Stemples to create paths to escape the room. The first and third are required to reach the exit, while the second merely grants access to the third.
The Rustyard
  • An already completed electrode serves as a barrier to a bunch of Dusk Pustules in the Collect Treasure! version of the stage, preventing non-Yellows from taking its pieces back to base.

In Occupational Hazards[edit]

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