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Appears in Pikmin 3
Scientific name Unknown
Family Unknown
Areas Tropical Wilds, Garden of Hope, Twilight River, Distant Tundra
Collect treasure! levels Shaded Garden Remix
Battle enemies! levels Twilight River Remix
Side Story levels None
Bingo Battle levels Buried Pond

Flukeweeds are plants found in Pikmin 3. They appear as curly pink sprouts. Most Pikmin types cannot interact with them, but Winged Pikmin will pull them out of the ground, often revealing an object attached to their roots, like a pellet, some Sheargrubs, fruit or other things. When holding on, the Pikmin tug together at regular intervals, but if they are not enough, this action will do nothing to the plant. If there are enough Pikmin on it however, each tug will decrease its health, until it reaches 0, at which point the plant pops out of the ground, drops its content, and then disappears. If the Winged Pikmin are under the influence of ultra-spicy spray, they will uproot the Flukeweed faster.

The objects that are underground attached to the roots can be made visible with the use of the invisible geometry glitch.

Strength to uproot[edit]

Depending on what the Flukeweed holds, a different amount of Winged Pikmin is required to uproot it and reveal the items. As a rule of thumb, Flukeweed containing valuable items like fruit need more Winged Pikmin to uproot as opposed to Flukeweed containing eggs or bombs. For smaller Flukeweed instances, adding more Winged Pikmin will increase the speed in which they uproot it. However, Flukeweed that require five Winged Pikmin to uproot cannot have more added after five are assigned.

One Winged Pikmin, two max[edit]

Three Winged Pikmin, five max[edit]

Five Winged Pikmin[edit]


The dam at the Twilight River.

On top of a waterfall on the Twilight River, there is a dam blocking part of the river. It is a large stick that has three Flukeweeds attached to it. When ten Pikmin grab on, they pull the branch out of the way, allowing lily pads access to that river. This obstacle is unique in that the flukeweeds do not have individual requirements and instead the Winged Pikmin automatically split into groups. Four will always go to the furthest flukeweed and three will go to the other two. The appearance and animation of these flukeweeds is the same as others.


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Tropical Wilds
Garden of Hope
  • There is one on a high ledge near the Bug-Eyed Crawmad. It contains a Lesser Mock Bottom.
  • There is one near the china pot. It contains a blue five pellet.
  • There is one behind the electric gate nearest the Armored Mawdad arena. It contains a five pellet.
  • The Blue Onion is underground, and needs to be pulled out by a Flukeweed that is attached to it.
Distant Tundra
  • There are two in the Shaggy Long Legs arena. One contains a five pellet, the other a nectar egg.
Twilight River
Shaded Garden Remix
  • There are two on the far west end of the stage, one contains a bomb rock, the other a Lesser Mock Bottom.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Germany.svg German Zupfkraut Pluck-Weed
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish (NoE) Hierbajo Underground grass


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