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Quaggled Mireclops

The Quaggled Mireclops.

The Quaggled Mireclops (ヌマアラシ?, lit.: "Swamp Storm") is a boss in Pikmin 3, and is the fifth major boss encountered in story mode. It is first seen by Louie, who tries to escape the Koppaites after they capture him. He is then swallowed by the creature along with a Wayward Moon he found, and both get spit out when the explorers defeat it.

The enemy resembles a massive chunk of land (complete with plant life growing on it) that is supported by three enormous hooved legs, making it a tripedal creature. It walks around much like creatures from the arachnorb family. When first found, the boss' only vulnerable part – its plant-like bulb near its teapot-like mouth – is encased in a crystal (called a "Mireclops crystal"), which must be broken by Rock Pikmin. When the boss stomps on the muddy terrain that makes up its entire arena, it leaves a depression that is filled with water, presenting the threat of drowning to any non-Blue Pikmin.

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Vivid pink coloration is the most noticeable characteristic of this floating life-form. This immigrant species is not native to the region, having appeared to have recently arrived on wind currents. The luminescent organ in its head attracts prey, which it then sucks up and consumes with its lower orifice. Unlike jellyfish, the jellyfloat's tentacles do not have nematocysts, so there is no danger in touching them.

Captain Olimar on the Greater Spotted Jellyfloat, entry from Olimar's Notes

Inedible. Plagues victims with potent, debilitating cramps.

Louie on the Foxtail, entry from Louie's notes

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October 26th, 2016
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Did you know...
  • ...that the walls next to the 35 Pikmin paper bag in the Valley of Repose wobble with the tree shadows?
  • ...that the Bearded Amprat's Japanese name is "Billy"?
  • ...that in Pikmin 2, pausing the game when a lone leader is on top of a seesaw block will make the numbers "0/1" appear?
  • ...that the part of the Spherical Atlas that faces the camera by default matches the region of the game?
  • ...that some treasures can decrease in weight so the Pikmin are always able to carry them?
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