Fire-Breathing Feast

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Fire-Breathing Feast Icon used to represent the fruit on the wiki.
Firebreathing feast.png
Juice amount 2.5
Mission Mode value Poko icon.png × 500
Weight 15
Max carriers 30 (normally)
Locations Garden of Hope
Mission Mode locations Forgotten Cove, Beastly Caverns
Bingo Battle locations Arid Metropolis, Sandbox Kingdom

The Fire-Breathing Feast is a dragon fruit found in Pikmin 3. The large cactus fruit is spat out by the Armored Mawdad before it dies. It takes 15 Pikmin to carry and produces two and a half cups of juice. It is also found in the Forgotten Cove and the Beastly Caverns in Mission Mode, and provides an ample amount of Pokos.

Collecting the fruit[edit]

The Fire-Breathing Feast, next to the corpse of the Armored Mawdad.

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The Fire-Breathing Feast, as stated earlier, is dropped by the Armored Mawdad. The fruit is a relatively easy fruit to retrieve, as it requires only 15 Pikmin to carry, and is not that far from base. The two Fiery Blowhogs are the only enemies on the route back, which will interfere with the carrier Pikmin. However, if Red Pikmin are used to carry the fruit, they will not get harmed. It is recommended to send the fruit ahead of the Mawdad's corpse, as the corpse takes longer to retrieve than the fruit.


Brittany's notes

US version US version
Even though it looks like one of the monstrous beasts that this planet has so many of, this fruit has a light flavor and tons of seeds. It'll be a great food source back home...if the people don't run away from it in terror.
European version European version
Even though it looks like one of the monstrous beasts that populate this planet, this fruit has a light flavour and plenty of seeds. I'm sure it will be a great food source for Koppai...if people don't run away from it in terror.

Technical information[edit]

Pikmin 3 technical information (?)
Internal name pitaya
Juice 2.5
Juice color
(255, 0, 100, 255)
Mission Mode points 500
"Size"? 1


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese イカツタツボックリ? Wild Dragonic Cone
Flag of France.svg French Torche fleuri Flowered torch
Flag of Germany.svg German Milde Bestie
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish (NoE) Cono dracónico Dragonian cone