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Olimar's Log Vol. 2 (Exploration Notes)

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Olimar's Log Vol. 2 (オリマーの日誌 その2?, lit.: "Olimar's Log Vol. 2") is a category from the Exploration Notes menu in Pikmin 3 Deluxe. It is exclusive to the Deluxe version of the game, and holds ten Data Files with random logs left by Captain Olimar. These files replace the Secret Files from Pikmin 3, and are hidden in the same spots. In each area of the game, there are one to three Data Files of this category.

While most of these are written by Captain Olimar, some have different writers and stripes at the bottom.

In this article, unless otherwise specified, the text provided is the same in both the US and European versions.

Data files[edit]

1. This time for sure![edit]

  • Text: The last time I visited this planet, I brought back so much treasure that it freed my employer from debt. So why did they send me here AGAIN? Oh well. Nothing for it but to recover that ship as quick as I can.
  • Signed: Captain Olimar
  • Area: Garden of Hope
  • Location: Northwest of the S.S. Drake. To reach it, first throw two leaders onto the smaller set. Raise the platform by weighing down the opposite side. Have one leader throw the other onto the pile of bricks. From there, destroy the electric gate if it is not already destroyed. Throw at least 11 Yellow Pikmin up to the leader onto the bricks. From there, the leader on the bricks should throw the Yellows onto the platform, weighing it down. One leader on the ground should throw the other onto the weighed down platform. From there, simply throw the Pikmin off of the platform, and it should rise back up, allowing access to the file.

2. To my family[edit]

  • Text: All this time spent of jobs off-world have left me with so little time to spend with my family. I hope my wife and kids aren't lonely without me. We should all go on vacation together when this mission is over. I could use the time off, and they could use the time with me. Now I really can't wait to finish up!
  • Signed: Captain Olimar
  • Area: Formidable Oak
  • Location: In the dirt mound next to the Candypop Buds at the end of the cave, after the Bloominous Stemples but before the dirt wall.

3. I've found a mural[edit]

  • Text: While exploring this planet, I often see what appear to be murals. Did the Pikmin draw these? Because they capture each Pikmin's essence perfectly-much more artistically that I would be capable of. I must remember to take photographic documentation.
  • Signed: Captain Olimar
  • Area: Twilight River
  • Location: On a stump in the second river that is reached on the way to the Scornet Maestro. It originally has a pile of fragments on it and requires a leader to be thrown over onto it.

4. To my love[edit]

  • Text: Hi honey. I hope everything's all right. The Hocotate president told me you were going out again. I love that you work so hard for your family, but don't forget to take care of yourself too. The kids and Bulbie are doing fine. Good luck on your mission! Do well and bring home a big bonus!
  • Signed: Your Loving Wife
  • Area: Tropical Wilds
  • Location: Next to the Calcified Crushblat, in the hidden puddle next to the blue Candypop Buds.

5. Memo data leaked?[edit]

  • Text: A bug in the data-management system for the company communication device seems to have resulted in all of my voyage logs and notes being lost. I'd better find them fast before anyone else gets their hands on them.
  • Signed: Captain Olimar
  • Area: Distant Tundra
  • Location: To the south of the Onion, there is a ledge with a Cupid's Grenade on it and the Data File; one leader must throw another to the ledge.

6. It's me[edit]

  • Text: Olimar! Found any treasure yet? You've been there so many times that you must know all the good spots for it by now. Why haven't you submitted any assignment reports lately? We need to be kept in the loop. You haven't run into trouble, I hope.
  • Signed: Hocotate President
  • Area: Tropical Wilds
  • Location: Beside the entrance of the holed stump that leads to the Medusal Slurker with the Juicy Gaggle.

7. A sorry memory[edit]

  • Text: Louie and I go way back, but I still don't know him that well. The other day, I heard him mutter, "Bulborb...that's a steak. And the Bug-Eyed Crawmad should be roasted, and it's a deep fry for the Bearded Amprat." Where are his priorities?
  • Signed: Captain Olimar
  • Area: Twilight River
  • Location: At the northernmost cave, in the Water Dumple infested lake.

8. Whoops...[edit]

  • Text: "Promise you'll take me on your next adventure! If you don't, you owe me 100 toys!" Oops. I completely forgot about that note from my son. This will take a lot of expensive smoothing over once I get home.
  • Signed: Captain Olimar
  • Area: Distant Tundra
  • Location: In the middle of the cave with the Spotty Bulbear, after opening the bamboo gate.

9. From my daughter[edit]

  • Text: "Papa? You're never home anymore. Do you still live here? Please bring flowers and cake for Mama if you come home." My daughter is growing up so fast. Where did she get the idea that I don't live with them anymore? Then again, I worry I'm starting to forget my street address.
  • Signed: Captain Olimar
  • Area: Twilight River
  • Location: Just after the bridge that leads to the tree where the Scornet Maestro lives. You need to throw a leader off the bridge.

10. The Pikmin's song[edit]

  • Text: When you take 20 of each type of Pikmin out on an expedition, they'll sometimes sing a cheerful tune. I tried to sing along once, and they all went silent. Guess they didn't appreciate my singing voice? I'll have to practice more during tomorrow's shower.
  • Signed: Captain Olimar
  • Area: Garden of Hope
  • Location: Inside the bucket with the Peckish Aristocrab, before the Quaggled Mireclops's arena.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese オリマーの日誌 その2?
Orimā no Nisshi Sono 2
Olimar's Log Vol. 2
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Ōulìmǎ de Rìzhì 2
Olimar's Log 2
Flag of China Chinese
欧力马的日记 2
Ōulìmǎ de Rìjì 2
Olimar's Journal 2
Flag of France French Journal d'Olimar, vol. 2 Olimar's Log, vol. 2
Flag of Germany German Olimars Tagebuch 2 Olimar's Journal 2
Flag of Italy Italian Diario di Olimar 2 Olimar's Journal 2
Flag of South Korea Korean 올리마의 일지 2
ollima-ui ilji 2
Olimar's Journal 2
Flag of Spain Spanish Diario de Olimar 2 Olimar's Journal 2

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