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Artwork of the three primary Candypop Buds.

Candypop Buds are large flowers with fleshy petals and are found in all three Pikmin games. When Pikmin are tossed into these gigantic blossoms, they spit out new Pikmin seeds which match the color of their petals. These new Pikmin are born in the leaf stage. The Candypop Buds expel the seeds after five Pikmin are thrown in, or a few seconds after the first throw (the exception being the Queen Candypop Bud, which does so after the first Pikmin is thrown).

In Pikmin, Candypops will wither after 50 Pikmin are thrown in, but this number was reduced to 5 in the second and third games. Using Pikmin of the same type as the flower does not count against this limit (except in Pikmin), although they will be reverted to leaf Pikmin and planted in the ground. In Pikmin 2 they are never found above ground and only appear in caves where they will respawn when the cave is reentered (except for some Violet and Ivory buds). In Pikmin 3 they have a different appearance, consisting of a large bucket-like cup in the middle of the flower, most likely as a "target" for leaders to aim Pikmin at. They also behave differently, as they are always closed, opening only when a leader is nearby, and when they wither, their roots remain in place. Also, if two players throw Pikmin in a Candypop Bud at the same moment in Bingo Battle, the Candypop Bud will spit out seeds for both teams, depending on the number of Pikmin that were thrown in by each of them.

Olimar notes in the enemy reel that Candypop Buds could be the next step in Pikmin evolution[1], and in another that Candypops could be the same species[2]. This theory is further cemented by the fact that Candypop Buds occasionally emit the same sparkles that come from the top of Onions. The name of the plants' family is derived from "candy", given their intense colors, and "pop", referring to the way they spit out Pikmin seeds.


Reel notes

Could this be the next stage in Pikmin evolution? Like the Pikmin themselves, it has many mysteries.

Olimar's voyage log

When I throw Pikmin into this flower, they are popped right back out. I have named this very peculiar bloom the candypop bud. It's strange... No matter what color Pikmin I throw in, the ones that pop out match the flower's color!


Crimson Candypop Bud[edit]


When Pikmin are tossed into a Crimson Candypop Bud, an equal number of Red Pikmin seeds are spat out. Proper planning lessens the need for these flowers, but they are more useful if one is far from the Onions and has a small number of Red Pikmin on hand.

Golden Candypop Bud[edit]


Golden Candypop Buds release yellow seeds when Pikmin are thrown in. While large numbers of Yellow Pikmin are not often needed, use of the Golden Candypop is required to obtain the Chronos Reactor in Pikmin. This particular Candypop Bud is unfathomably rare in Pikmin 2, making only one appearance inside the Glutton's Kitchen on sublevel 3. In Pikmin 3, Golden Candypop Buds often appear near electrodes.

Gray Candypop Bud[edit]


Gray Candypop Buds spit out Rock Pikmin seeds when Pikmin are thrown in. Gray Candypop Buds are uncommon in Story mode, but a cluster of four appears in the southernmost region of the Tropical Wilds, where a Calcified Crushblat awaits. Since only Blue Pikmin can reach the Crushblat, these Candypops are useful to attack the Crushblat.

Ivory Candypop Bud[edit]


Ivory Candypop Buds produce White Pikmin seeds when Pikmin are thrown in. This Candypop can only be seen in Pikmin 2 and is the only method of obtaining White Pikmin. Many Ivory Candypop Buds are found in the White Flower Garden on sublevel 3 when the player has 19 or fewer Whites, and on sublevels 3 and 4 of the Subterranean Complex.

Lapis Lazuli Candypop Bud[edit]


Lapis Lazuli Candypop Buds produce Blue Pikmin seeds. They're particularly useful if the player has a small number of Blues on hand and needs to carry a heavy object across a lake.

Pink Candypop Bud[edit]


Pink Candypop Buds release Winged Pikmin seeds when Pikmin are tossed in. They can only be found in the Formidable Oak.

Queen Candypop Bud[edit]


Queen Candypop Buds are very unique Candypops. Their petals are white with colored spots which flash from red, to yellow, to blue, and back to red. When a Pikmin of any type is tossed in, nine seeds which match the color of the spots are ejected, giving players an eight-Pikmin gain. These flowers are found only in the specific sublevels of difficult caves, usually after a grueling battle with a boss, sometimes referred to as 'rest stops'.

Violet Candypop Bud[edit]


Violet Candypop Buds spit out purple seeds when Pikmin are tossed in. This Candypop Bud makes its first appearance in Pikmin 2, and is the only way to obtain Purple Pikmin. Many Violet Candypop Buds and Queen Candypop Buds can be found on sublevel 8 of the Subterranean Complex, making it the ideal location for growing more Purple Pikmin.

Technical information[edit]



  • While candypop buds in German are called "Königinblume" (Queen flower), the Queen Candypop Bud is called "Kaiserinblume" (Empress flower).
  • In sublevel 5 of Glutton's Kitchen, a Queen Candypop Bud may fall from the ceiling. It is possible to notice that it has a green root. There are also several Candypop Buds in sublevel 6 of Bulblax Kingdom. Here, if the camera is zoomed in, and if the Candypop Bud is distant enough, the root might be visible.
  • In Pikmin, Yellow Pikmin holding bomb-rocks will not be taken in by Candypop Buds, merely sliding off the top; the same will happen to thrown leaders in Pikmin 3.
  • However, in Pikmin 3, if a Pikmin holding a bomb rock is thrown in a Candypop Bud, it will extend upwards before wilting away, killing the Pikmin with it without leaving a spirit behind.
  • In Pikmin 3's Japanese guide book, the colors used to describe the pink and rock Candypop Buds translate roughly to "Slate" and "Amaranth", respectively. Slate is a dark gray, polished substance, while amaranth is a plant that has pinkish flowers. Despite this distinction of color, no version of Pikmin 3 makes no distinction of names, and the new Candypop Buds were not given any official name in any dialect, to date.
  • While in Pikmin and Pikmin 2, the Candypop Buds are always open, in Pikmin 3, they are normally closed, and only open if a leader approaches. They'll remain closed even when Pikmin are near it.
  • Candypop Buds in Pikmin 3 use the same texture for leaves as the Pikmin do.
  • In Pikmin, Candypop Buds are technically bosses. As such, approaching them will change the area's music to the battle variant.
  • In Pikmin 2, the sound used when a Candypop Bud wilts is the same sound that plays when a Pikmin's bud or flower wilts (whether because of a Withering Blowhog or by staying underground too long), but slightly modified.[3]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Fleur Cracheuse Spitter Flower
German Königinblumen Queen Flower
Italian Cromanvillea From "bougainvillea", a genus of flowers that resemble Candypops, and the greek root "chromo" which means "color"

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  1. Could this be the next stage in Pikmin evolution? Like the Pikmin themselves, it has many mysteries.
    – Captain Olimar in the enemy reel entry for the Candypop Buds.
  2. This specimen constantly changes colors. When Pikmin are thrown into it, it shoots out seeds that match the flower's coloration the moment the Pikmin landed inside of it. The number of seeds shot out is always greater than the number of Pikmin thrown in. It can be said that this is a completely baffling plant, and many mysteries remain over precisely what sort of relationship it has with the Pikmin. It would appear that the Pikmin gain all of the benefit from the relationship... Perhaps it is simply a different variety of Pikmin to begin with?
    – Captain Olimar in Olimar's notes for the Queen Candypop Bud
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