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A screenshot of Pikmin 4 showing the S.S. Shepherd.
The S.S. Shepherd.

The S.S. Shepherd is a ship owned by the Rescue Corps, named after the Shepherd family.

This ship is a pale cream color with accents that are the same color as the spacesuit that the player chooses for their character to wear. It also has some Koppaite text on it, reading 'H' in Koppaite text 'T' in Koppaite text 'C' in Koppaite text 'U' in Koppaite text 'G' in Koppaite text 'N' in Koppaite text (HTCUGN or HTOUGN). The vessel has eight engines (six of them are on its stern, being three big ones and three narrow ones, and the other two are small, located on the ship’s belly near the cockpit, and are showed being used mainly for liftoff) as well as a retractable antenna, used to scan nearby areas and receive Castaway SOS signals. It also has two retractable landing legs, six circular windows and two hatches. The S.S. Shepherd is capable of achieving warp speed.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
  Japanese シェパード号?
xuě pà duǒ hào
xuě pà duǒ hào
  French Shepherd -
  Portuguese S.S. Shepherd -
  Spanish (NoA) Shepherd -