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A render of Bernard taken from a Pikmin Garden coloring page preview.
Name Bernard
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Purple
Home planet Nijo
Known related characters None
Height 1.8 cm (0.71 inches)
First game Pikmin 4
Latest game Pikmin 4

Bernard is the pilot of the Rescue Corps. Once the player has collected Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Pikmin 4. × 7,000 and Bernard has been rescued, the player will gain access to Hero's Hideaway. Bernard can also be talked to at any time after Louie's rescue in the Rescue Command Post to formally end the game by flying the Rescue Corps and any rescued castaways home, although this seems to just be a way to view the credits and results screen again.

Bernard is the only member of the Rescue Corps not found in a normal way, as he is actually found as a leafling, more specifically a purple leafling. He is always the third leafling from a Dandori Battle to be cured, meaning Dash and Corgwin must be cured first.

Personality and appearance[edit]

Bernard is short and dark-skinned with a oval-shaped head, slicked-back and spiked purple hair with three points, pointy ears, and blue-lensed aviators obscuring his eyes. However, his eyes can be seen from the correct angle when zoomed in.

Bernard is quite enthusiastic and usually upbeat. He is stated by Shepherd to be a scrupulous flier despite his boisterous personality. When the player speaks to Bernard, he's quick to dole out advice and compliment them on what they do well. He has a unique way of speaking, specifically capitalizing random words in the English version. Other characters note that Bernard speaks unusually loud.


Pikmin Garden bio[edit]




出身星 ニジョウ星


関係者 故郷のソウルメイト

趣味 宇宙船の操縦

夢 ラグジュアリーなフライト


Pilot of the Rescue Corps


Home planet: Nijo

He is said to be the most skilled pilot in the universe and always arrives on time. Perhaps because he has been flying around in space since he was young, he has a unique way of speaking that is a mixture of various dialects.

Related persons: soulmate from his homeland

Hobbies: piloting spaceships

Dreams: luxury flight


Bernard's name alludes to St. Bernards. Santi's does as well, with his name being an anagram of "saint." This double allusion references the fact that Bernard and Santi have been in close contact ever since birth (much to Santi's chagrin).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese バーナード?
Bernard From セント・バーナード?, lit.: "St. Bernard"
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Bernard From 聖伯納犬 (St. Bernard)
Flag of China Chinese
Bernard From 圣伯纳犬 (St. Bernard)
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Bernard -
Flag of France French Bernard -
Flag of Germany German Bernard -
Flag of Italy Italian Bernard -
Flag of South Korea Korean 버나드
Bernard From 세인트 버나드 (St. Bernard)
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Bersam - From "São-Bernardo" (St. Bernard)
Flag of Spain Spanish Bernardo Spanish equivalent to "Bernard" From "San Bernardo" (St. Bernard)



  • Bernard is stated by Yonny to be a rather picky eater.
  • According to Collin, Bernard once piloted a 20,000-hour-long flight.
  • Bernard earned his place on the Rescue Corps team after Shepherd witnessed Bernard proving himself to be a fast deliveryman, despite not being the actual person assigned this task.