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A render of Collin taken from a Pikmin Garden coloring page preview.
Name Collin
Gender Male
Eye color Green
Hair color Grey
Home planet Giya
Known related characters Grandfather
Height 2.4 cm (0.94 inches)
First game Pikmin 4
Latest game Pikmin 4

Collin is a member of the Rescue Corps in Pikmin 4. The communications operator of the group, he helps the player character during their adventure by providing various comments and updates. He is the first member of the Rescue Corps found in the tutorial (apart from Oatchi), being found just behind a potted plant near to where the player character first lands. In the Rescue Command Post, talking to Collin lets the player select an area to explore for the day. Although Collin is not playable in the main story, the first player can choose to play as him in Dandori Battle mode; the same applies to Shepherd, the team's captain.

Personality and appearance[edit]

Collin has a square head with a pointy nose, large green eyes, and large rosy cheeks. His mouth is similar to that of the President. He has close-cut gray hair with a spiraling tuft at the top.

Collin is seemingly the most level-headed and grounded character of the Rescue Corps, occasionally talking Shepherd and Yonny out of their ideas when they start becoming extreme or nonsensical. Hard-working and equipped with a variety of skills, Collin takes pride in his job with an eagerness to work on machines. He is known by Shepherd to be sentimental, using a wireless transceiver passed down to him by his grandfather; even when it breaks, he opts to repair the transceiver instead of replacing it.


In his youth, Collin spent most of his free time tinkering with machines. Later on, he worked a variety of oddjobs to pay for college which included cleaning the outer walls of the colony, doing ship construction, and collecting space junk, all of which Collin considers easy compared to being a comms operator. Even so, Shepherd notes Collin was already a highly skilled operator prior to joining the corps.


Pikmin Garden bio[edit]




出身星 カギヤ星

レスキュー隊のオペレーター。 何でも器用にこなしてしまうため、宇宙船の整備や、救助した人たちのアフターケアなども任されている。 99代目隊長。

関係者 祖父(無線機を受け継いだ)

趣味 機械いじり

夢 レスキューの質を上げること


Operator of the Rescue Corps


Home planet: Giya

Operator of the Rescue Corps. Because he can do anything skillfully, he is entrusted with spaceship maintenance, the aftercare of the people rescued, and so on.

Related persons: grandfather (inherited the wireless transceiver)

Hobbies: tinkering with machines

Dreams: improving the rescue quality


Fitting with the dog theme of Pikmin 4's character names, Collin's name comes from the Collie breed of dog. His name may also be a pun on the phrase "call in", as he is the communications operator for the Rescue Corps.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Japan Japanese コリー?
Collie From ボーダー・コリー?, lit.: "border collie"
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Collie From Japanese name
Flag of China Chinese
Collie From Japanese name
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Collin -
Flag of France French Collin -
Flag of Germany German Collin -
Flag of Italy Italian Collin -
Flag of South Korea Korean 콜리
Collie From Japanese name
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Collin -
Flag of Spain Spanish Collin -

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