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S.S. Beagle

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The new ship from Pikmin 4 flying through space.
The S.S. Beagle flying through space.

The S.S. Beagle is a ship owned by the Rescue Corps. It plays a similar role to that of the Hocotate ship pod and SPEROs, in that treasures and castaways are taken to it. Much like the Hocotate ship pod, the S.S. Beagle accompanies the player character, Oatchi and their Pikmin squad in caves, and even accepts enemy corpses as Sparklium sources.

After a certain point in the story, the S.S. Beagle and the Onion travel together and can be told to land at designated locations called bases. When the day is over, the player character, Oatchi and their Pikmin enter their respective ships and return to the Rescue Command Post in time before night falls.

This ship has a white color with accents that are the same color as the spacesuit that the player chooses for their character to wear. Like major ships, it has the ability to fly and warp through space. It also has some Koppaite text on it, reading 'H' in Koppaite text 'T' in Koppaite text 'C' in Koppaite text 'U' in Koppaite text (HTCU or HTOU).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ビーグル号?
Flag of France French Beagle -
Flag of Germany German Beagle -
Flag of Italy Italian Beagle -
Flag of Brazil Portuguese S.S. Beagle -
Flag of Spain Spanish Beagle -



  • The S.S. Beagle is the only spaceship, across the series, to not crash land on PNF-404 when entering its orbit. It is currently unknown the reason as to why.

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