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Rescue Corps

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Logo of the Rescue Corps, in its red version.
The Rescue Corps logo. Its color depends on how the player designs their character.

The Rescue Corps is a group of 7 humanoid individuals and a space dog named Oatchi who are sent to rescue Captain Olimar from a crash landing on PNF-404. However, the Rescue Corps crash as well, and must be rescued themselves by the player character, their newest recruit.


The Rescue Corps' history before Pikmin 4 is detailed in the Rescue Journal, mostly in the "Shepherd Family History" section. The organization was founded for charity by the Shepherd family on planet Giya. The people of Giya lacked technology for space travel during much of their existence, so the Rescue Corps was initially only active on their home planet before it branched out into space.


Silhouettes of the Rescue Corps from Pikmin 4.
Silhouettes of the group, with Oatchi revealed.

As of Pikmin 4, the Rescue Corps has members from the planets Giya, Ohri, Nijo and Karut. Each member has an official role within the Rescue Corps, and as they are rescued, grant more options to the Rescue Command Post.


  • The player character's suit color determines the color of the Rescue Officer suits and ID Badges, Shepherd's bandanna, the S.S. Beagle, the S.S. Shepherd, and the flags that indicate a cave's full investigation.
  • All of the Rescue Corps names are a play on different dog breeds. Similarly, the two ships, the S.S. Beagle and the S.S. Shepherd, are also named after different dog breeds.
    • Collin's Japanese name is based on Collie dogs.
    • Shepherd's name is based on Shepherd dogs.
    • Russ's name is based on the "Jack Russel Terrier."
    • Dingo's name is based on a type of canine, called a dingo.
    • Yonny's name alludes to the Papillon dog breed.
    • Bernard's name is based on the St. Bernard dog breed.
  • The Rescue Corps' logo is often accompanied by the Koppaite text 'H' in Koppaite text 'T' in Koppaite text 'C' in Koppaite text 'U' in Koppaite text , which transliterates to HTCO or HTOU.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese レスキュー隊?
Rescue Team
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Jiùyuán Duì
Rescue Team
Flag of China Chinese
Jiùyuán Duì
Rescue Team
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Reddingsteam Rescue team
Flag of France French Équipe de secours Rescue team
Flag of Germany German Rettungscrew Rescue crew
Flag of Italy Italian Squadra di soccorso Rescue team
Flag of South Korea Korean 구조대
Rescue Team
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Brigada de Resgate Rescue Brigade
Flag of Spain Spanish Brigada de Rescate Rescue Brigade