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42 Pikmin challenge

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A 42 Pikmin challenge is a challenge run of Pikmin 3, in which the Story Mode must be beaten with only 42 Pikmin, the minimum possible amount. The game can either be minimally finished or completed to 100% with this amount.

Although the heaviest object, the Wayward Moon, requires 20 Pikmin to carry, and no obstacle requires more than 20 Pikmin to pass, more than 20 Pikmin are necessary to finish the game. This is because the player is limited to how many Pikmin of a type are initially obtained or how many are needed to get out of a situation in which no other types can be reached (usually in places where that type is first found). The use of Candypop Buds makes growing more Pikmin unnecessary in many cases, though they are not readily available in others.

A 7 day run of this challenge can be done, but collecting all 66 fruits requires 11 days. A 10 day run is possible with 46 Pikmin, as extra Blue Pikmin must be grown to obtain all submerged fruit in the Garden of Hope. Otherwise, the player will need an extra day in the Garden of Hope after using a Blue Candypop Bud in the Tropical Wilds.


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